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5 Things You Shouldn't Do Right After A Break Up

5 Things You Shouldnt Do Right After A Break Up

Breaking up with someone isn't easy. The longer you have been together, the more difficult it will probably be. Once you take the leap and actually break up with someone because he isn't right for you, don't look back. The following are five things you should avoid doing immediately after you break up with someone.

1. Don't start dating someone else

If you leap into a brand new relationship after you've just broken up with someone, you don't give yourself enough time to get over your ex or get to know yourself again. Take time to enjoy being single. If someone is eager to date you after you've just gotten out of a relationship, don't feel guilty making them wait a while. If they can't wait for you a little longer, they aren't worth it. Never feel pressured into getting into a new relationship right away.

2. Don't look up exes

It's natural when you've broken up with someone to want to seek the comfort of someone you used to date. Don't break up with someone only to walk back into the past. The reason that you break up with people is to move forward and get a fresh start. Don't even look up old boyfriends to see how they're doing or if they're single. Leave the past in the past.

3. Don't start questioning yourself

After you break up with someone you're going to be lonely. You're going to be scared and wonder if you've done the right thing. You're going to think you made a bad decision. You're immediately going to remember all of the good times you had together and want to go running back. Remember that you broke up for a good reason. Most importantly, don't question your ability to be in a healthy and successful relationship.

4. Don't cyber-stalk your ex

You will want to see what your ex is doing since you broke up. Is he already seeing someone new? Is he posting depressing updates because he misses you so much? You're going to want to know, but avoid checking up on him. You will either end up feeling horrible because you see he's actually having fun without you or you'll feel horrible because he's so upset by your break-up. Don't put yourself through that while you're trying to get over him.

5. Don't try to be his friend

Right after you break up with someone you are going to experience a roller coaster of emotions. You're going to be sad, angry, depressed, and even extremely happy. With your emotions changing every five minutes, the last thing you want to do is try to be your ex's friend. In order to be his friend you'll have to be open to hearing about his life without you. His outings with friends, his new relationships, and how his family is doing. These things are not going to be easy right after your break-up.

Breaking up with someone is always difficult. It doesn't matter if the relationship was the worst one that ever existed or one of your better ones. It's common to make post-break-up mistakes, but you can make sure to avoid the above setbacks in getting over your relationship.

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