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Met this girl on here, coming to stay with me, sho

Met this girl on here, she is coming to stay with me,
Im a bit nervous, cause Ive never had a girl stay with me more than
one night.

What colours do I decorate the room with, and who does the cooking, cause I dont usually cook.

and do I get a seperate bed, so she doesnt think, I just want to sleep with her, or what do I do.

any tips from the experienced people.

Im new at this. having a actually stay with me.

oh, catfoot, Lukeon, here is the photo I promised you,
of the girl I had about a month ago.

what do you think, think you can match her,
her figure is unbelievable. Its not a fake, she is bathing in my bath.

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How to make a Hooker fall in love with you.

I picked up this hooker once, not to sleep with, just wanted some company on a very long trip, about a thousand kms.
I do that if I go on a long trip, cant handle driving miles alone and needed a witness, so I wouldnt get cheated in a business deal on the other side.
anyway, I found that just by treating her as a human with feelings and not trying to sleep with her, she fell totally inlove with me, even contacted me a week ago, just wants to be with me, no fees for her time etc. but, unfortunately, Im meant to be single till I die or until Im broke completely and off the chess table should I say.

but, I realized, that this was actually the easiest way to get a girlfriend. These girls are broken and are lost, and their dignity taken away, nobody feels anything for them, so if you treat her like a human, and dont see her as a hooker or something disgusting what she is doing, she will fall into your lap like a piece of honey and you will actually find a wonderful companion.
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THE LAST Christmas

SAs last Christmas. The phrophet says. THE land will be so dark, that you wont be able to see your own hand.
He says, the root of the third world war starts down here.
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The Hifi swithed itself on, played the music, I pu

The Hifi switched itself on, played the music, I put it softer eventually, and 10 minutes later, the volume goes up.
What is going on, cause, a few months back, the light was flickering slightly in the empty lounge at midnight, when I walked past. Even though the light was off.
The cudboard door moves slightly at exactly 1.35am and makes a slight creak.
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Why are some rich people still extremely jealous o

Why are some rich people still extremely jealous of poorer ones than themselves.

Just walking to a clothes store today, didnt buy much, just browsing. then bought airtime for the phone, when the manager there, says to me, That flat of yours is too much.

I say to her, no its not, the other ones are double in price.
"I know the value"

she says: "No man" that flat is ........waaa, waaaa, waaaa. whatever"

I said to her, oh, your a taker, you dont want me to have anything,.

It ended up in huge fight......... and so, she said, I mustnt come back to the store.

"Whats new" just makes me sick, that the ones who have all the good jobs and money, are the ones that are more bitter, and more jealous, and feel its there right, to tell you, you cant have anything.

I mean it really p..... me off, Im much higher educated, I have just about nothing, she does, and yet, we deserve to have nothing.
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Do bullies eventually swim away if you stand up to

Do people that walk around and drive around looking who they can bully swim away eventually like a fish, if you stand up to them enough.

If you dont stand up to them, cause you dont want to offend them and keep submitting, does that bully then have full control over your whole life.

Is it the ones that stand up to them, and dont give in, no matter what, are the ones that get to the top.

and the ones that keep winging down and broken, be the ones that end up with nothing.
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Personalities of same month have similar problems.

Have you ever noticed, that personalities born in the same month seem to have the same problems.
not just the same health problems, but same things happen to them,
for instance, I know people born in the same month who keep losing their mobile/cellphones on a regular basis. they just have bad luck with them.
they seem to be prone to accidents or injury to themselves.
keep losing the keys. etc, etc.
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The end of human intelligence for most

The end of human intelligence is near.

Only an elite few with all the power will be allowed to do the thinking, manipulation, physicology, think for themselves.

The rest will be turned into human robots, the brain controlled and manipulated by energy fields of a gigantic like machine that controls everything, thought patterns, weather, ocean movement etc.

you will have no thought processes or personality of your own.

Is this far fetched.
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Did I make a mistake, by starting to love.

I had this like girlfriend for 5 years.
She wasnt really a girlfriend, cause she only came a few days a week for 20 minutes or so for s.. and then everysingle time asked for money afterwards.

Later, well, lots of times she accussed me of being a user and that I was just using her for sex. We had huge fights.

But, ok, was using her for s.. sometimes, not all the time, and I did have feelings for her, but I played it, that I will never give my full heart to her in fear of it breaking.

We broke up eventually, then 2 months later, I saw her, and we walked back to my place.

she started talking about marriage again, I said, I cant marry you, cause you cant love.
Anyway that night, she stayed for the first time, about 5 hours.
we listened to music, watched video music, and made love.
Only this time it wasnt the same. The s.. wasnt so good for me, cause the lust was completely gone, and I was having deep feelings for her, as, I took it this time, that maybe she really wanted marriage.
It wasnt in my head, or hers, well, so I thought, that we are just going to have good s.. and we both wanted it.

but, since that night, she doesnt want to come here, she keep saying she is doing voluntary work.
when I go to her house, they say she went to the clinic or something.
but, I just know, she is covering her tracks.

that very next night, at 2AM, I saw a golf with dark windows up the road near the bushes.
I just happened to go outside, cause I was restless and needed fresh air.

The car must have seen me, as it started up, thats when I saw it.

I have a terrible feeling she was in that car, after partying.
the white car, came here once with 2 others to buy my car.
but, I declined on a very low offer.
she was with them that day, and brought these blokes to look at the car.

Is my girlfriend cheating on me, and is it because our lust, like of each other, and s.. part for 5 years, suddenly I gave my heart, which she wanted and promised not to sleep with other girls again.

Was that the mistake. Should we have just stayed s.. buddies.
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12 young ladies working over the fence in the fiel

12 young ladies working over the backyard fence in the fields.

Do I invite them in for tee, and music, or do I leave them working.

Beats having to drive 8 hours to JHB, to look for a partner.

Or would it be a mistake, too close to my doorstep. Small town.
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12 young ladies working over the fence in the fiel

12 young ladies working over the backyard fence in the fields.

Do I invite them in for tee, and music, or do I leave them working.

Beats having to drive 8 hours to JHB, to look for a partner.

Or would it be a mistake, too close to my doorstep. Small town.
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3 girls getting close, what do I tell each one.

3 girls getting close. started off as friendship,
but what do I tell each one.
Im hoping one will get deep, before the other 2 get too close and deep.
but, these things seem to happen slowly, but at the same time.

Now, the one I want most, is the prettiest one.
the one I want equal, doesnt give me much sign of wanting to be a fulltime girlfriend, but she has been a friend for years.
But, when I mention, I may be getting close to another girl, she then makes more sounds of affection for a friendship to turn deeper.

the third one, is very sexy looking, and probably the best match, but we havent spoken much to each other, and often 90 percent of the time, you will loose her to some other charmer, cause your too fast, or too slow.

which one do I concentrate on, and which ones do I not communicate with again, leaving a high risk and gamble, of still maybe loosing the prettiest one.
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