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10 Reasons Why Acceptance Brings Peace and Abundance

10 Reasons Why Acceptance Brings Peace and Abundance

A great deal of the stress that people experience stems from the way they think rather than what happens to them. You might imagine that you are in a mood because a driver cut in front of you on your car journey to work this morning or that you cannot relax because your best friend has an emotional problem, but your feelings belong to you alone. Accepting that certain experiences are beyond your control, while understanding that you are in charge of how you feel can bring you great peace and abundance.

Lose the struggle

When you don't accept experiences and fight to change them, even though doing so is impossible, you put yourself through an unnecessary mind-bending experience. The past has already happened, and although it is obvious, if you wanted things to go another way, you might present your brain with an inner struggle that gets you nowhere. Going over past events repeatedly will not change them. However, moving on will provide you with a clear head.

Be smart

Self-induced mental turmoil is a choice. You can decide to think negative, gut-wrenching thoughts that make you upset, or you can let go and embrace the future. Which of the two is the smart choice is a no-brainer.

Stay healthy

Mental anguish is a recipe for disastrous mental and physical well-being. When you are stressed, your system creates a hormone called cortisol, which weakens your ability to heal and fend off diseases. If you don't want to catch every virus going or sink into depression, accepting events that you cannot change will aid excellent health.

Live in the moment

Non-acceptance of the past makes you mentally dwell back in time. You might go through the motions of going to work, socializing and spending time with your family, but you won't really be fully present. Part of you will always be in a place and time that no longer exists.

Practice non-violence

Violence isn't necessarily about bloodshed; sometimes it can refer to intense negative feelings. When you have violent thoughts, it's impossible to feel peaceful. The sun can be shining and the birds can be singing, but if you are silently wishing someone harm, or feeling angry about past occurrences, you will build further pessimism and oppression in your system.

Create a joyful future

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, you must agree that the way you think can influence how you behave. In addition, how you act affects your future. If you want a bright, happy time ahead, it makes sense to increase positive thoughts instead of those that are negative.

Build happy relationships

Much of the time, when your mind is filled with resentment, pain, or fear, your negativity influences people who are close to you. You might effectively deal with work colleagues, strangers and your boss. Nonetheless, having a happy relationship with partner, friends and family could be hard, since your attention is elsewhere and you are liable to be miserable company.

Gain freedom

On occasion, the greatest form of freedom that anyone can obtain is the ability to clear his or her mind of mental turmoil. Non-acceptance of the past puts you in an emotional prison and gives the past power over you. Releasing pain from unwanted experiences via acceptance can set you free.

Empty your cup

Monks, very wisely, sometimes meditate in a reflective manner using moral phrases or sentences as mind-expanding aids. One of their best-known reflections is about how you cannot pour liquid into a full cup that's already overflowing. Thus, emptying your mind is a powerful way to increase your ability to attain and absorb new knowledge.

Lighten your load

Every occurrence that you cannot alter and you fail to accept becomes emotional baggage. Your baggage can hamper your progress in life since it's a burden. Once you drop your emotional load, you will literally feel lighter. Without such pressure to cripple you, you will gain a spring in your step as new energy travels through your veins.

Acceptance is a powerful acknowledgement to yourself and the outside world that you will not give credence to negativity and intend to lead a happy life full of peace and abundance.

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