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Many people open emails to check the content though can be quite dangerous.In hotmail if you check the email box ( as when selecting to delete ) now r...

plt19682,5851Apr 2012Jun 2015
Useful helpers and tips for the PC

Useful helpers and tips for the PC

Hello together :-)I thought, it could be a nice idea, to share my knowledge about some special PC-programs. Many people know how to use a program. But...

Lammycool3,3305Feb 2010Aug 2014
Do I Need a Webcam

Do I Need a Webcam?

If you buy a state-of-the-art computer today, you may find that it has a built-in webcam that allows you to broadcast live video on the internet. If n...

Staff9,1408Feb 2009Mar 2013
Web Menu

Web Menu

Hello i am bumba... This is just to help or let you know how easily you can create a web page/site. It covers only CSS1 CSS2 CSS3, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, J...

Unknown1,5790Feb 2013
How to Capture and Share a Screen Shot

How to Capture and Share a Screen Shot

Have you ever wished you could provide a visual representation of an error message you are seeing? Or that you could show others at work a neat way to...

Staff7,1662Feb 2009Jun 2010
Does Your Computer Have a Virus a Trojan or Spyware

Does Your Computer Have a Virus, a Trojan, or Spyware?

One of the more unfortunate aspects of being connected to the Internet these days is the likelihood of having your computer become infected with spywa...

Staff6,1311Feb 2009Apr 2009
Clearing Your Web Browser Cache When Why and How

Clearing Your Web Browser Cache: When, Why and How

When you surf the internet your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) makes a copy of the pages you visit and stores (caches) it on...

Staff6,6850Feb 2009
How to fight spam

How to fight spam

SPAM denotes junk mail, an important aspect of Internet privacy. It is a highly notorious word on the Net. Companies, and individuals including some o...

Staff6,7010Feb 2009
faranhajt: "hello......everyone"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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