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Does Every English Word have 2 Meanings

Does Every English Word have 2 Meanings?

So, you think English is easy, huh? Read to the end and see if you still think so. 1. The bandage was wound around the wound. 2. The farm was used to...

Unknown5,58921Jun 2010May 2
People Will Treat You How You Let Them

People Will Treat You How You Let Them

How we feel is all our own doing, its all our own choice. We choose to react to something someone said or did. If you feel bad, you choose to feel tha...

Unknown2,7003Dec 2012May 2018
Pakistan Terrorism and Education

Pakistan Terrorism and Education

Terrorism is the biggest threat to Pakistan’s progress. It roots can be traced back from 1979, when there was an effort to kick out Russia from...

amigoshah2,5251Apr 2014Dec 2014
The Sunday Smuggler story of Christopher V Parnell

The Sunday Smuggler, story of Christopher V Parnell

Parnell The Sunday Smuggler (Hell's Prisoner) is a hard eyed open story of truth. The story of one man’s battle to survive in some of the World'...

Unknown4,4450Mar 2012
To find true love be your true self

To find true love, be your true self..

If you want to find a true love, you have to be yourself. I know this sounds obvious and easy, but I don’t think that it is. We are raised in a...

Unknown2,3800Nov 2011
Rules for life

Rules for life

Now I know I'm not a person to be giving out advice, my life hasn't exactly been the smoothest. But then again maybe that's why I should be giving adv...

Unknown2,8080May 2011
starting over at 40 and up

starting over at 40 and up

Over the Hill? I think not!!!! How do you restart your life over at 40+? Well let me tell you... I did it and I am so glad I did. It is exciting and f...

Unknown5,7501Jan 2011Jan 2011
Are Online Degrees Credible

Are Online Degrees Credible?

Online degrees are becoming an increasingly popular option as spiralling costs force students to look for alternative study modes. Due to increased fl...

Staff8,9944Feb 2009Aug 2009

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