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An Advanced Technology

An Advanced Technology

In the 21 Century the technology has become very Advanced.. I live in India and I want to describe the advancement of technology in a few Years.. In t...

KK97601,1580Sep 2014


The things that U desire are generally the things u never have with u … Is this statement really true?? Does it really depends on the perspecti...

Satanic_Overlord1,5540May 2014
Do You Want To Be On Reality TV

Do You Want To Be On Reality TV?

We live in the age of the celebrity reality TV is one way for wannabe stars to get the fame they deserve (or think they do). It can be the big break b...

Staff7,2043Feb 2009Jun 2013
Chick Flicks for People Who Hate Chick Flicks hereafter referred to as men

Chick Flicks for People Who Hate Chick Flicks (hereafter referred to as "men")

For a guy, it's the classic dinner-and-a-movie dilemma. She's buying the wine. She's making the dinner. She's even promised a dessert so decadent and...

Staff7,6236Feb 2009Apr 2013


  When I was brought into this world of sin I cried for the light of tomorrow; with it I pray it brings me hope of a better future and with my...

lilbuffalo1,5910Feb 2013
The Playground 1st Lesson in Chance meetings

The Playground, . . 1st Lesson in Chance meetings

A freckled faced, red haired, 7 year old boy, is sitting quietly, at a lonely merry-go-round, in a sleepy little town, called Pleasantville, . . .and...

aJester222,6861Oct 2010Aug 2011
I learned at CS

I learned at CS

Retrospect after being on CS for a Month I guess i've learned more about my self in four short weeks, Than I could have ever imagined in the rest of t...

aJester222,3000Nov 2010
FOR SALE One Slightly Used Male

FOR SALE; One Slightly Used Male

One slightly used, fully grown Male/ answers to the name Lucky or Joker. He is Not a young Pup any more, but still has a few good tricks, left in him....

aJester224,7164Oct 2010Nov 2010
Beam me up Scotty

Beam me up Scotty!

I've made first contact with the Earthlings, and have been reviewing their usual customs and rituals. At first observation, they appear to be a very,...

aJester222,3481Oct 2010Oct 2010
Last Profile I heard little voices Praying For One Honest Man

Last Profile, I heard little voices, Praying For "One Honest Man"

A little Confession is good for the Soul/ and you know what they say? A Confession a Day, keeps the Devil away. . . . .(except maybe on CS), . . yeah,...

aJester224,5950Oct 2010
Childrens entertainment

Childrens entertainment?

Is it just me or has childrens entertainment a bit over exposed. Watching these shows on our so called family and childrens networks have tilted my op...

fjamesj97014,6370Jul 2010
What is better than CDs DVDs HD DVDs or Blu Ray discs

What is better than CDs / DVDs / HD DVDs or Blu Ray discs?

Streaming over the PC LAN (Local Area Network), or even via the Internet! This is the future!...

_Peet_605,7733Apr 2009Aug 2009
Happychatty1: "Creativity"(meet us in the poems)

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