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Scam Baiting

Scam Baiting.

Oh, what a delightful pastime it is. It’s like fishing, but from the other end of the line. Just playing with the scammer’s bait on the ho...

Catfoot6,93913Jan 2013Sep 17
Identity Theft How to Combat Phishing

Identity Theft: How to Combat Phishing

Identity theft is on the rise and internet scam artists are targeting the gullibility of internet users through an internet scam called "phishing". He...

Staff1,5701Dec 2018Jul 2020
Connecting Singles for Dummies

Connecting Singles for Dummies

I decided to write this tiny article because when I first tried to use this site I found the organization of it lacking. An overwhelming amount of top...

RedMandM3,2171Oct 2011Aug 2012
Romance Scam Profile Red Flags

Romance Scam Profile Red Flags.

By Dr. Bernard G. Vance and Dimitria McCreary, RN/MHN Romance Scammers, Part 3 ( How to Identify a scammer by their profiles) Yes, Romance Scammers ar...

Unknown3,2350Feb 2012

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