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Unknown14,64416Oct 2010Jul 2011
Do You Believe 2012 Is The End Of The World

Do You Believe 2012 Is The End Of The World? ...

You must have probably heard about the "December 21, 2012 – Doomsday" the day when the world is prophesized to come to an end. In fact, you will find...

BlueOceanBoy2,2760Jul 2011
How do I find The One and when

How do I find 'The One'... and when?

We hear this question asked often. While working as a counselor, I was asked this question frequently, by people of all ages. And at one point of my l...

Staff8,9819Feb 2009Jul 2011
Spirituality is a very personal matter

Spirituality is a very personal matter

BEING IN THE WORLD... Spirituality is a very personal matter which can be visible for others through one's deeds for the society, towards his family,...

utkarsh2,0711Jan 2010Jun 2011
The Chase

The Chase

I have been single for nearly three years now and have been on and off online dating for about two of those. I have met some lovely men and some with,...

Unknown1,7776Aug 2010Jun 2011
beauty of women

beauty of women

beauty of women here makes me think it a paradise site. most of them here are amazingly beautiful by different levels. woman can be beautiful by her e...

Unknown2,8904Mar 2011Jun 2011
Easters real meaning

Easters real meaning

i wonder this easter will many see past the familiar easter story spun by society, the easter eggs, chocolates, holiday weekend, and another extra day...

Unknown2,8741Apr 2011May 2011
Rules for life

Rules for life

Now I know I'm not a person to be giving out advice, my life hasn't exactly been the smoothest. But then again maybe that's why I should be giving adv...

Unknown2,2440May 2011
What Love is about

What Love is about?

It is not that hard to answer, if you ever loved. Love is a feeling of mental connection with another person. It is a different state of consciousness...

Unknown1,3590May 2011
Live by Wit and Not Wallet

Live by Wit and Not Wallet!

If men of much financial magnitude had ended up miserably and with no confidence in wealth, surely something must be wrong with their goals and with w...

mayor0075,1761Jun 2009Apr 2011
The highest level of life

The highest level of life

In my opinion the highest level of life should be when you memory what happened before, no regret no pity no feeling of guilty....The highest level of...

Amenda1,8763Mar 2010Apr 2011
My views

My views.

My view of life: Life is just one kind of experience. So no matter what we meet in our life just smile on it because tomorrow will be a sunny day. Eas...

Amenda1,8693May 2010Apr 2011
Am I free

Am I free?

I married in 1994 and divorced in 2009. I'm free totally and my character make me that nobody can control me unless I like to be together with him.......

Amenda3,0616May 2010Apr 2011
Dream 2 Left Out

Dream #2 - Left Out

This is a dream that I had a loooong time ago but can never forget the content of as im sure you'll agree is uber strange.This is a strange story that...

Divinitymagic2,5161Mar 2011Apr 2011
Rejection dont give up

Rejection...dont give up.

Rejection is a very painful feeling to experience..and leaves us often wondering why...why people look at us and for some reason choose to...

Unknown5,7508Aug 2010Apr 2011
Is Your Man Prone to Violence

Is Your Man Prone to Violence?

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence approximately 1.3 million women become victims of physical assault by an intimate partne...

Staff8,9675Mar 2009Apr 2011
Whose Affair is it

Whose Affair is it?

Whose love affair is it? The man's or the woman's? Does it make any difference? After all, in today's society it really shouldn't matter, should it? A...

Staff7,5006Mar 2009Apr 2011
I am picky

I am picky?

I don't think I'm picky. I just want to find a man who can move me who can make me happy and also I can move him and can also make him happy. I hope h...

Amenda2,1547May 2010Apr 2011
Corporate Courtship A Mans Guide for Dating Professional Women

Corporate Courtship: A Man’s Guide for Dating Professional Women

Men are naturally attracted to well-groomed females who are self-assured. It's the dating-world version of natural selection. Men who date professiona...

Staff12,1965May 2009Apr 2011
Romance Novels Sexy Sophisticated Reads

Romance Novels: Sexy & Sophisticated Reads

There's nothing wrong with your grocery store variety romances—those paperbacks decorated with the hulky body-building types and buxom lasses poised f...

Staff13,0574Apr 2009Apr 2011
9 Unique and Creative Date Ideas

9 Unique and Creative Date Ideas

Are you looking for a unique date that goes beyond the dinner-and-a-movie cliche? Read on for seven creative and fun date ideas designed to break the...

Staff15,7723Feb 2009Mar 2011
Short Lived Romance

Short Lived Romance

Well i understand how people get mixed up when in love and think it will be the ultimate romance of a lifetime. i just started to plan the wedding of...

