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I met this girl on facebook today, and now she is

Now what do I do. This girl contacted me on facebook, saying she loves my paintings etc, we talk a bit, I find out she is looking for work, so she contacted me, cause she saw I had a page for overnight accommodation, which Ive never had a customer.
but anyway, then later I say to her, if she wants some pocket money, she can be like my agent and sell my art paintings etc, cause Im also struggling.

Then about an hour ago, she says, she will come and build up the overnight accommodation, and she wants to get out of her place where she is at.
I dont know if its safe where she lives, and she is scared. This tiny town in the middle of nowhere is still safe.
she is quite pretty aswell. but, now all of a sudden, I have a female that is going to live in the house with me.

Im getting worried, Ive never had a girl live with me before, but if she is a business type woman, who can help me build up an income etc. maybe its the right thing to do. Maybe I shouldnt be so selfish and want to live alone.
Her family were murdered, so I wont have family problems involved. just the labrodor I think that she has.

do you think its wise, or am I heading for the final fatal mistake of my life.
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Found a fantastic weapon against evil. Called Dark

Well, people, if you ever find yourself in a situation, which I do all the time, where you try mind your own business and stay out peoples way, but someone is just making your life a complete misery.
Well, here it is. it could just work. I started learning last night, and intend to use it when ever blackmailed, cornered, or cheated.
but, before I use it on someone, if I ever do, I will warn them first, to drop all charges, all stalking me, or continous harassment and bullying. and tell them, what I am going to do and it might just scare them off.

so, no more having to stampede into the lawyers office and gun down the corrupt bugger, which happened near here the other day.

This is all mental.

Its called the Dark Arts.

Oh! Guardial from West Germany, Your right, it might have been a R4. or 5. not an Ak 47. I escaped it, because I watch who follows me continously at a distance at night in the lonely kalahari dessert, and can sense and feel the energy of danger before it comes to me. when I have my thinking cap on, that is.

I knew that we were travelling at a great speed. and it was pitch dark, and virtually impossible to aim a rifle straight from the side window, when the wind is against you aswell.
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Fascinating how the truth is always simply deleted

Fascinating, how one is just blocked out, cut off if they can see or tell the truth, or one that can see behind the scenes, and know and warn people about things.
I was shot at one night with a AK47 driving through a long stretch, from one tiny town in the kalahari to the next.
Just heard. grrrrr. when the car got closer from behind, it was about midnight, I just put foot and got away, then they pulled off, just before the next town into a gravel road.

Guess, we everyone must just be robot in society these days and not know anything.
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Oh goodness, Im going to jail for having personali

Oh goodness, I was set up in a trap today, didnt know the b. cop standing outside the shop was a pisces.

anyway, this is the sign that is putting us all away.
I went into the shop to buy a packet of crisps, been going there for 3 years, so obviously they get to know your business after such a long time.

anyway, obviously he has been asking about me all the time, so he can mow me down. this is what pisces does.
and he is jealous, of me going there, cause all the staff are woman.

unfortunately, the other girls got very angry to find out I like the tellar, and have been trying to keep me away from her.
now the policeman, also likes the teller I grasp.

anyway, as I was walking out, the one girl came out, and said to the cop, and I, he is going to arrest you.

Now, they will say to him, Ive been sleeping with all the woman, which is not true at all.

and he will be as jealous and angry as hell, been pisces. only they are allowed money and woman in life. well, we are allowed nothing, no wonder they get gunned down.

but anyway, guess he will be driving past my house everyten minutes tonight, doing everything possible to imprisson me etc.

will let you know further how the drama unfolds. they already have enought to put me away. I sometimes carry a weapon on me, cause to protect myself of course. and one time I elbowed a chicy a**hole who was continously harrassing me. the cops knocked on my door that day, and I had to explain.

but, his star sign wasnt pisces that day, so I was alright.

but, this guy, you can just see, he wants to take me out. this is his town now.

I was silly, someone gave me an offer to buy, 2 weeks ago, I could have been out and gone, but I got worried, when I saw she was friends with the lady next door who is as corrupt as hell.

think it might have been a fatal mistake, my type of personality should never stay more than 2 years in one place.

