8 tips for finding love in 2016

"8 tips for finding love in 2016" (found this on line)

1."be ready for love"be emotionally in a space where ur open to love.if ur holding a grudge from your former relationship, trust, anger, disappointment,u need to let go or at least resolve it in ur head so u dont bring those negative feelings into your new relationship.
think about it,u prepare for everything else in ur life,the space in your head shouldn't be any different.clean it up and make it presentable.we tend to attract people who have similar levels of self esteem to ourselves.be in a place where you actually like yourself to be open to those who will actually like u too.
2."know what u want from ur love life"do you want to date different people?are u looking for something casual? or are u looking to get married?helps to know what you want this way u wont be wasting ur time dating people u know arent clearly right for u.
3."be willing to accept a little imperfection" some people set there standards so high they never find anyone who can meet them then they wonder why they are alone.
4."get out there and meet people"there not going to come and knock on ur door regardless of how fabulous u are,they need to know ur there.
5."ask ur friend if they know anyone who may be right for u"friends are a great way to meet people because its like an automatic screening procedure.
6."go on line"just be careful with it follow ur instincts thats what we have them for,dont tie ur love life up online,meet in person to see if things work.
7."be a great date"be interesting,funny,look ur best and leave ur negativity and fussiness at home.
8."dont give up" the only way u wont meet anyone for sure is if u stop trying.
bonus:i love a guy with a smile.

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