4 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Possessive Rather Than Jealous

4 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Possessive Rather Than Jealous

A little jealousy can be a good thing. Small doses of jealousy can be flattering, but there is a point where jealousy is no longer flattering and can even become dangerous. Here are 4 ways that jealousy has turned into something more troublesome.

1. He doesn't want you to talk to other guys ever

Your boyfriend is possessive if he expects you to avoid talking to or looking at men in all circumstances. He thinks it's perfectly acceptable to make this kind of request simply because he's your boyfriend. A boyfriend who is only a little jealous might be upset when other guys give you attention, but he would not accuse you of cheating or flirting back. The possessive boyfriend will believe that he has the right to tell you who you can and cannot speak or interact with.

2. He wants to spend every waking moment with you

While this might seem nice, it's actually a more serious concern. Couples should not feel the need to be with each other 24/7. If he claims that he has no friends, this is a big red flag. You cannot be everything to your boyfriend. You should have friends of your own and time you spend with them when he's not around. Your boyfriend can't expect you to be there for him every moment of the day simply because he has no one else.

3. He tells you how to dress

A possessive boyfriend will try to dictate how you dress because he doesn't want you to be seen by other men. He thinks your body is meant just for him and no one else should enjoy it, even you. You should wear whatever makes you feel good.

4. He insists on picking you up and dropping you off

On one hand it might seem like a sweet thing that a boyfriend wants to do now and then in order to help you out. If your boyfriend wants to drop you off and pick you up from work, school or other places you go on a daily basis, he may be attempting to limit any free time you have to spend with other people. If he rearranges his day in order to pick you up or tells you that there's no reason for you to waste money on a car or the bus, you've got a possessive boyfriend.

Being possessive and being jealous are very different things. Being too jealous often leads to being possessive. While a little jealousy is normal and even flattering, it's important to notice when it goes too far.

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No to both possessive and jealous guys. I can't handle that drama or control freaks.

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