Think some of you will know what I mean when you read this.
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How to keep trouble at bay

Get a possesive personality type female, so she thinks everything thats yours is now hers. Keep her on a string.
When the mobs, troublemakers or chess players come to take your stuff, you call her.
Just make sure, she doesnt live next door to you though.
I think Ill play my ex scorpio girlfriend off against my fat old female scorpio neighbour and her family who are trying to drive me out and take what is mine.

I hate the word mine, but its not hers, even though the neighbour thinks me and anything I have is hers.

And my exe is nice and young, and full of trouble.

And I have an escape plan, I tell my ex when I can sell, this is her ticket out of this town aswell, and she is banking on that, and any money that might available.
she doesnt want to be imprisoned here for ever in this town, if she can help it. just to end up another drunk, even though her chances of ever getting out of her hole are close to zero and her worst fears will probably come true.

And I wont be using her really, cause she can tag along with me if she wants, its her choice.

This is how you use the services of an unpaid bodyguard so to speak, unless she can outsmart me and I pay the price, then maybe it would have been cheaper to hire a bodyguard to stand outside.
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When a woman doesnt give up making trouble for you

The woman next door, while she threw her rubbish into my driveway for 3 months, eventually we had a fight, when I accidentally touched her fence, which isnt really hers anyway.
but she parks in my driveway, stops outside my door step and revs and skids her four by four. breaks holes into my wall.
Pays youths to climb into my backyard, I think thats just to annoy me, cause she knows Ill see them.

tries to set my net alight which I put between her fence and mine so she cant watch me all my moves all the time, and know when Im here or not here.

I can carry on and on.

Now, I dont know, if its just because she is obsessed with me, and is fuming cause she sees other girls come visit me or what.

But, it looks like now, she is going to force me to submit and be friends with her, but I dont want anything to do with her.
she is a big butch woman thug. and rumor has it, she murdered her husband for the farm and everything.

she rigged the books and blackmailed and tricked the ex boss out of business, she got someone to go in his premises and steal a load of flour for her bakery competition with him now. and see what secret ingredients he was using.

It looks like she just owns everybody and everyone and cause I wont let her own me, its driving her crazy.

but the police have given up on her, they just let her do what she likes cause she is a woman.

Now what does one do, everytime a girl visits me, her nosy eyes get fuming and then she goes wild.

but, I cant stand the woman. Im trying to sell and move out and give her her territory which she wants all for herself, but she tells the buyers not to buy this house, etc, etc.
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Woman will always be around you when you couldnt c

Ive abvoided her for a long time, or at least try, Im tired out from girls, and find now, that because I couldnt care a s... if one comes along or not, I always seem to have them around me, even when I dont want them.

They come with all sorts of tricks, pretending to look for someone, can I show her where this is and that is.

Thanks to the ex that Ive been trying to avoid, she is trouble, but she sure brings girls with her, only problem is, she says infront of them whilst we are in the car etc, she says, I know you want to be together with me someday.

she puts words in my mouth, whether I like it or not. she was so angry tonight, saying this other girl Amalia, saying horrible things about her etc, and when I dispute it, she shouts me down saying, yes she is, you must stay away from her, and that she is so angry with me, cause Ive been sleeping with this one and that one. But, I say to her, Bianca, you have a boyfriend and you had one when you were with me. what must I do.
Then when I want to invite vanessa from the shop, for a barbecue, she goes fighting with her and anyone else I talk to.

But you know what, tonight afterwards, I thought, she does bully me and everybody like hell, but, she really worries and cares for me. and it kind of feels good.

I think, Ill just let her be the boss and not fight back and just say, yes Bianca, ok Bianca. then she gets all confused.
But, I cant earn a living when she controls me like this either and watches all my moves. she must give me space.
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A homeless cyclist has cycled 150 000km + in 20 ye

I was reading on online news, they were showing a guy who had cycled all around the country for 25 years, and has a backpack on him, with a tent, and sleeps in that on his travels.

I dont know how he is still alive, I mean, if you just plonk your tent down in the bush somewhere for the night, I would have thought, he would have been murdered for his tent and bycycle or whatever he has on him.

Unless he camouflages himself somehow before being seeing.

Must be an extreme hard life, but a huge adventure aswell I guess, he has travelled over 150 000km apparently, dont know if he keeps a log book or something.

He said, he hasnt a job, but people help him out here and there.

