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Whats up w UFOs US Hearing Broadcast Live 9am Today EST

What's up w/UFOs? US Hearing Broadcast Live 9am Today EST +

There is a curious event happening today, beginning at 9am EST, and over the next few days. Did you know there is a special US hearing on UFO and Alie...

PJ19612,3311Apr 2013Jan 2021
Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear Disarmament

In 1989 South Africa became the first nation in the world which voluntarily gave up all nuclear arms it had developed itself. During the 60s, 70s and...

Catfoot2,9514Apr 2013Jan 2019
On Irans Nuclear Energy Program

On Iran's Nuclear Energy Program

Very often when you read about nuclear energy, you also read about Iran and their nuclear energy program. In recent years the Iranian nuclear power pr...

Unknown5,4251May 2010Oct 2010
Hiding the truth from general people

Hiding the truth from general people

Truth! what is it? the answer seems to be very easy.Somebody may ans like this :that what is universal is truth and the truth is universal. According...

Unknown2,2500Jun 2010


Are you aware that 33000.000 people have Aids around the world? Africa and Asia have the biggest problem. Not for any other reason than abject poverty...

Unknown2,7351Sep 2009Sep 2009

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