I once took some egg from work and took it to the college where the microscopes were and looked at the salmonella bacteria. There were a few, but each had plenty of room. They seemed happy. There are only a few and the eggs are safe to eat. Then I let the eggs stand at room temperature for two weeks and came back. Those same bacteria had divided many times to produce thousands of salmonella bacteria who did not look happy at all. They were bumping into each other. They weren't gliding by in straight lines. They were shaking and moving much slower. The same can be said of people. Too many people and with it comes the bad behavior and the less joy and happiness. We used to have 200 million people and now we have seven billion and 100 million people. Is it any wonder that there are so many problems, not just for us, but for the rest of the animals and plants we share this big drop of water with. Are we making the world sick just like two week old eggs would make you sick if left out at room temperature?
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