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Do American women like to mary Russian men

Do American women like to mary Russian men ?

While marriage agencies, Internet dating services and catalogs stuffed with photos of gorgeous Russian girls eagerly seeking American husbands have at...

Unknown15,7965Nov 2009Oct 2010
Last Profile I heard little voices Praying For One Honest Man

Last Profile, I heard little voices, Praying For "One Honest Man"

A little Confession is good for the Soul/ and you know what they say? A Confession a Day, keeps the Devil away. . . . .(except maybe on CS), . . yeah,...

aJester224,9370Oct 2010
My Experiences With Little Animals

My Experiences With Little Animals

I'm such a person who was born caring and loving to animals, I've no idea where these feelings come from that I care for animals even more than humans...

Unknown2,8024Jan 2010Oct 2010


Hello,dear readers! Nice to meet you in my blog. Its my first article in this journal,so i want to start from the astrology,as i understand the curren...

Unknown2,4920Sep 2010


Hello,dear wise readers! I am Anna Bagirova "Leeanna" ,i would like to tell you a "known mythical story"which came to me thru coffee dust in drawing....

Unknown1,9243Mar 2010Sep 2010
an amazing love

an amazing love

if there is one amazing story that for some reason is missed by many of us...its a great story of love..and on sites like these where people are looki...

Unknown2,3771Sep 2010Sep 2010
Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

In the beginning, like Webster Tarpley, many American people believed that Senator Hillary Clinton would be the first female President in American his...

Unknown2,6771Dec 2009Sep 2010
loves 13 branches

loves 13 branches

just like to share today some thoughts on love.. these are some beautiful things to have and to learn about and take into a relationship.. a man to gi...

Unknown1,3741Sep 2010Sep 2010
sad but true

sad but true.....

"It was not long before sunset and a fine rain was falling. I began to walk and involuntarily followed the wheel-tracks of the hearse. When night came...

Unknown2,4560Sep 2010
Why are men saying many women play mind games online

Why are men saying many women play mind games online????

I get online and chat to men often. I'm finding them to be really open about all sorts of topics. Sure... I get a few that just want to talk about sex...

mariespoodles3,6596Mar 2010Sep 2010
oyster shell religion

oyster shell religion

Religion today can be a misunderstood subject, with lots of folk having reasons for the approval or disapproval, but i was musing today that inside th...

Unknown4,4390Aug 2010
two kinds of love

two kinds of love

in life i imagine there are two twins running through time or the playground of life....both are called love.... the first love is very passionate...l...

Unknown5,3402Aug 2010Aug 2010
Being here Now

Being here Now

So, there you are. Sitting, standing, or lying down in your thoughtful disposition. You have come to this moment now to see a new thread, a new postin...

Unknown1,1490Aug 2010
Definition of a player

Definition of a player

by Vance Kidwell Many people are confused as to what a player actually is, and how a real player should conduct him/her self. I do NOT believe that th...

Unknown4,9036Dec 2009Jul 2010
The benefits of positive attitude

The benefits of positive attitude

The benefits of positive attitude... * A positive attitude attracts people, while a negative attitude repels them. People tend to shy away from those...

Unknown3,0144Oct 2009Jul 2010
Childrens entertainment

Childrens entertainment?

Is it just me or has childrens entertainment a bit over exposed. Watching these shows on our so called family and childrens networks have tilted my op...

fjamesj97014,9770Jul 2010
Hiding the truth from general people

Hiding the truth from general people

Truth! what is it? the answer seems to be very easy.Somebody may ans like this :that what is universal is truth and the truth is universal. According...

Unknown1,9190Jun 2010
There are two kinds of woman in the world

There are two kinds of woman in the world.

There is one saying in China now. There are two kinds of women in the world. One is those who pretend to be moral (Their behavior behind is immoral...

Amenda1,8400May 2010
Online Dating

Online Dating.

Ever wonder why am i here? Does this really work? Am i going to meet someone who says they are single yet married? Am i going to meet someone who is a...

Unknown1,5401May 2010May 2010
Friend Enemy


Have you ever had a friend who eventually becomes your enemy? Now all your little secrets that you shared with them can be used against you. So what i...

Lonely12,7520May 2010
Ten Signs SHE Really Loves You

Ten Signs SHE Really Loves You

Do you want to know whether She really loves you? There are so many telltale signs that will indicate your girlfriend really cares about you, but here...

Lonely1362,7451May 2010May 2010
a true psychic experience

a true psychic experience

I have always been quite psychic but for some time now I feel as though strange things were happening, leading me to develope my skills as a psychic....

youaremyvan3,5267Sep 2009Mar 2010
Tips on How to Flirt

Tips on How to Flirt

Flirting happens to be a skill that comes easily and almost instinctively to some people. Unfortunately, quite a few people have no clue whatsoever as...

