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06 January -Singles Day

Seemingly, 06 January is the busiest day for online dating.

Whether being sick of yet another Christmas alone, made a New Year's resolution to find love or not looking forward to another Valentine's Day alone, people have chosen to make today, 06 January, the date to find that new person in their lives. heart wings

11.30pm is the ultimate time to be online professor That is when most of the exchanges take place.
So if you are an early to bed, early to rise type, maybe have a short siesta in the evening so you will be wide awake to catch that late worm.

Happy hunting cheering
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Profile Honesty

How honest should we be on our profiles?

Would it put people off, or would it simply attract the type we are really looking for, and who are looking for us?

Should physical disabilities/abnormalities be put out there?

What about mental issues, from mild depression to dipshit loco?

Some people have no problem with either mental or physical issues, some even are attracted to them.

Same with body size. Should we put our BMI (Body Mass Index) on our profile. Although not a perfect method of measurement, is it not better than 'average ' or 'curvy' which means different things to different people.

Again, lots of people like fat or skinny people, and it would save them time in guessing/searching.

If we are selfish; unfaithful; possessive; short-tempered; undependable; argumentative; lazy; only want casual sex, etc., is it not better to say it?

If you want a partner to support you financially, why not say it? Some people want others to be dependent on them. Match made in heaven.

How honest should we be? And how able would people be to accept that honesty?
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Halloween Special - DIY Palmistry

To add a bit of fun to this, the Halloween season, here is a blog on palmistry.
Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant, it is all a bit of fun.
And who knows, you might learn a little something about yourself from it jackolantern
Bear with me, as it will be spread over a few posts as I cover the main lines.
It has been taken from if anybody wants to check out minor lines as well

Embedded image from another site

1. The Heart Line
Sometimes also referred to as the love line, the heart line runs along the top of the palm just below the knuckles. You can read the heart line from the little finger to the index finger or in the reverse direction.

The heart line is believed to demonstrate your romantic perspectives, your cardiac health, and your innate emotional stability.
You can determine more specific information with a closer look at the placement and the shape of this all-important line.
A line that begins below your index finger shows that you’re content with your love life.
A line that begins below your middle finger tells that you’re selfish in areas of love.
A line that begins in the middle of your hand means that you fall in love easily.
A short and straight line indicates that you have less interest in romance than many people.
A long and curvy line shows that you freely express your thoughts and feelings.
A line that touches your life line means that your heart is broken easily.
A line that runs straight and parallel to your head line demonstrates your good control of your emotions, your stability, and your approachable demeanour.
A line curving upward shows your verbal dexterity and your ability to speak about love and feelings.
A line curving downward, however, indicates your inability to express your feelings and your weak character.
A wavy line represents your many relationships but your lack of serious relationships.
A circle, also called an island, on your line marks sadness or depression in your life.
If your love line has many circles, making it look like an iron chain, you are sentimental and potentially involved in many emotional entanglements.
A broken line indicates that you have undergone emotional trauma.
Smaller lines crossing your heart line demonstrate further emotional trauma.
A doubled love line shows that you’re especially good at expressing love and that you’re capable of accepting two different relationships at once.
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Hiya, Lesley here.

Since you seem to talk about me so much, I felt it only polite to drop in and say hello in person.
As you can imagine, I am kept rather busy but not really as busy as some may think.

You see, I populated several planets thousands of years ago, and gave the inhabitants everything they needed to survive and be happy, and then stepped back and allowed them to run them as they saw fit.
Some are coming along swimmingly. They have worked in unison with their environment, and each other, for the betterment of their society.

Others, not quite so well. Your planet is one of those. I am amazed it has survived so long, but unless things change, it won’t be around much longer. Such is life. Or death in this case.

For some reason, you are intent on destroying the perfection you received. Greed; inequality; barbarism; nuclear bombs; racism; bigotry; animal extinction; land-grabbing; even building walls and fences to keep people in or out. Inhumanity – you name it, you are guilty of it. It is hard to try to explain away how a people could spend so much money on going into space while allowing a third of their population to live in hunger and poverty, and at the same time dump 40% of food into landfill. Disgusting.

