How To Tame Your Need To Chase Him

How To Tame Your Need To Chase Him

Chasing a guy now and then is cool, but being the one who does 100% of the chasing is a bad idea. In general, men enjoy the chase. If you're always there, how can he miss you and chase you? Here are 5 ways that you can tame your need to chase the man you like.

1. Get a life of your own

If you're busy with your own life, you won't have time to chase the guy you're after. You won't think about it him as much as when you're sitting at home on the couch. Get out there and have some experiences. Remember girls' nights? Reinstate them! The next time he calls you'll have interesting things to tell him.

2. Delete him from your contact list

Yes, you read that correctly! Deleting him from your contact list will make it harder to contact him again. You might not know his number by heart, so you couldn't call or text him if you wanted to. You won't see his name as you scroll through your contacts, so you won't think of him as often. If he starts texting you again on a regular basis, you can always add him back to your contacts.

3. Agree to a date with another guy

If the guy who says he likes you hasn't made a move to ask you out, say yes to the guy who has. It doesn't mean you're going to marry him. You're just going to have a good time. It's easy for the act of chasing a man or being ignored by a man to weigh on your self-esteem, so enjoy the attention you're getting from others.

4. Enjoy the payoff

By not chasing, the guy you like may begin to chase you again. That's assuming that he likes you. If a guy doesn't like you, he's not going to bother getting in touch with you. He might reply when YOU text, but he'll never do the work himself. When the guy who really likes you finally texts you though, you're going to feel amazing. You will know he's doing it just because he wants to.

Chasing a guy can be fun and you should do it sometimes. Just remember that men get bored and like to chase as well. So take a break from chasing now and then and let yourself be chased.

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Just what I needed to hear perfect timing
when women's confidence hit rock-bottom mumbling
Advise I can deffinately use....I don't want to frustrated
Thanx so much...mwah
very helpful :)
i might just try this :) :) :)
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