4 Signs You're Getting Played Online

4 Signs Youre Getting Played Online

Meeting someone online isn't uncommon these days, but neither is the large number of people getting played online. Playing with people's hearts is a game to some people online, so it's important to keep your eyes open for warning signs. Here are 4 signs that you're getting played online.

1. He sweet-talks constantly

You might be being played if the man you're talking to has nothing but sweet things to say all the time. It's nice to be sweet-talked and romanced, but that can't be your entire communication with him. If you're looking for a real relationship, it can't all be fantasy. It's important to have real conversations. If he tells you that he loves you early on and that you're the one for him, but he doesn't really know you, you're probably being played.

2. He talks, but doesn't act

People can make themselves into anyone they want to be online. A man can say that he's a businessman who volunteers on the weekends, but does he actually do them? Some people talk a big game to make a good impression, but don't actually do what they claim. Someone who lies for whatever reason, is playing you. Don't be afraid to call out inconsistencies that you find between what he says and what he does.

3. He disappears a lot

If the man you're talking to disappears a lot, or during certain hours consistently, you might be being played. If a man cannot talk to you outside of work hours, this suggests that he has a girlfriend or wife and family in real life. A man who is free from outside romantic relationships will not have such strict rules about when he can and cannot talk.

4. He doesn't have an interest in meeting in person

Meeting people online is great, but eventually it has to move to real life. If your suggestions to meet up for coffee are constantly turned down, you might be dealing with an online player who is just having a good time online and intends nothing more to happen.

It's great to meet people online, but you also have to be careful about not getting played. It's hard to really tell if someone is being honest or not, but if you feel uncomfortable that something isn't right, trust yourself, it probably isn't.

Comments (12)

kalisas imera se olus typing coffee
Yes, been there, and those shity are a real man!
Must be they've been mentaly and emotionaly abuse by bad experience of scams.
The worst is they wount show up when the times come to meet face to face, the best sissy coward !
And perhaps they are so ugly like a troll!
So,what is the difference with a scammers digging wallets
and him scamming emotion and mentality ?
Been there many times.
Even without these signs.
People do a big talk and then when the moment comes to show interest or keep promises or when they understand you know they are lying or when you question their weird behaviour, they start to back off. Awful.
I have also noticed lot of men have very high standards for the woman they seek. Basically she should just shut up and take all the lies and drama they are saying or doing, without questioning or complaining.
My advice to those men is to buy a doll, it is going to be there no stop, they can even forget about it, neglect it, and it will always agree with them!
it means they are offline , when the online button is pink they are online.
I don't understand the part of a person's profile "online".
If it says "online in 3 days" does it mean they won't reply for 3 days because they are away from home/sick or some other reason? When I send an email to someone "online in 3 days" I can't be sure if they simply don't want to reply or that they CAN'T reply for 3 days. Confusing!
It's a great article. To what happened to me on line, these four rules were true !

The guy who I kept communication was very convincing, loving, etc. Our conversations were at Skype. He told me was a widower, had a 15 year-old kid, and wanted to remarry. He even said wanted to come to meet me and we would start preparing our wedding. At the end, in less than a month, asked me for US $1000, which I couldn't afford. Don't share your personal information, please think with your head, not with your heart.

Girls, you are valuable people. Follow these simple but valuable recommendations, and you'll be safe.
LOL!roll.sounds like most of the women I talk to.tongue.banana:
exactlythumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Its both men, and woman. And woman are better at it.
Now,i knowyay yay
well,#1 and #2... are already going on, so far,but ,#3 and #4 ,do not relate ,to what... seems to be happening,here...hummmm...
angela_han1975: "snowflake6"(meet us in the puzzles)

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