But enough about you, this is about me. You can call me God; Goddess; Yahweh; Allah; The Great Scientist in the Sky; Big Bang, anything at all. I don’t care. Does it really matter where the atom came from? The end result is the same. I usually go by Lesley, it’s a nice neutral name.
But what I do like is those who question. Question everything, all the time.
Those who follow blindly without questioning scare me a bit. I know those who claim to be my representatives on Earth have told you to follow blindly, but I never said that. I want you to constantly question, question, question.

As for those books, guess what? I didn’t write any of them. The only instructions I gave were on environmentally-friendly rock, and even those were translated incorrectly. doh .
An abridged version is – Be kind to your planet and all its life-forms. Not so difficult, is it?

I have sent a few people down from time to time to put you on the right road – the road to peace, harmony and love, but generally they were not listened to. You seem to prefer the dark side.

Treat any people who try to divide and conquer you with the contempt they deserve. The majority of you believe in me, Lesley, in some form or other, whether from a religious or a scientific slant, so there is no point in fighting and killing each other over me, I don’t want or need the headache of that.

Same with gender and sexuality. I had never intended for you all to be exactly the same, that would be boring. I made enough of you interested in mating with the opposite sex to continue the existence of your lifeforms, but apart from that, you are free to do and be whatever you want to be. You are not hurting anybody. Sex is the one absolute pleasure I gave you. Use it.

Oh, and bad-boy Satan doesn’t exist either. If I were all-powerful (and I am snooty), don’t you think I could have got rid of him if he existed?
No. Good and evil; love and hate; heaven and hell - whatever you wish to call it, exist inside every one of you. And it is up to you to decide which you are.

Final word – any badness or evil you do, don’t claim you are doing it in my name, that really pisses me off. Take responsibility for your own actions, and don’t try to use me as an excuse. And stop treating people badly because they are different to you. You aren’t all that, yanno roll eyes

Signing off – Big Bang Lesley (Kinda has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?)

PS - I shan't be answering any of your questions directly. But please discuss your thoughts at will.
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Embedded image from another site
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Hallelujah...Finally the veil of ignorance has been lifted.

Thanks to the political intelligentsia of CS bowing, the veil of ignorance that had shrouded me has now been lifted.
I shall never view history the way I once did. Now I understand. Now I know.

They did it to themselves.

It all makes total sense now.
Any group that felt hard done by, garnered public sympathy by attacking themselves.

It was never due to hate-fuelling rhetoric by the leader of their enemy, or the fanaticism of their opponents, it was all concocted and carried out by themselves.
The foresight to plant a loyal supporter as a fanatical opponent who attended their opposition's rallies years before is truly admirable. It should be applauded.

That this brave man drove around in a van with politically-motivated posters on his van , planting pipe-bombs against his own people, surely is a call for his elevation to sainthood. Especially considering he will surely spend the rest of his life in prison for this selfless act.
And the brave party members who allowed the pipe bombs to be sent to them will surely be rewarded in heaven.
All to make their party look like the victims? Yes, it was indeed a cunning plan worthy of its place in history.

Speaking of history, it made me think of other atrocities which must now be questioned. If they weren't carried out by card-carrying members of the group who were blamed for doing it, was it all a big conspiracy by the supposed victims?

Were the Jews so disenchanted by their treatment by the right wing party in government that they planted some people to carry out atrocities against themselves to garner public support? It makes total sense. And it worked,
Did Poland and The Netherlands arrange to be invaded?
Are there Palestinians amongst the illegal settlers on their lands?
The list is endless and mind blowing.

As my tiny imbecilic brain cannot possibly take all of this in, the only two simple things I can take from this are:

1. The obvious perpetrators are never at fault.

2. Any outspoken fanaticist is probably a plant from the other side.

Thank you for opening my eyes. teddybear
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The Book of Destiny

I saw this quote from Dedo from last year on another blog, and it struck a chord with me.

"What would happen if you had a glance in to the book of destiny and found out that your Mr.Right.or soulmate lives 12.000 miles away,is a garbageman and has 9 kids ..."

Notwithstanding the 9 kids laugh , what would we do?

If we were told our soulmate , our One, whatever you want to call them, lived across the globe, would we take that leap? Make that move?