Unknown1,5004Mar 2011Mar 2011
why the devastation of Revelations

why the devastation of Revelations

Why? Why is it that we are facing the devastation that Revelations say's we are heading for? Aren't we a nation of God loving people? Well that might...

thinkagain692,5381Feb 2011Mar 2011
Second chance In good health

Second chance In good health

Ever say to your self ," oh, I'll get around to dropping that extra ten pounds", only to gain fifteen more on top of that? Or, "I'll get into that pai...

Unknown4,1501Jan 2011Mar 2011
To save the symptoms

To save the symptoms

If we are looking for a radical solution to this issue is not infidelity must cooperate society, male and female, to the following 1 - Do not do that...

Unknown2,2040Mar 2011
Pets are Family too

Pets are Family too

Pets are a hard thing to let go of. I have had to put my two cats to sleep yesterday and the kids are so hurt and it breaks a parent's heart to have t...

Unknown2,0140Mar 2011
What is it like to be Dead Is there sex in the Afterlife

What is it like to be Dead? Is there sex in the Afterlife?

This is not really my comfort zone to talk if such stuff, but with the two worlds drawing inexorably together this is a question some may feel unable...

caroljoyce3,37913May 2010Mar 2011
A Brief History of Easter

A Brief History of Easter

While Easter is of course the most significant day on the Christian calendar, the roots of the celebration we know as Easter go back quite a bit furth...

Staff7,7041Mar 2009Feb 2011
Profiles in Dating Sites Whereto

Profiles in Dating Sites...Whereto?

Profiles posted in dating sites are quite intriguing. I know that the websites ask you to write a brief essay about yourself and the female or male yo...

Unknown2,7142Aug 2010Feb 2011
The magic of the soul of an earth angel

The magic of the soul of an earth angel.

As you go thru life taking things for granted,you look upon the lessons you gather as you grow. Putting them into practice as the Mighty Creator dicta...

Unknown2,1910Feb 2011
76 Interesting facts about dating and relationships

76 Interesting facts about dating and relationships..

Couples usually wait until six to eight dates before they are willing to enter into an exclusive relationship. Speed dating, invented by a rabbi from...

Divinitymagic1,7600Feb 2011
His Name is Daddy

His Name is Daddy

When a young woman becomes pregnant there is usually an abundance of health care professionals to advise her, "You are eating for two now". They will...

AGentleMan22,3743Jan 2011Feb 2011
is there such a thing as being obssesed by a voice

is there such a thing as being obssesed by a voice!

I have been surfing the internet and reading articles about the blonde haired lady of ABBA Agnetha Faltskog and could not believe that after all those...

Unknown2,8804Nov 2009Feb 2011
Life After a Stroke

Life After a Stroke

On a serious note here i would like to take the opportunity to address disabilities subject. I know if a person or persons on here have brought this s...

Unknown4,3772Jan 2011Feb 2011
Mans shopping guide for Lingerie

Mans shopping guide for Lingerie

Shopping for lingerie for that special woman in your life can be a fun experience. Unfortunately, when most men shop for lingerie, they start their fo...

Staff8,3541Feb 2009Feb 2011
Voice obsession

Voice obsession

20 hours ago Hello,dear friends!I want to tell,what i know about the voice.Our second chakra-muladkhara,its our reprodactive organ,ournuclear reactor...

Unknown2,5152Feb 2010Feb 2011
words to help

words to help

Sometimes the society we live in seems busy and uncaring and we pass by the most important comodity on the planet, that is people. So this is just a...

Unknown4,0912Jan 2011Feb 2011
Why Are Women More Affectionate Than Men

Why Are Women More Affectionate Than Men

Maybe because men and women are wired differently. This old saying again. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, this might be close enough...

DynamiteLuv11,8946Mar 2010Jan 2011
The What if Game

The What if Game

Have you ever played the 'What if Game?' You know the one....' What if I won the lotto....what if I had everything I wanted, what if my partner, husba...

Unknown2,1060Jan 2011
Beauty of Man in all its Form

Beauty of Man in all its Form

A true treaure is the art of Man Wow! What a topic i can tell you i like to talk about. So many wonderful parts make up a man. From their incredible...

Unknown4,4490Jan 2011
Beauty of The Best Treasure of All LOVE

Beauty of The Best Treasure of All- LOVE

Does True Love Really Exist anymore? You better believe it does!!!! I believe that like i believe in breathing air. Can you find it? The treasures you...

Unknown4,2630Jan 2011
See the Fun Side of Parenting Your Kids

See the Fun Side of Parenting Your Kids

Kid do say the darndest things and can make you laugh your head off with tears rolling down your face. Their logic is just so innocent and bizzare som...

Unknown3,9170Jan 2011

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