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Fun with Tongue Twisters

Fun with Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are sentences or expressions that are challenging to recite in a clear fashion. Practicing tongue twisters can be an excellent way to...

Staff1,8923Aug 2018Mar 2021
The Art of Writing anything

The Art of Writing anything

Just a few tips on writing for any would be writers who are just getting their feet wet and want to know any tidbits from someone published. From the...

Unknown5,90710Jan 2011Aug 2016


I was sinking underneath the bottomless pit of an ocean with my eyes shut close as if I was in a dead sleep, hearing nothing but the dark blue cries o...

lilbuffalo2,7413Feb 2013Mar 2013
Fine Writing How to Write

Fine Writing How to Write?

Fine Writing How to Write? Reading and writing from an early age we learn to write is no longer indispensable for human beings is a passion. The firs...

Unknown2,3620Jan 2012
Deeper Still

Deeper Still

Ever since I was nine years old I have been gifted with what took years discovering what it was actually called. To many, they use the term psychic. I...

Zoharstrius2,8120Nov 2011
Profiles in Dating Sites Whereto

Profiles in Dating Sites...Whereto?

Profiles posted in dating sites are quite intriguing. I know that the websites ask you to write a brief essay about yourself and the female or male yo...

Unknown3,4552Aug 2010Feb 2011
Poetry Wordsmithing Your Way to Your Loved Ones Heart

Poetry.. Wordsmithing Your Way to Your Loved One's Heart

Many people are afraid to write poems for their loved ones. "It's too complicated" and "I'll sound like an idiot" are both very popular excuses. But t...

Staff8,4354Jun 2009Jan 2011
Definition of a player

Definition of a player

by Vance Kidwell Many people are confused as to what a player actually is, and how a real player should conduct him/her self. I do NOT believe that th...

Unknown5,3983Dec 2009Jul 2010

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