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A Brief History of Easter

A Brief History of Easter

While Easter is of course the most significant day on the Christian calendar, the roots of the celebration we know as Easter go back quite a bit furth...

Staff9,1862Mar 2009Aug 9
The Easter Bunnies Woes

The Easter Bunnies' Woes

Easter brings on a number of images, many of which involve cuddly bunnies doing strange things (from clucking to rummaging in baskets for eggs to hide...

Staff8,3501Mar 2009Jul 2009
Take the Stress out of Christmas

Take the Stress out of Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a special celebration of love, so why is it that so many of us just feel completely stressed by Decenter 25? Christmas sho...

Staff8,0041Dec 2016Sep 2018
5 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Your Favorite Christmas Carols

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Favorite Christmas Carols

With Christmas approaching why not brush up on your Christmas carol trivia? We all know the popular Christmas carols by heart, but not many people kn...

Staff1,9351Nov 2017Nov 2017
10 No Pressure Christmas Date Ideas

10 No-Pressure Christmas Date Ideas

Some people don't like dating during the Christmas season because they dread meeting family and fear prematurely advancing the relationship, or findin...

Staff8,4770Nov 2012
Make Christmas Meaningful Even If Youre Not Religious

Make Christmas Meaningful.. Even If You're Not Religious

The Christmas season has many religious connotations that not all people share. However, within the Christmas traditions lie many important lessons ab...

Staff4,4060Dec 2014
Embracing the Holidays When Youre Alone

Embracing the Holidays When You're Alone

While holidays are usually considered a time to be spent with famliy and friends, not everyone has a circle of people to embrace at this time of the y...

Staff7,0253Nov 2012Jun 2021
Do You Know Who St Patrick Was

Do You Know Who St. Patrick Was?

The color green, shamrocks, parades, festive dinners, and dances are ways in which St. Patrick's Day is familiar to everyone. But do you know why St....

Staff9,62413Feb 2009Mar 2016
Valentines Day for the Unattached Is it S A D

Valentine’s Day for the Unattached: Is it "S.A.D."?

It can be depressing to look at the calendar and see Valentine's Day coming up. For single men and women around the world, it isn't Valentine's Day so...

Staff9,6414Feb 2012Sep 2021
A Perfect Valentines Day Date What definitely NOT to Do

A Perfect Valentine’s Day Date: What (definitely) NOT to Do

So it's Valentine's Day, and you've found yourself a date. Congratulations! Now it's time to really impress her. Everyone knows the main taboos of a r...

Staff9,4021Feb 2012Mar 2021
7 Most Popular Ways to Spend Valentines Day

7 Most Popular Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

From breaking up to getting married, from hosting an anti-Valentine party to heading out to the club, there's a way to celebrate Valentine's Day for e...

Staff9,9371Jan 2012Mar 2021
Why Do People Break Up on Valentines Day

Why Do People Break Up on Valentine's Day?

February 14 is touted as a day of romance, but the holiday has its dark side. The number of shattered relationships in the weeks leading up to Valenti...

Staff16,9834Jan 2012Mar 2021
History of Halloween

History of Halloween

The modern version of Halloween has its roots in Celtic traditions. The holiday has changed through the centuries, reflecting the history of America....

Staff8,2320Oct 2010
New Year New You

New Year... New You

Do you make new year's resolutions? I do. Making those new year's resolutions is easy... but keeping them is a lot harder. If you really want to creat...

Staff7,5840Nov 2011
Get A Relationship Breakup Makeover For The New Year

Get A Relationship Breakup Makeover For The New Year!

Breakups can be difficult for anyone. It can be painful and leave us emotionally scarred for a longtime if you don't know how to move on for the bette...

Staff9,2963Dec 2010Dec 2017
The December Sprint A Different Kind of New Years Resolution

The December Sprint- A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Some of us singles need a new strategy for approaching New Year's resolutions from a perspective of empowerment rather than defeat. The December Sprin...

Staff7,5000Nov 2011
4th of July Trivia

4th of July Trivia

Who was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence? Where does the beef come from that you cook on your barbecue on the 4th of July? How ma...

Staff7,9672Jun 2009Jun 2016
if you rate your happiness 5 or below on a 1 10 scale

if you rate your happiness 5 or below on a 1-10 scale

if you rate your happiness 5 or below on a 1-10 scale I hope its closer to 10 after you read this. For 1 you can read and you have the internet or acc...

liketoworkhard2,2731Dec 2013Dec 2013
Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

A tradition dating back thousands of years, Ukrainian Easter eggs, or pysanky, is a beloved art that is still widely practiced today. To create their...

Staff8,9251Mar 2009Sep 2011
Dont Forget Fathers Day

Don’t Forget Father’s Day

Father's Day is one day in the year when fathers are allowed to think of themselves as being a little special. It is generally treated as a light-hear...

Staff7,2601Mar 2009Sep 2009

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