5 Relationship Red Flags That Women Cannot Ignore

5 Relationship Red Flags That Women Cannot Ignore

It seems like it would be easy to ignore relationship red flags that you think you're spotting and simply hope they go away if you don't acknowledge them. To the person committing the no-nos, he is getting the impression that his actions are perfectly okay and will continue doing it. The following are 5 relationship red flags that women shouldn't ignore.

1. He wants an accounting of your time

You've been with your boyfriend for a while, but suddenly he's started asking you where you spent your lunch hour, how long you were there, and who you were with. Asking about your day is perfectly fine, but when he begins to need to times and starts adding them up and demanding you fill in the gaps, you've got a problem on your hands. Whether you are just dating someone, living with him, or married, you should not be expected to keep a log of where you spent every moment of the day. This signals major distrust in the relationship. You might want to make him feel better and tell him everything you did, but that's actually a bad idea. Once he gets used to you giving him an entire accounting of your day, he's going to expect it forever. If you ever leave something out or decide you're done replaying you day, you're going to be accused of cheating. If he doesn't trust you, that's his issue to deal with, not yours.

2. Nicknames have gone from sweet to sour

Your boyfriend used to call you names like "sweetie" and "hot stuff," but you've started hearing names like the B-word more often than anything. No one, especially a boyfriend, has the right to call you names or put you down. If you don't stand up for yourself and put an end to the name-calling, it will only continue and may even get worse as time goes on. If you stand up for yourself and he still won't stop, or makes excuses blaming you, it's time to get out of the relationship. The person you are dating or married to you should be the person who treats you the best.

3. He's really, really lazy

In the beginning of relationships everyone does their best to put their best foot forward. Sometimes one person, most often the woman, will begin to do more and more for her man because she loves him. While this is really sweet and selfless, it can also lead to your man getting lazy. If your boyfriend has gotten so used to you doing everything for him, you could have a problem. It's important to stop doing it all and making it clear that you're not his personal maid and butler. He should do more for himself than he expects you to do for him. If he seems to have lost the ability to pick up after himself, feed himself, or help around the house, you need to stop babying him.

4. He ignores your feelings

When you're in a good mood and happy he's right there by your side and enjoying it, but when you're sad because your feelings have been hurt or you're just having a bad day, he's no where to be found. If he gets mad at you for being upset, this is also a big red flag. No one should get mad at you for being upset. If your boyfriend is the one who makes you cry and then gets mad about your reaction, that's the biggest red flag of all. He's telling you that he wants to hurt you, but you shouldn't act like he's doing it. Anytime your feelings are ignore should be warning flags to you.

5. He blames his exes for everything that went wrong

A man who blames his exes for everything that went wrong in their relationships, is a man who thinks he can do no wrong. You might not like his exes, or what you've heard of them, but it's impossible that they were all the cause of the problems in the relationships. If your boyfriend can't tell you anything he did wrong in a relationship, this is a bad sign. Don't fool yourself into believing that you'll be the girlfriend who makes him happy. There is probably no woman who will be perfect enough for him.

When you spot any of these red flags, it's important to deal with them right away. Waiting can make the problem worse for you and your relationship.

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