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God healed my son of cancer

It might seem strange to some people how others can believe God to heal them or someone they love from cancer.. Well my story is a real and true life one and hope someone can find the faith to be encouraged to search for this wonderful God who does not want to see man suffer.. my son was diagnosed with leukemia 3 yrs ago it just so happened that he was standing near the oil and got burnt on the tip of his finger which caused a blister which spread in a matter of minutes right over his hand to form one huge blister filled with we were preparing to go to hospital for his hand his nose starts to bleed and he starts coughing up thick pieces of blood.. my heart felt as if I wanted to die.. my son was 9 yrs old at the time. It looked as if all his insides was coming out.. I kept praying and plead the blood of Jesus over him constantly.. when we came at hospital they were ready to do surgery on his hand and stop his nose bleed still unaware of the cancer cells in his body. While his surgery was in progress one of the doctors came to me and said they need to speak to me.. they told me about the leukemia.. I was in denial because all we came for was an op on the that moment when the doc was telling me that he has 50/50 chance of living I heard a voice ask me whos report will I believe.. and while the doc was talking I said to myself Lord I believe you.. Glory unto God its been 3 yrs later and my son is cancer free and though he was supposed to die, God showed that He is in control and that His death on the cross 2000 yrs ago was for my son as well.. take encouragement in this that nothing iS impossible for God, ONLY BELIEVE.

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What you mean WHICH GOD?! there is only 1 GOD! some call him Jesus, some Jehova, some Allah, but there is only one! and I am sure you know that
Glory be Jesus Christ ,our healer.
It is the Almighty God that we need to believe in....The creator of all things...

And all the denominations they don't HATE,one another but they think they are the ones who believe God the best and it only differs in the way of praise and worship.....

Even the non-believers if they have FAITH @ some point when the Dr., cannot do anything and request the Christian to pray that prayer does not go unheard.....Cos the faith intercedes the prayer...

I also have the opportunity to experience and share the testimony of healing of family and acquaintances....and ALL was possible with FAITH and PRAYER.
Which god was it? There are much more than 1,000 religions i the world, with a total of much more than 100,000 different gods. Please tell us which of them we should believe in to cure cancer.

You mention Jesus, so you are probably thinking of the Christian good, or maybe the Muslim god; they also believe in Jesus to some degree.

Christian religion is divided into hundreds of different flavors: Armenian orthodox, coptic, mormon, jacobins, anglicans, dominicans, greek orthodox, protestant, jesuite, catholic, presbyterian and so on and on and on. Many of these hate each other. E.g., a Russian-orthodox priest will not allow a girl of his flavor of God to marry a protestant man, since what protestants believe is "wrong" according to the Russian-orthodox. Is it important which flavor of the christian invisible man you are talking to?

Or maybe it is better to believe in medical doctors, who are able to save much more than 50 % of those who get leukemia. Nonbelievers in modern countries have an extremely much better chance of survival than believers in poor countries. It seems that having a good doctor is extremely much more important than having a good god.
He is God of promises I am a wittiness coz he healed me too glory be to him AMEN
God chose the finger time . Gods graces always
Blessed Sharnah, My Dear sister in the name of Jesus!

I think you are very brave to publish the story of your son. Many people have been cured and their life has been extented by Jesus Christ in order for them to repent and stop committing sins and help themselves and others to believe in HIM, but they have a kind of fear that people will make them fool; they do not say a word for Him that is everymoment sacrificed to help all of us to love Him, our salvation, the whole humanity.

The point is HOW to believe in God. He revealled Himself to us in order to change our way of thinking and our way of living. TO BELIEVE IN HIM and not in our selves. Therefore we must constantly struggle against our vices and clean our heart of the monster called narkissus. Then, only when our heart is clean, we can love God and the whole humanity, because then there will be ample space for the Holly Trinity and all humans in our heart.

However we must continuously have in mind what Jesus said to the man that was invalid for thirty-eight years, after curring him: "See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you" (John 5,14).

I do believe the miracle on your son! I have met personally a man that had cancer in his head and a girl that had cancer everywhere in her body and were cured 100%, whilst their relatives were waiting for their death. Praise to our Lord God.
Hello Sharnah,

Wonderful testimony! Yes, miraculous interventions have transpired throughout the ages, healing, transforming, and uplifting the hearts and lives of the people who suffer affliction of many facets. My last 7 years with the Docs said "an artificial heart in a year". Then on the mission field after a few months, the Lord opened the ceiling and gave me a "New" heart! Docs were stunned, and the Lord chocked up another Victory! Could later out sprint my grandson! GBY! Love and prayers--Seth
Hi Sharnah. I did not know the whole story about God healing your son. Thanks for sharing! We serve a mighty, loving God!

Your friend and brother in Christ.

hug happy for you and sonteddybear
yes you are right we all had to believe on GOD .. thanks for sharing such articles with ideas.
What happened between the diagnosis and the cure? Was he instantly cured? Was he cured after treatment that didn't help? Exactly how did it happen?

I believe God is a God Who heals. teddybear bouquet Thank you for sharing, Sharnah.
Go god, woo hoo, like god on 4th kind movie. Did you know the earth is only 10 thousand years old and English royalty was "begot" by god. The strongest religion in the world, amrys were made in churches, killed millions, go god. Jesus 'was' very real, just the message conveyed by people with stuff to loose.

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