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Everything in life is in a continuous state of becoming. Atoms and molecules are continually moving from one form of matter to another. Matter and ene...

socrates441,1790Oct 2015
Ants of Saudi Arabia

Ants of Saudi Arabia

There are several species of ant living in Saudi Arabia. The technical names for the two most common are the little brown one and the bigger black one...

postneoludite2,3463Jul 2014Apr 2015
What is Human Nature Are we unique or just animals

What is Human Nature?- Are we unique or just animals?

What makes people different from other animals? Is there such a thing as human nature? How do we understand ourselves when we seem to have so much abo...

Staff6,8733Apr 2012Jan 2015


This is not a scientific piece of work. It is merely based on my own observations and my own interpretations thereof. It is not meant to refute or to...

Catfoot3,5674Mar 2013Mar 2013
"Men, Are You a Game Player?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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