Men to Avoid Dating Based on Their Handwriting Characteristics

Men to Avoid Dating Based on Their Handwriting Characteristics

In some countries, law enforcement and employers regularly use handwriting analysis to gain insight into a person's basic character traits. However, the advantages of handwriting analysis are largely overlooked in the United States. Despite this, handwriting analysis is an valuable tool in the social and business worlds. If you want to spot a potential sociopath before you get ensnared by him, take a look at his handwriting. It can tell you quickly what might otherwise take you years to find out. And if you see any of these traits, run!

Perhaps the most damning of the handwriting traits is the so-called "felon's claw." This is a lower-zone formation that typically appears on the loops of the letters "g" and "y." The stem extends downward, and then sharply upward and to the left, making an upside-down "u" formation. If a person has this characteristic in his handwriting, be forewarned. He likely suffered abuse as a child, and harbors resentment and a desire for vengeance. People with the felon's claw formation in their writing are deceptive, underhanded and will stab you in the back. The vast majority of inmates display this feature in their writing.

Another dangerous sign is a dagger-like formation at the bottom of the lower loops. If the bottom loops end in a sharp, incisive point, the person can be tremendously cruel. Hitler showed this trait in his handwriting.

Blotchy, retraced letters can be a sign of pent-up sexual frustration. Watch out if the person's writing is replete with heavy strokes that nearly puncture the paper, combined with light, thready marks.

Another telltale sign of someone to avoid is backward-slanting writing, or writing that slants to the left. Some left-handed people naturally have backward-slanting writing, and this may mean little or nothing. However, when a right-handed person has backward-slanting writing, this indicates extreme self-absorption.

Long, rigid initial strokes indicate deep-seated resentment. This person may have some family baggage that he could carry into your relationship. When the loops from one line of writing extend down and hit the next line of writing, this also signals familial strife.

Another sign to look out for is large loops or circles (especially on capital letters) that engulf other letters or words. This person is controlling - perhaps even a control freak.

All in all, a person's writing can be extremely revealing as to who they are. Learn the basics, and you can instantly and discretely spot a sociopath before he can wreak havoc on your life.

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but with everyone texting now, not using hand-written notes, we
won't have any idea who we're talking with or what they're really like.

Hey, staff, two problems:
1. Your descriptions aren't much good without illustrations.
2. Backward slanted writing is a known FEMININE trait. You're saying none of them can me trusted?
"Graphology or handwriting analysis is the pseudoscientific idea that it is possible to assess someone's personality by analyzing their handwriting... no scientifically controlled studies have shown it to be effective."

In other words, this is pure bunk.

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