Homoculture leads to abuse of children within Catholic Church

........... Homoculture leads to abuse of children within Catholic Church and must be eradicated' The American cardinal Raymond Burke states that abuse by clergy is mainly due to homosexuality.

The cardinal said this in an interview with the president of the Christian organization Catholic Action for Faith and Family. That interview was conducted after it came to light that thousands of children were abused for years and psychologically abused by some 300 priests in the US state of Pennsylvania.

The new p*dophile scandal is again a heavy blow to the Catholic Church, Burke admits. That different bishops - even after warnings from Leuven - tried to cover up the scandal, does not make things any easier.omoculture

Yet the American cardinal does not find that the Catholic Church is in need of a drastic reorganization of the hierarchy or a strict control body. According to Burke, all problems are situated around one thing: homosexuality. 'There is no need for new procedures. All these procedures are already contained in the rules of life of the Catholic Church. From studies (the cardinal was unable to submit which studies, ed.) It appears that almost all the abuse were homosexual acts that were carried out in adolescent boys. '

'This gay culture has nestled just among the priests, but even higher up in the hierarchy. This culture, that homosexuality, is responsible for the abuse and must be eradicated to the root. This trend, I think, is fueled by the fact that we separate the s*xual act from marriage. The s*xual act does not have any meaning, unless it happens between a man and a woman who are connected in real life. 'Pope Francis

Burke also thinks that it is Pope Francis himself who has to do something about 'this problem'. The conservative cardinal showed earlier that the progressive course of the pope does not like him. cheers

The world is a madhouse

The world is a madhouse, and we are the crazies. The level of mind control, indoctrination, disinformation and obedience reaches a new depth record every day somewhere in the world.cheers ...........
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Everyone has an opinion

............. Everyone has an opinion - about everything. But why are you responsible for that?

If I disapprove you because you (in my eyes) wear the wrong shoes, where is that the problem? The problem lies with my opinion about your shoes, not with you or the shoes themselves.

Do you see the difference? .......... Now you can worry about my mistaken opinion, but maybe I'm allergic to that kind of shoes. Maybe I knew someone who stood on my toes with that kind of shoes - and I had a lifelong trauma.

Maybe it all has little to do with you and therefore more with myself - and that is usually the case! cheers
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explain everything

Best exhausting actually. Such a day of c*ck about yourself, you should always have a rebuttal and explain everything until you are sure that the other person has understood it.conversing
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thank you for your attention

thank you for your attention cheers
Never hate someone, it will cost you more energy than it yields you"

"Always look at everything from different perspectives and do not judge"

"Respect for your fellow man"

"Live with nature, treat her as if it were your child, enjoy of what she can give you "

" Do not worry at night, but sleep and do energy to find the solution to your problem the next day. At night you can do nothing but sleep, there is no one you ask for help, because everyone is asleep. " thumbs up
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............ If your life is not fun,
filled with misery and pain.
Then you wonder
how it is to be dead.......... Do you then rest
and feel no pain and sorrow?
Are you happy
or do you not realize that? ..................... I think pretty much about it,
but I know I can not go long.
Because me kids need me
and can not handle that lack. .............. But my feeling desires best,
for that calm and no longer pain.
I know I am still young,
but I do not mind being dead.
cheers .........................
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'I love people, but I do not trust them'

'I love people, but I do not trust them'cheers
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I can mention 100 things that I should have done

I can mention 100 things that I should have done differently in my previous years but health is something more important. cheers
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God does not exist,God is between your ears.

................... God does not exist, God is between your ears. Just like people with voices in their heads. Only those go to the doctor.?cheers

Why does everyone follow each other on cs

............... Why does everyone follow each other on cs ................ it is simple: "Herd behavior.cheers
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Keep On Smiling

................. We are all guilty of it cheers .................
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Man raped girl 16 he met on social media then cut her up 'like a piece of meat'

................ Man raped girl 16 he met on social media then cut her up 'like a piece of meat'
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