Why You Should Date Older Guys

Why You Should Date Older Guys

The gossip will be there: "Why do you want to date a guy that old?" This might be followed with something like: "You don't want to come off as a gold-digger!" But those women who know the advantages of dating an older man will defend their decision heartily. That decision can be described in one word: stability.

Need some convincing to date an older fellow? Consider the following reasons:

#1) Older Guys Tend to be Go-Getters

It doesn't sound like there would be a difference here, but the difference in ambition levels between a younger man and an older man can be incredible. Older guys have had the time to experiment with different career paths and different lifestyles and have learned what they want. They can think long-term and can prioritize better. This translates into a happier man, and therefore, a better partner.

#2) Older Guys Tend to Be Financially Stable

As with our previous point, knowing what you want to do with your life means a lot. Older men have had time to map out their careers and have learned to master their expenses. This says everything about their ability to set and keep priorities in their lives--which, of course, will include you.

#3) Older Guys Are Ready to Settle Down

It may not always be true, but generally speaking, an older man will know what he wants in his mate. For that reason, when he considers you as a potential option, he knows what he wants. Any sane woman will recognize that this as a huge plus.

#4) Older Guys Have Less Ex-wife or Baby-Mama Drama

Every past relationship has at least some baggage. The question is, how much is there? Older guys tend to have less hurtful baggage, like mad women trying desperately to get even. And don't downplay how happy you will feel when you realize how you aren't having to sit there and pretend to be supportive as you hear him and the ex hash who gets to keep what!

#5) Older Guys Are The Total Package

Older guys can have the best of all worlds because they might still have the benefits of being in good shape, plus the age and wisdom to know how to live a productive and purpose-driven life. As always, there are exceptions to the rules, but if you've hit a wall in your experiences with dating younger men, why not give an older guy a try?

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Abelard and Heloise nearly a thousand years ago.
One of the worlds greatest love stories, but read what she says about women who marry for money.
A lot of US women want a man to save them from debt.
Men just want sex.
If you have the time Google up anything regarding dating and REDDIT.
Most of those men have hit every dating service and struck out.
Yes there is FIRST WORLD MALE SYNDROME seeking subservient women or sex toys or to breed to carry on the line.
Then again ever read about all the women who have their men knock them up then disappear. Pretty crappy for Filipinas as there is no divorce.
After I left here the first time because it was so depressing I started researching on line dating and foreign marriages.
Just shocking.
I guess my point is both men and women are wrong and right about certain things.
To contrast Heloise advice below there is this
"No girl will choose six packs over six cars so stop going to the gym and go to work – Robert mugabe"

For it is not by being richer or more powerful that a man becomes better; one is a matter of fortune, the other of virtue. Nor should she deem herself other than venal who weds a rich man rather than a poor, and desires more things in her husband than himself. Assuredly, whomsoever this concupiscence leads into marriage deserves payment rather than affection; for it is evident that she goes after his wealth and not the man, and is willing to prostitute herself, if she can, to a richer. As the argument advanced (in Aeschines) by the wise Aspasia to Xenophon and his wife plainly convinces us. When the wise woman aforesaid had propounded this argument for their reconciliation, she concluded as follows: "For when you have understood this, that there is not a better man nor a happier woman on the face of the earth; then you will ever and above all things seek that which you think the best; you to be a husband of so excellent a wife, and she to be married to so excellent a husband." A blessed sentiment, assuredly, and more than philosophic, expressing wisdom itself rather than philosophy. A holy error and a blessed fallacy among the married, that a perfect love should preserve their bond of matrimony unbroken, not so much by the continence of their bodies as by the purity of their hearts. But what error shows to the rest of women the truth has made manifest to me. Since what they thought of their husbands, that I, that the entire world not so much believed as knew of you. So that the more genuine my love was for you, the further it was removed from error.

Thanks for the statistics. I listen to talk shows on the radio and I noticed that the younger women that call in report being cheated on by their husband/boyfriend. There are some Youtube channels where other women are exposing cheating Men. I've heard that wealthy Men exploits women, but a High percentage of these younger men are not wealthy. Is it the "old boys club" as usual?

American Men that seek foreign women say that those women knows their place in the home. They treat Men as KINGS and no opposition in the home. These Men don't want an equal, they want subservient women. I read your post and I think if these women are hunted by American Men, provided their wifely duties, then they are entitle to the benefits if the husband should die.

My experiences here on CS are that the Men are ANGRY. They blame the women for their fail relationships. They want to drag all that baggage with them, but becomes angrier when the women reject them. No women will tolerate such behavior, especially when they have nothing to do with their baggages. They are incapable of communicating.
These men should take the time to heal and not trying to find a date on a website.

So the world keeps on turning and eventually we die. laugh

Those guys have no money and no hope.
From the comments section

"Here is what's fueling movements like Passport Bros:

Research into dating apps have shown that women online only swipe on Chad's. These are you ultra good looking guys which are 8 and 9's. These women are ignorant that Chad is dating 3 to 5 women at once and could care less because he looks like a model. Then these same women end up with a high body count and do nothing but scream all over the internet that men keep cheating on them. They will never admit they only go out with Chad's. Please go watch any of the 100's and 100's of videos on sites like Youtube or Rumble which cover this topic and whats happened.

On dating app's they find that 70% or more of all swipes, likes and dates go to the absolute best looking guys which are your top 5% and 10%. Then 80% of all swipes go to the Top 20% of men. If you're not an 8 or 9 then you'll find the dating apps very disappointing and difficult to use. They say if you're a 5 or below in looks as a male you will get ZERO likes other than from an occasional bot. Even if you are an attractive guy in the 6 - 7 range you will struggle massively and doesn't matter if you have a college degree, make good money and overall a good person. The women on these dating apps don't care!! Either you look like Chad or you don't is what their research has found.

