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The inadequate quest of the hurting woman

The inadequate quest of the hurting woman.

If a woman did not receive the worth of her femininity. Which her father and mother should have given to her. This hurting confused woman will seek to...

Hunterleekai3,4574Sep 2012Nov 2019

My Zen Experience

In my early thirties, I was reading two books alternately: "Existentialism" by John MacQuarrie, and "Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis" by Erich Fromm,...

socrates442,9433Feb 2014Mar 2017
love and madness

love and madness

It is said that all the qualities and feelings the people had a meeting one day. For a long time but they were sitting around in silence and were bore...

Unknown2,9541Sep 2010Feb 2017
How to experience happiness

How to experience happiness!

We, all without exceptions, spend most of our lives chasing after an intangible or an abstract idea called Happiness. However, is it a tangible feelin...

poettarek1,8210Aug 2015


To truly love, one must first be free; one must experience oneself from the essence of one's being, one must have no need of another as a crutch in an...

socrates442,9451Jul 2013Mar 2015
Love Is Not All

Love Is Not All

Love Is Not Allby Edna St. Vincent MillayLove is not all; it is not meat nor drinkNor slumber nor a roof against the rainNor yet a floating spar to me...

Upsndowns2,4830Mar 2014

Aristotelian Logic, Paradoxical Logic, and God

Aristotelian Logic Since Aristotle, the Western world has followed the logical principles of Aristotlean philosophy. This logic is based on the folllo...

socrates443,9980Mar 2014

Wisdom and Knowledge

A cup may contain water but it is not the water   words may point to the truth but they are not the truth   form may express the essence but...

socrates442,3130Sep 2013

What Is Time?

The present - tomorrow's past yesterday's tomorrow Is the past an illusion? Is the future a fantasy? What is Time? Our scientists cannot say If there...

socrates442,1380Aug 2013

Thought, Logic and Reality

The sensory mechanisms of a human being are continually being bombarded with an infinite number of stimuli from the empirical world. Cognition of the...

socrates442,4820Aug 2013

Euthanasia And Suicide

Euthanasia is a very controversial issue. One of the chief arguments some may have against it is that in possibly one in a million, or even less ...

socrates443,0260Aug 2013

What Is Reality?

What is reality? Is it strictly the world based on sense-experience as perceived through the medium of the physical senses? How justified is this clai...

socrates442,6620Jul 2013

Shiva's Dance

The exploration of the sub-atomic world in the twentieth century has revealed the intrinsically dynamic nature of matter. It has shown that the consti...

socrates442,5560Jul 2013

Direct Realisation

Life is dynamic and constantly changing. Any thinking or verbal speculation about life, even with regard to the future, is always based on the past. O...

socrates442,2380Jul 2013
The Art of Loving

The Art of Loving

Love as an answer to human existence Any theory of love must begin with a theory of man, of human existence. Man is gifted with reason; he is life bei...

Unknown2,5281Jan 2013Jun 2013
The wolves lies Debunking the lies behind what makes a MAN

The wolves lies: Debunking the lies behind what makes a "MAN".

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny...

Hunterleekai3,3152Sep 2012Mar 2013
The Play Book

The Play Book

By Bernard G. Vance, Dr.Ed and Erlina, M.Hum Romance Scams, Part 15 PlayBook, Part 1: “Developed Patterns” Over the last two and half (2 1...

BigGrizzlyBear2,3790Feb 2013
it isnt worth it

it isnt worth it....

how many relationships have been destroyed over cheating ,and lies..? that answer to that will be like infinity . simply because we as people are and...

Unknown1,8410Jan 2013
Heritage Scottish Mythology Lore Nymphs

Heritage: Scottish Mythology/Lore "Nymphs"

"The idea that rivers are gods and springs divine nymphs," walter Burkert remarks (Burkert III.3.3) "Is deeply rooted not only in poetry, but in belie...

Unknown6,7761Oct 2012Oct 2012
Falling in Love

Falling in Love

To fall in love is so easy. Why is it so difficult to fall out of love? So many discussions, tears, fights, fears…. I don’t want to hurt...

Unknown2,5710Feb 2012
Life Advice

Life Advice

"Listen... are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?" (quote Mary Oliver). Wow this hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it, because...

Unknown3,0842Jan 2011Jan 2012
Whose Thought is My Thought

"Whose Thought is My Thought?"

To conceptualize an idea… to even cognize of the subject… all one need to do, is think thereupon it. Thinking is holding the light of th...

Zoharstrius2,9151Dec 2011Dec 2011
My Thoughts At the Moment

My Thoughts At the Moment

TRUTH The truth is a funny thing. It can either make you the happiest person on the planet or it can make you want to eat a bullet. nobody truely want...

Unknown2,7050Aug 2011
The What if Game

The What if Game

Have you ever played the 'What if Game?' You know the one....' What if I won the lotto....what if I had everything I wanted, what if my partner, husba...

Unknown2,6230Jan 2011
Philosophy of Dating

Philosophy of Dating

We all say that we are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right but too often do we find ourself with Mr. or mrs. Wrong. Why is that, maybe because it is a onesi...

Unknown3,0050Oct 2009

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