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Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Emotional abuse in a relationship can take many forms. Some of these include insulting, terrorizing, rejecting, or isolating a partner, or making ones...

Staff22,3756Feb 2009Feb 2012
How to Improve Your Self Esteem

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem

A lack of self-esteem can seriously reduce your pleasure in life. People with low self-esteem tend to avoid demanding, well-paid careers out of a fear...

Staff9010May 2018
Romance Novels Sexy Sophisticated Reads

Romance Novels: Sexy & Sophisticated Reads

There's nothing wrong with your grocery store variety romances—those paperbacks decorated with the hulky body-building types and buxom lasses poised f...

Staff13,8314Apr 2009Apr 2011
5 Signs A Relationship Is Becoming Abusive

5 Signs A Relationship Is Becoming Abusive

Sometimes it is difficult to recognize when you're in an abusive relationship because maybe you've grown up in a household that contains the same kind...

Staff7700Sep 2018
10 Revelations Not to Reveal on a First Date

10 Revelations Not to Reveal on a First Date

Dating is hard, but if it's approached the right way, there is a much greater chance for success. Sometimes revealing too much too soon can kill a pot...

Staff9,0310Aug 2013
How to Stop Being an Emotional Sponge

How to Stop Being an Emotional Sponge

There are people who lap up energy that is not theirs to take, and others who inadvertiently give it away. If you are one of the later, this article c...

Staff9,3530Sep 2012
Papa dont cry Please

Papa don’t cry… Please!

“Papa don’t cry… Please!” These words, when televised, were kind enough to sentimentalize me. These words hammered my heart,...

ChetanChauhan1,8130Aug 2013
Three Reasons Why Ignoring Each Other May Be Good for Your Relationship

Three Reasons Why Ignoring Each Other May Be Good for Your Relationship

You're certain that your boyfriend is the "one". You're certain that your girlfriend is the only woman you want to make your wife someday. But no matt...

Staff29,2151Jul 2009Dec 2010
10 Weird Trends of 2017

10 Weird Trends of 2017

The year 2017 brought some strange trends, especially when it comes to beauty, fashion and interior design. Here are 10 of the strangest trends of 201...

Staff8020Nov 2018
look na i am so fast

look na ! i am so fast

I was watching a blog where some one said about speed...a boy was on skate and it was 70 miles/houre ...! The boy was used kind of movi camera just sh...

Unknown1,7200Feb 2013
Life Advice

Life Advice

"Listen... are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?" (quote Mary Oliver). Wow this hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it, because...

Unknown2,8402Jan 2011Jan 2012
Making Him Wait Why its Brilliant

Making Him Wait: Why it’s Brilliant

If you are a relationship-oriented woman, you need to know what to do when dating a man.. more importantly, what not to do. Eliminate the possibility...

Staff12,40114Sep 2012Mar 2020
Foods That Keep You Youthful and Healthy and Foods to Avoid

Foods That Keep You Youthful and Healthy, and Foods to Avoid

Being single we want to look and feel our best. Healthy, happy people are attractive. But some of us don't think much about our health until it's effe...

Staff2,5880Nov 2014
5 Ways To Stop Being Manipulated

5 Ways To Stop Being Manipulated

If you’re being manipulated by someone, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself. Manipulators are skilled at what they do and it will require...

Staff1,2070Dec 2016
20 Ways His Texts Show Hes Into You

20 Ways His Texts Show He's Into You

Guys don't always use a lot of words, so it's sometimes hard to tell what they're thinking. However, you can tell a lot about what's going on inside a...

Staff1,1763Sep 2018May 2020
Nostalgia and romance

Nostalgia and romance

Romance history Rich and still Alive today Do you believe in romance really and truly from your heart? How bad do you want it ? Do you believe that lo...

Unknown4,1820Jan 2011


Everything in life is in a continuous state of becoming. Atoms and molecules are continually moving from one form of matter to another. Matter and ene...

socrates441,6700Oct 2015
How to Get the Guy You Want

How to Get the Guy You Want

How can I make him like me? What am I doing wrong? Am I wasting my time with a guy who just isn't interested? If these are the kind of questions swimm...

Unknown1,3940Nov 2011
Love Phobia Conquering my Fear of Rejection

Love Phobia, Conquering my Fear of Rejection

Read as this woman tells of her experience with her fear of rejection and how deeply it impacted her life. In a situation that began as an online-frie...

Staff9,1051Jul 2011Jul 2011
What Love is about

What Love is about?

It is not that hard to answer, if you ever loved. Love is a feeling of mental connection with another person. It is a different state of consciousness...

Unknown1,6220May 2011
Fight Depression 10 Natural Ways to Weather the Storm

Fight Depression: 10 Natural Ways to Weather the Storm

Depression is often treated with medication or therapy, but what other natural ways are there of alleviating the condition? Here are some ways to help...

Staff1,1871Jan 2020Jan 2020
Dating Tips for Women

Dating Tips for Women

Self-confidence is the key to successful dating for women. Happy, self-confident women will easily attract a date. Your self-confidence will increase...

