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Don't Wait for Your Funeral: Live Your Eulogy Now

Dont Wait for Your Funeral Live Your Eulogy Now

For a moment, imagine what the eulogy that's read at your funeral might contain. At present, if it were written, it may be a fitting tribute to what you have accomplished so far and your character. However, would it be amazing, packed with mentions of your incredible successes in any area of your life?

You might answer by saying that you have not had a chance, yet, to be all that you are capable of being. Indeed, time can provide you with a greater probability of achieving your dreams. However, some people delay being wonderful and living a full life simply because they think time is on their side. They fail to claim golden opportunities to prosper and turn down invitations to expand their horizons with new experiences. Consequently, their eulogies present friends and families with a challenge; attempting to scrape together enough suitable praise may be tough. "Jim loved watching soaps on the TV," and "Rita liked to knit" are not examples of fascinating snippets of lives filled with triumph.

Of course, the most important reason for living your eulogy now is not to impress people when you are dead. You don't need to become famous to be successful. Not everyone will attain star-like success in their life, job or finances. Success, of course, takes many forms; but living a fabulous life and striving to do your best will make your existence fulfilling, regardless of your social or financial situation.

Sadly, graveyards are full of people who never took advantage of their capabilities because they always had good 'excuses' to put things off, and thought that they would get around to doing so later. Not branching out was comfortable, although saddening. As they lay on their deathbeds, perhaps some wondered what their world would-have-been like if only they had been braver, more energetic, or curious.

You may be thinking this article is too blunt, or you may be lucky that you have stumbled upon it, since there is a slight chance that it might jog you into action. There again, you could just ignore the idea and look forward to your relatives listening to the part of your eulogy that mentions that you had potential.

Comments (4)

I spread the word to have come back at me.
Never once shall you fail, yet stumble you will.
There is a gift, you may fail to see

An open heart awaits, a gathering,'It WILL save you'

He is good.

Best Dude!
Society made sure I wasn't allowed to live,,,,So I just exist in the hope one day before its to late, I will experience Happiness & Love.

I chased my dreams but its that they always ran faster than I could.
This is so True as I did Live my Life as an Adventurer and Wanderer From the East Coast too the West Coast and Met them All and Lived . that will be My Eulogy a full Life its all in my Profile indeed = thanks
gaveyerds are full of people that did not really lived? How do you know? Did you woke them up and asked them? Is this a dating side or ist this not?doh

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