Is He Too Immature For You To Be Dating?

Is He Too Immature For You To Be Dating

Even if you are not dating with the intention of marriage, you probably hope your boyfriend will be in your life for a long time. You obviously want to date a man who has his life together and respects you. Here are four signs that your boyfriend is too immature for you to be dating seriously.

1. He lives beyond his means

A man who lives beyond his means is usually only thinking about what he wants right now, instead of planning and saving for the future. He might even spend more than he actually has by racking up debt on credit cards. If your boyfriend is like this, he is financially irresponsible.

2. He treats your goals for the future as unimportant

A man who treats your goals and dreams as unimportant will attempt to drag you away from achieving them constantly. When you want to (or need to) work, he'll try to get you to play hooky. He'll tell you that you can work later. If your boyfriend is like this, he likely doesn't have any goals he is working toward himself, so he doesn't understand why yours are such a big deal.

3. He has a constant need for attention

A man who needs your attention constantly is likely very dependent and needy. He always wants to be with you and doesn't seem to know how to be alone anymore. He could be using you to eliminate his boredom instead of finding a new hobby to focus on when he's not with you. He might always call you and expect you to be free for him. If your boyfriend is like this, you are likely starting to feel smothered by him and that is never a good way to feel in your relationship. Everyone needs time to themselves.

4. He lives with his parents

A man who lives with his parents isn't always too be called immature. It depends on many factors, such as his age, whether or not he works or goes to school and whether he can actually take care of himself. Some men who live at home with their mom continue to allow her to baby him. If your boyfriend lives at home and doesn't act like an adult his age should he is definitely too immature for you.

When you are dating someone for the purpose of a long-term relationship, it is important that you choose someone who suits your own lifestyle and is age appropriate in behavior.

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