Or would we find excuses not to?
Using our work, our family, our lives, our health, our not liking flying, lack of resources, (add your own excuse here) to not go.

How far will we go, both physically and emotionally, for love?

Or maybe it isn't that important in the grand scheme of things.
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Evolution, God, Whatever...

Have you ever wondered why there is a male and female version of the species? Why not simultaneous hermaphrodites?

Take worms, for example. Each worm contains both male and female sex organs and can both inseminate the other with sperm, fertilise each other’s eggs, and give birth.
By the way, they have epic lovemaking sessions, that far outlast humans .
Yet some species do not copulate at all, they have virgin births – totally self-seeded.
If I were a worm, I would hope to be the former.

Human being in general are divided into males and females (I shan’t go into the exceptions here).
Men are generally built taller and stronger, but can’t give birth.
Women are shorter and slimmer, but can.

This is not a feminist blog, but as we are looking at the differences, and the sameness, of the sexes, it has to come into it.

Women, for millennia, were put into a childmaking box – that was their role in life. However, we now know, that women are at least as intelligent as men. Why?
If their role is simply as babymakers and childminders, why bother giving them equal brains?

If men’s role was solely to be the provider – chase down those woolly mammoths (or the modern-day version of woolly mammoths) to feed the children , did they need large brains either? Guile and experience is more important when hunting than brains.

So why have we different bodies, with different functions, yet both possessing an amazing brain of which we only use a tiny percentage?

Are we missing something important here?

Something to ponder wine
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We all, whether on our profile, or just in our heads, have a list of the characteristics and qualities we would like in a potential partner.
The list can be mind-boggling in some cases grin, both for the prospective partner, and even more importantly for ourselves.

To differentiate between them, maybe we should break them down into categories, from the Gamechanger down to the Would be nice, but basically Inessential

1. Gamechanger

2. Preferable but not a gamechanger

3. Desirable, but not that important

4. Would be nice, but basically Inessential

When we think about it properly, we may have no gamechangers, but lots of No. 2s instead.

No two people will have exactly the same order of necessity. Indeed, some people’s priorities are polar opposites to others.
But it is good for ourselves to know them either way.

If we sort them out, it may be easier to separate the wheat from the chaff, and concentrate on what is really important to us.
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The perfect gift for a fellow CSer

This first one is for Mimi (Art, are you taking note? devil )

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Books and Reading

I recently came across a Best Books list, and thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of it, and if they had read many of them (No, watching the film doesn’t count laugh )
‘Best’ is subjective, and this list is probably Western-centric, but it does cover a lot of genres.

I can never remember not reading, from earliest childhood to the present day. Reading has always been an important part of my life. It is how I discover new words; new styles; new ideas and new worlds.

As kids we used to trot down to the local library on a Saturday morning to gleefully choose our books for the week. I didn’t read many classics as a kid, I was more into Enid Blyton or other adventure books.
It was only as a teenager I started reading deeper books, but I still enjoy a good mystery/murder novel.

I prefer to watch Shakespeare plays being performed rather than reading them, and I, to my shame, have never got to love James Joyce. I never really liked romantic novels either, especially chick-lit.

I love travel books. I get totally engrossed in the journey and the adventure. Dervla Murphy was my favourite travel writer growing up. She was so independent; fearless; bohemian and different to the people I knew in real life that I loved her, and followed her travels with glee.

Apart from all Oscar Wilde books (he is my favourite author, being witty and irreverent), a few books stand out in my mind as being memorable:

The Alchemist by Paulo Cuehlo
Sarum by Edward Rutherford
One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Lorca
A Place Apart – Dervla Murphy
Gulliver's Travels - Dean Swift
Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre

What are your favourite books/authors.genres?

Best Book list to follow....
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Medicating Human Needs

If you are depressed and anxious, you are not a machine with malfunctioning parts. You are a human being with unmet needs.
The only real way out of our epidemic of despair is for all of us, together, to begin to meet those human needs – for deep connection, to the things that really matter in life

This is a quote from an edited extract from Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari.

The extract/book would be worth reading for those with an interest in something that seems to be pervasive throughout our society.

Medication is the go-to solution for many people/doctors - but does medication cure human needs?

Discuss at will wine
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