Staff9,0837Mar 2009Jan 2010
Female Avatars To Scam Male Victims

Female Avatars: To Scam Male Victims

By Bernard G. Vance, Dr.Ed and Erlina, M.Hum Romance Scams, Part 15, Play Book, Part 2: Female Avatars (To Scam Male Victims) Remember that all Femal...

BigGrizzlyBear2,1620Feb 2013
4 Texts You Shouldnt Send A Man You Like

4 Texts You Shouldn't Send A Man You Like

Just because texting is convenient doesn't mean you should take it for granted. Just like any other form of communication, especially with someone you...

Staff1,1671Sep 2018Dec 2018
Losing Religion

Losing Religion

I think about the names Holy Roller and Bible Thumper from those so opposed to religion for what ever reasons, but I will be honest I am too. I am no...

fjamesj97015,6274Aug 2010Oct 2013
Live by Wit and Not Wallet

Live by Wit and Not Wallet!

If men of much financial magnitude had ended up miserably and with no confidence in wealth, surely something must be wrong with their goals and with w...

mayor0075,6661Jun 2009Apr 2011
My Explorations Human Nature as I see 2

My Explorations - Human I see...(2)

Generally speaking, civilization is supposed to be an advanced state of human social development that has taken thousands of years from the primitive...

freetraveller2,9777Nov 2009Mar 2010
5 Things You Should Stop Doing In 2017

5 Things You Should Stop Doing In 2017

2017 can be better than 2016 was depending on the changes you make. If you want to live a happier, healthier, and more successful year, you can do it....

Staff1,2303Dec 2016Jan 2017
Obsession Is Not Love

Obsession Is Not Love

A person who is obsessed with another individual may feel that he is truly in love. That's because the emotions and peculiar feelings associated with...

Staff10,0851Aug 2011Jul 2014
blind dates are spontaneous

blind dates are spontaneous....

one may never know whats behind door number one or number two. thats why we may never know how many licks it takes to get to the bottom of a tootsie p...

Unknown1,1020Jan 2013
The Danger of Being Dragged into a Crime by your Avatar Romance Scammer and Cyber Criminal

The Danger of Being Dragged into a Crime by your Avatar (Romance Scammer and Cyber Criminal)

By Bernard G. Vance, Dr.Ed and Erlina, M.Hum Romance Scams Part 14 One of the most dangerous ploys that an Avatar (romance scammer) uses to further en...

BigGrizzlyBear1,9550Jan 2013
How To Keep Someone Interested In You

How To Keep Someone Interested In You

Whether you want to keep friends or the people you're dating interested in you, there are things you can do to achieve this. Here are four ways you ca...

Staff1,3120Jul 2018
The Average Guys Guide to Beautiful Women

The Average Guy's Guide to Beautiful Women

"Why didn't you say anything to her?" I asked my friend. "She's just too pretty," he replied with defeat. It's a recognized phenomenon that most men w...

Staff11,72613Mar 2009Jul 2013
connecting singles match up

connecting singles match up

After a year of dating that started on this site  June 16, 2012 Longterm11 and Slywolfz were married thanks to a match up from connecting singles...

wolfz2,6032Aug 2012Dec 2012
Scam Baiting

Scam Baiting.

Oh, what a delightful pastime it is. It’s like fishing, but from the other end of the line. Just playing with the scammer’s bait on the ho...

Catfoot5,8177Jan 2013Sep 2019
Does Real Love exist

Does Real Love exist??????

Many of you would say, yes indeed, I'd say no. It's easy to believe love exists because of movies like Twilight or The Notebook. They are just movies....

alexguitar15,47340Aug 2009Aug 2011
How to Trust Again

How to Trust Again

The end of a romantic relationship can be very painful because it involves loss. Coming to terms with the loss of your relationship and your partner i...

Staff1,3857Dec 2018Jul 2020
Just DONT Do It

Just DON'T Do It

You're angry at the scum sucking low-life ex who just dumped you! You thought it would last a lifetime! You believed in the bond the two of you had fo...

Staff10,34113Feb 2009Mar 2018
7 Online Dating Tips For Beginners

7 Online Dating Tips For Beginners

Online dating is a widely popular form of meeting people. It's not looked down up in the dating world because it is so common, and just plain fun to d...

Staff6270Sep 2020
The Dangers of Sexting What You Need to Know Before You Hit Send

The Dangers of Sexting: What You Need to Know Before You Hit "Send"

Would you ever walk into a crowded work or school lunchroom and strip off your clothes? Or post nude photos of yourself online where anyone with an in...

Staff12,0338May 2010Sep 2018
Looking for a meaningful gift Consider goats ducks or chickens

Looking for a meaningful gift? Consider goats, ducks or chickens.

Now at Christmas time, we're all looking for something special for gifts for each other and its hard to find, especially for people on your list who s...

Staff5,6650Nov 2012
South Africa The Rape Capital

South Africa "The Rape Capital"?

Rape has become the scourge of our country! It has become a daily occurance! CNN labeled us the "Rape Capital". I ask what are men doing? No not every...

angil072,4371Feb 2013Feb 2013

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