Staff12,2136Feb 2009Mar 2010



Unknown2,9470Mar 2010
My Explorations Human Nature as I see 2

My Explorations - Human I see...(2)

Generally speaking, civilization is supposed to be an advanced state of human social development that has taken thousands of years from the primitive...

freetraveller2,8327Nov 2009Mar 2010
Are you a control freak or know of one

Are you a control freak or know of one?

Are you a control freak or know of one...? "Control Dramas"... Ever heard of them?... Have you ever experienced them?... There are 4 in all... We see...

mariespoodles1,4420Mar 2010
Why do we sometimes sabotage ourselves

Why do we sometimes sabotage ourselves..

Why do we sabotage ourselves sometimes? You know what I mean - playing down our assets in our profile because we don't want to "intimidate" men out th...

Unknown5,8967May 2009Feb 2010
Fetish signs

Fetish signs.

Hi to everybody!Fetish comes from the tribe period and shows your relation to some special group.All signs have the hidden meaning,like ring in the ea...

Unknown3,9370Feb 2010
Moving In Together Without Falling Out of Love

Moving In Together Without Falling Out of Love

Everything is progressing nicely, and you're on to your nth date. You spend wonderful romantic weekends away together, the sex is amazing, and you've...

Staff10,2054May 2009Jan 2010
Dating Tips for Women

Dating Tips for Women

Self-confidence is the key to successful dating for women. Happy, self-confident women will easily attract a date. Your self-confidence will increase...

Staff8,9317Mar 2009Jan 2010


There is little doubt that I have a flair for unique names. My name, Saintmoses, is suggestive to that fact. While I was growing up I met a pretty lad...

Unknown1,5965Oct 2009Jan 2010
What is Antique

What is "Antique"?

Different people understand the term "antique" in different ways. Merriam-Webster Online gives as a first definition: "a relic or object of ancient ti...

Staff6,6302Feb 2009Jan 2010
Passion For The Lost

Passion For The Lost

There have been times in my life when I will wake up at home and everywhere is totally quiet with no one to be seen for a few hours, and then thought...

mayor0072,6681Sep 2009Jan 2010
Sparkling Wines How to Please Your Palate

Sparkling Wines: How to Please Your Palate

Champagne and sparkling wines identify how sweet they are by listing the residual sugar content on the label. The wine label also has some confusing t...

Staff7,5881Mar 2009Jan 2010
Surprising Her with Dinner Going Beyond Wieners Beans

Surprising Her with Dinner: Going Beyond Wieners & Beans

There isn't anything wrong with wieners and beans... but they're just not at the top of anyone's suggested list for a romantic dinner. This is all abo...

Staff7,8871May 2009Dec 2009
No chemistry How to let them down gently

No chemistry? How to let them down gently

You've been dating this person for a while, and you finally realize that it's just not going anywhere and there is no romantic future for you two. Wha...

Staff17,9204Jan 2009Dec 2009
My school work press Kit part 1

My school work (press Kit part 1)

Introduction Letter   I’m glad that I have an opportunity to introduce FTUK (Constitution of Federation of Trade Unions Kawthoolei) organization...

Unknown2,8104Oct 2009Nov 2009
Dogs have the intellegence of 2 year olds

Dogs have the intellegence of 2 year olds

According to accumulating research, the beloved family dog is really a toddler with a snout and tail. "Dogs basically have the developmental abilities...

Unknown3,0999Aug 2009Nov 2009
IRS Is Going To Switzerland

IRS Is Going To Switzerland

A deal with Switzerland settling U.S. demands for the names of suspected tax dodgers from a Swiss bank has a lot of wealthy Americans with offshore ac...

Unknown2,7442Aug 2009Nov 2009
Confidence with girl

Confidence with girl !

If you have ever liked a girl before, you know how bad the nerves and the emotions start running through your body. You sometimes feel like you can't...

Unknown2,3851Nov 2009Nov 2009
Fears and Faints

Fears and Faints

The fear of striking out, fear of eating only white rice with pork consommé once in a day; fear of feeding salivating tongues of black blabber with my...

mayor0074,7200Nov 2009
Mom of one of the Columbine Massacre perpetrators talk after 10 years

Mom of one of the Columbine Massacre perpetrators talk after 10 years

this is heart wrenching... "I Will Never Know Why" By Susan Klebold? Since the day her son participated in the most devastating high school shooting A...

OUTRAGEOUS5,0195Oct 2009Nov 2009

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