Miss No Name

Scammers,who in their right mind gonna give you money in this lifetime?As bad the economy is,we barely wanna pay our bills and you have the nerves to ask for $$$$$.Come and cut my grass,wash my clothes,walk my dog,vacuum my floor,dust my furniture for $$$.Ask for advice,thats free,lol..These folks be be killing me my mom sick.Okay,go to the hospital.I'm the Doctor of Love,not medicine.rolling on the floor laughing
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I want a true woman friend.

Man,its hard to find a good friend in a woman.Not just any woman,someone you can talk to on an adult level without being loud,contradictive,cursing,etc.I like talking to mature women who is understanding and supportive.I guess you can say I like smart,intelligent women.My lady should reflect my attitude and character,cause someone who is compatible to me should have the same values and morals.My uncle once told me,'I should date someone smart and have good common sense' and he was right!!!And thats what I'm looking for.Most girls I've met since I broke up with my ex a few months ago are hard core chics,lol.They are as aggressive and rough as me;thats not my style!I want someone whose soft as tissue,sweet,gentle,and classy.Is that too much to ask for?I guess I have to keep meeting and greeting women.It will happen in due time.
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New to this site.

Wats up everybody? I am new to this,so help would be great,lol.I shouldn't take much time to figure things out.But so many beautiful ladies on here,I need some assistance.Hope to meet some good people soon.Be blessed.dancing
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