Pick up lines

When contacting someone new, I always seem to have difficulty deciding what to write as my opening gambit, especially if in the persons profile there is nothing specific to refer too.

What kind of pick up text attracts your attention sufficiently for you to reply?
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What happened to life?

Woke up Thursday morning to find I had no internet connection, tried all sorts of ways to resolve this... nothing worked. Only when I phoned the phone company did I find out my line had been “suspended”... Silly boy forgot to pay his April bill (Doh!)

So, dashed up to the post office and paid the bill. Half an hour later the phone worked... Great, but, no internet... bugger!

Four fricking days obsessed with trying to get back online, spent every waking hour without success trying to get my mobile phone to download apps and nipping off to hotels to use internet stations that barred me from everything.

I eventually realized.... I am caught in the technology trap whereby life revolves around a keyboard and screen or a TV.

Looking forward to tomorrow when am flying out to meet the light in my life, swapping warm sunny days for the rain and the cold where there is no TV and a whole month of not needing a computer, just lots of hugs and cuddles, home cooking, dancing and all the things that life entailed before technology cocked it all up!
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Back to school

With the world becoming smaller and technology moving at a rapid pace, in order to keep up with events it means we need to be in a constant state of learning.

Dont know about you guys, but, at the age of 60 I find learning stuff takes a little longer than it did when I was a teenager at school, however, have to say, over the past year or so have had a great deal of fun "trying my hand" at all sorts of new tasks.

Achievements... Learnt two languages, adapt in the use of an android mobile phone, know how to sign and send documents online thus not needing to be present to sign and am computer literate with windows 10. As for programming the latest batch of TV's... Childs play!

Learning in process.... Piano, cant seem to get the two hands to work together or increase the dexterity in the fingers. Radio control, I can fly helicopters and drones, but, dont always get them to go where I want them too, however, the 4x4 off road monster truck is a synch!

What (if anything) do you find yourself having to learn to keep up with the times?
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What is it with you people?

There is an old saying.. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but, words will never hurt me", however, it seems this is not the case when it comes to bloggers.

No point in getting in a huff then deleting or hiding your profile whilst you go away and sulk.

What is it with you people that come and go like yoyo's, either grow a pair of balls (metaphorically speaking) or piss off!

Have a nice day! grin
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Not having bought a computer for the last 15 years, its not surprising the machine up and died on me, so, splashed out on a new one.

With the latest operating system the days of having to "load" software and personalise user settings are a thing of the past, this machine instantly found my mailbox, friends, favourite websites, in fact, everything that I use a computer for.

Whats frightening is that if this machine can so easily adapt itself to my usage, then what access do the "powers that be" have to all my personal details and movements?

Perhaps I'm just paranoid! grin
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Faith in the Machine

We rely on machines for many applications, in most instances these machines either monitor a situation or carry out a programmed task, however, there are machines that assess criteria and it makes me wonder how much faith should be given to the results of these machines.

For example: I spent the afternoon being “evaluated” by a machine, the end synopsis being that I have to give up smoking.

Now I dont want to give up smoking, I feel fine, am never short of breath, have plenty of energy and sleep well, so, I ask myself, firstly, buy what standard does this machine measure me by (and who set that standard). Secondly, what if the machines calibration is wrong, perhaps even the machines software is incorrect.

Based on a graph drawn by a machine, how do I really know that giving up one of life’s pleasures is going to be of benefit to me?

I can tell you, it sure doesn’t make me feel any better!
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Just doesn’t cut the mustard

I speak a few languages, however, there are some defining statements in English that just don’t have that certain “punch” when said in a foreign language.

For example.... The phrase “fat pig” has a nice harsh bite to it, yet translated literally into Spanish “cerdo gordo” is a bit lame. Translated into French has a better kick “gross porc”

Then again, there are some phrases that conjure up a pleasing image...

For example “culo con una pollo” (arse like a chicken)

Do you have a favourite pharse that well describes a person/situation?
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Why is it...

So many people these days have a smell of mothballs?

Gets right up my nose! roll eyes
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CS was once a vibrant site offering the possibilities of finding romance among the copious volume of regularly active members. These days, the number of people online at any one time barely fills one page.

Has CS’s heyday come and gone?

Greedy robbers

Just found out that pension annuities are subject to Pay As You Earn (P.A.Y.E.) tax in the UK.

Errrrrrr, Hello, Mr Government, I’ve just stopped working, so am not earning anything, why therefore do I have to pay tax on my pension?

Ah! Mr honest gullible citizen that has been paying tax all your working life, its because your pension payments were not included in your tax-free wage allowance whilst you were working.

So.... For those of you that work in the UK and earn under the minimum tax band, the government will get their pound of tax flesh by taking a slice of your pension earnings when you retire.

Fortunately, there is a loophole called the “Double Taxation Convention” whereby if you live in a foreign country where you pay tax, you are eligible to reclaim any tax payments made in the UK. Of course, to do this, there are wads of complicated forms to fill out meaning that I have to work in order to claim my refund.

Very taxing!
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CS coolies

What type of cool refreshing drink reflects your character?

For example....
Are you a “Mai tai”, a bit spicy with a zest?
Perhaps you are a “Daiquiri”, sweet and chilled?
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Profile photos

Considering the number of members that choose not to post a photo on their profile page, I am wondering whether the inclusion of photos plays a role in the number of contacts (flowers/mail) received from potential suitors.

Likewise, does the type/quantity of photos enhance or deter a persons appeal?

I ask this question because today as I was browsing profiles, I came across a profile that included a photo of a woman lying face down on a sunbed.

Now, nothing unusual in that you may think, however, in the photo that showed the womens upper legs and bum, she was completely naked with legs slightly apart, thus leaving nothing to the imagination.

Of course, to a guy like me that made her extremely attractive!

In choosing people to contact, how important are photos to you?
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