This has fueled the rise of going overseas and Passport Bros.

Here's a good introductory video that shows what's happened:

I received a message from a man's point of view.

He wrote that I should not seek older men as they are not well, ailing sick due to old age.
I never thought of that.
If that is so, It narrows my chances of finding a good man (that has all his marbles) in this late stage in the game. frustrated
I'm sorry I don't know how to edit my post but I wanted this at the end.

"No Girl Will Choose Six Pack Over Six Cars.. So Stop Going to The Gym and go to Work." —Robert Mugabe
Older men have all the money.
I have read numerous stories about men up to 60 who get sick have a wife taking care of them through the illness then they dump her for someone younger.
It happens a lot with Asian brides.
In the US Social Security can be claimed at a smaller percentage at 62, with full benefits at 67 ( but not if you claim at 62), . Disability at any time and still rolls into full benefits at 67.
Every year gets a Cost Of Living Increase, COLA.
Any bride gets those benefits when the husband dies.
She may not get his property unless in a will or no heirs
That also means the younger the bride the LONGER she collects free money and has a nice safety net.
She can move to a cheaper cost of living state or a cheaper cost of living country and still collect those benefits.
Eighteen no kids works great.
Has children man suddenly has new heirs and if no will the kids and wife own all the property as well as his SS benefits.
All those scammers trying to con men out of money for sex chat or videos, that is simply stupid math.
Return On Investment ROI is better with marriage as an end game.

Older men knows how to treat a woman like a lady. thumbs up
I agree with you heart wings
another interesting topic..i'm reading comments here ... everybody knows the answer..money money money..no need brain storm..
"Why women should be THOTS and golddiggers for older men when the women hit The Wall of Reality".
"Financial stability"??
Did CS just become the new Craigslist personals??
That's nice; let's see one entitled "Why older guys should chase under-30 women for their bodies next."
Irie, Mon! thumbs up cheers
I 100% agree with this article. I did try dating a younger guy and I laugh every time I think about it.
WHAT EVER TICKLES YOU FANN HOOPS SORRY FANCY banana applause rolling on the floor laughing dancing peace cheering wave
I prefer younger guys as they keep me on my toes.
So where is an older man who is willing to date?
Bluesky60: Yes that is statistically true. My wife of blessed memory was 18 years older than me. But I wouldn't trade one day with her away for month with any woman on this site. When you have love, the rest just comes naturally. Would I do it twice? That's another question, but under the right circumstances, I believe I would. But here, I've found no such woman. I was in my 30's when I married her.

I'm only 57, but some ladies think I'm way old, some don't seem to notice. Age, it seems to me, is the least of the worries on this site. Scammers are of major concern to me. But they are fun turning in and watching their profiles disappear! ;)

Then that just means date younger dudes doesn't it statistically meaning in general right??
A guy should read this then:https://natural-fertility-prescription.com/aging-men-and-sperm-health-can-older-men-be-fathers/

sigh I do care because its required to me to date someone with my age range restriction I set for myself. I guess I expand it. Really 27 olds that really out there from that data alone...confused because its on research from that site that women who date or get impregnated by men below age of 30 have higher chance getting pregnant without risks. That just mean woman have to use sperm bank in long run.sigh
What study is this from?

Believe me, there are older guys who are more dump and stupid in dating.
Older women should date younger men
Women Also
I feel nearly all of the women in here are either bitter jealous or both , because option for them is gone . Im looking for a younger women , I have had plenty of younger women who have read my profile it clearly makes it clear I have no treasure trove , they get love understanding etc from me and loyalty im 62 in number only . Im still on the fence , im not taking the first one that comes along but she certainly will be younger nuff said . Let the tagteam attack as you will , let the bitching commence bahaha
Miss Mimi. Smackin peace . You go girl. Pamper your man teddybear .
So .. Crew?

_ where's the. "Why You Should Date, Younger Women."

Ability to give birth, means a lot?

This , Article is an absolute Joke. I am very displeased by your ignorance to the whole fact of.

Its NOT things about them, As much as it Must Be. Them. - Themselves
Older men with big egos and big bank accounts will take what they want for the short term and the girls or women who think they are clever will end up feeling used , why don't i have a big account or wealth ? lol
Older men are easily fooled by much younger women .a beautiful young woman is irresistible to a much older man I'm talking man 55 plus and woman maybe 30 yrs of age . He's flattered he's turned on he convinces himself he's so handsome and irresistible by her messages but she's after his money security. If he has huge wealth shell stick around if not shell find guy with more money. Sad but true ......there's no fool like an old fool .......::roll eyes
iam 69. been dating 3 years. i have NO trouble getting young girls to talk about dating in a serous way. i know your going to say they just want my money. after a while i can see those easy. even before the subject of money comes up. most of the girls in there 20-30 say they cant find a good man there age. one girl 30 ish . have talking to about 2 years. says if she cant have me she wants NO one eles. we have never meet. and i am sure she would be a great wife. i NEVER thought that so many in that age range could be / would be serous about a man my age. when i started dating i didnt think the side benefit would be reg friends.
I met someone here who’s 25 years my senior. We hit it off on the get go!

I’m now awaiting for the approval of US fiancée visa and hopefully we’d be married before the year ends.

Thank you, CS cheering
Older men are prone to more health problems.

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