Funny enough, a few months back I saw a man and woman cycling at night, was about 1am in the morning, they had luggage on the sides of their bikes. guess its beginning of really hard times, but then again, you dont have to stay or tied down to one place, or jeoalous horrible neighbours etc after your blood and everything.

this woman next door today, she gets 2 youths to climb over the bobwire fence and into the back of my garden, I mean can you believe it. I hide away for a week, and she left me alone, cause she thought I wasnt here, its amazing, how possesive and territorial people are over the whole town or block,

Just like the last few wolves in canada or somewhere I read the other day. they were so happy to kill the last family of wolves apparently. Just shows you, how the mind works, kill and destroy what you see, but if you cant see it, then not a problem.
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Oh Goodness Lilyleaf, I see what it is like withou

Oh Goodness Lilyleaf, you were saying the other day on your blog, you are so broke, you have no money for an advert placement in companions or something.
Well, I feel for you know, as Im panicking tonight, when I saw I only had 6 rand in change in my wallet, not even enough to buy a half dozen eggs.

And Im not the type to go asking people for m. Just hope those hunger pains dont come to soon. I put posters up at the shop, hoping someone will buy a painting, but it wasnt there an hour, and someone took it down, cause of jealousy.

When you get to this point, you realize, nice cars etc, and what people have, dont matter. your mind is only on one thing, and that is to put something in your stomach.

I think Ill open the cage outside, put some old bread crumbs in and when the doves fly in, Ill be able to be like that clever cat, who watches them come in, then catches them.

But, I think when I clobber the poor birds with a batten or something, the next door neighbour etc is going to

freak, and call the cops, but, I guess a person has to do what they have to do, and if it means getting in a bit of trouble or locked up, so beat it.

so, I feel for you lilyleaf, and I feel for the girl I used to know, who used to come around, always hungry, saying have you got food, and I thought she was just using me. I gave her of course, but didnt really believe she was hungry.

But now I see, how embarrassing it was for her to ask anybody, so I was the only one she felt a bit comfortable asking.

If she ever comes around again asking for food and I have enough, Im sure not going to think she is just here to see what she can get. and Im sure not going to think, oh she owes me back.

Its not a nice feeling thats for sure. hope you find that companion to save you lilyleaf. Im sure you have qualities to help him aswell. not just a take situation.
take care.
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I think the innocent are imprisoned by the corrupt

I think the innocent are imprissoned by the corrupt, so as not to expose them.
they keep saying, we cant understand, we getting violent crime under control, but the corruption gets worse.
Well, I think its because your chasing after the wrong people all the time.
The reason why your after the dodgy looking secretive guy is cause, your making him more and more secretive by not giving him any space, and he has to keep looking over his back all the time. that makes him look dodgy.

But, you guys can be proud of yourself, thinking your doing a great job chasing after the wrong people all the time.

I feel sorry for this lawyer and shopkeeper. They are always on there case.
They bound to find some tiny thing to make into a huge case.
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Goodness, A boer lady was found with a million rou

Goodness, guess people are starting to panic, a lady was found with about a million rounds of ammunition in her house.
But, they couldnt find the weapons.
She was arrested, and will be sent to jail of course.

Guess one panics and goes to these extremes, when there is a lot of red tape etc and they know that once your driven out the economy into a large squatter camp, you become a burden to society and the tax payer, and will probably be cleansed, like what always happens everywhere in the world.

But, how can one be so stupid to hide ammo in ones house.
Of course they will catch you, you silly woman.
Eyes, mouth and cameras are everywhere these days.
Just accept your fate, thats what I say.

Better to go hide and work overseas or something, wait for the american and european economy to totally collapse, which should be within the following 2 years, if my predictions are correct, then they will get greedy and desperate, and will come here for the remainding resourses.
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The girls of Today, They have Porn videos on their

Well, tonight 2 girls came to visit me, not that I wanted it, it does cost me beers which I dont drink. But anyway, we sitting having a barbecue, and after a few drinks, Anita starts playing with her cellphone. I hear funny ooch and aah noises, and so I say, what are you playing.
Let me have a look.
Well, there she shows me, she is watching porn vids on her cellphone and at the same time has her zip undone, showing the top of her underwear.
Dont know where and how she got those vids or clips for her cellphone, I thought the sites were only for laptops.

I wont tell you what happened after us watching a few, but it amazes me that girls do the same as boys. watch porn clips on the mobile/cellphones.
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