5 Signs Your Girlfriend Has Serious Trust Issues

5 Signs Your Girlfriend Has Serious Trust Issues

Having a girlfriend with trust issues can be difficult. You may be expected to cater to rules and expectations to keep her happy and allow her to gain trust in you. When someone has serious trust issues, it rarely has to do with who they dating, but things that previously happened in their life. Trust issues will make your girlfriend hyper-sensitive to all of your actions because she personalizes them all. Here are some signs that you have a girlfriend with serious trust issues.

1. She'll call your friends to find out where you are

A woman with trust issues may contact your friends and family if she can't get in touch with you when she wants to. If you don't answer her right away, she will get in touch with other people close to you to find out where you are. A woman with serious trust issues may not be shy about calling people she's never met to ask where you are.

2. She doesn't want you in contact with other women

We all have to come into contact with the opposite gender at some point during most days. It could be a co-worker, someone who works at the coffee shop, or a fellow commuter. If your girlfriend expects you to avoid all other women except for her, this is an impossible request. Her trust issues should never control who is in your life. If you came into the relationship with female friends, your girlfriend with trust issues may expect you to end your friendship with them.

3. She tags along on boys' night

A woman with trust issues will tag along on boys' night because she might not believe that other girlfriends aren't coming along. She may also believe that when you and your group of friends are alone without the girlfriends you are flirting with other women. If she's around she will feel more in control of your actions and who you spend time with.

4. She wants all your passwords

A woman with trust issues will demand all of your passwords so that she can make sure you're not doing anything wrong. She will assume that if you're not doing anything wrong you should be open to sharing your passwords. People in relationships are still entitled to their privacy.

5. She freaks out if you don't answer calls or texts immediately

A woman with trust issues will automatically assume the worst if you do not answer her texts or phone calls right away. She will give you the third degree about why you didn't answer, who you were with, and why you didn't have your phone with you. A woman with trust issues will not understand that you can't always answer her phone calls because you have a job, meetings, and other things you have to attend to first.

A woman with trust issues might not be the right girlfriend for you if you're looking for a healthy, stable relationship. You don't want to spend your life catering to her trust issues and insecurities.

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6. She starts off each date by making her date take a polygraph test.

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