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Ransom virus!

After several years with a tablet I got suckered into clicking on what I thought was a android logo and update.

For a hundred dollars I could turn off my computer and regain control of it blah blaah blah.

After a few hours I was able figure out how to start in safe mode and do a total wipe and restore system.

As far as I can tell they werent able to gain any valuable info, I turned off wifi and global positioning the first hour. Any passwords, none stored, were reset.

Someone with a smartphone could really get shafted by this thing. Ill never use the net with one.
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Will Trump use a dementia defense, if he loses?

Trump appears to be in big trouble if he loses. No corrupt Senators will be around to save him this time.

Several bizarre recent incidents point to a fake dementia claim.

1) The suggestion of injecting Clorox to cure Covid.
2) The claim that he was asked to throw the opening pitch for the Yankees.
3) The mishandling of the Maxwell press question so it sounded like a death threat.
4) The claim that he passed "a very difficult" mental incompetency test that involved identifying the names of common animals drawn in outline. rolling on the floor laughing
When interviewed by Wallace, Trump said the last questions were incredibly difficult and he had answered them better than anyone had ever done before! The questions were a basic short term memory test that most people in good mental state (no depression) easily pass.uh oh
5) The very recent claim that the U.S. had the lowest death rate from Corona in the world.The truth is we have one of the worst in the world!wow uh oh
Trump attempted to discredit Wallace when Wallace challenged his statement- Trump holding up a phony document,. Trump then criticized the national media for fake news.

Dementia and impaired thinking is often used in courts as a last ditch defense to get a lower sentence.
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Trump sends several well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell !!!

The video says it all, Trump has "please don't tell them" written on his face. I wonder if Barr has another suicide to set up. Bribe a few guards, choose a crooked Warden, break a few cameras, put a killer in her cell.
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Trump uses Blasphemy to enhance his ego?

(CNN)Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington said Monday evening that she is "outraged" after President Donald Trump visited her church without advance notice to share "a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus."

Her pointed comments came after the President walked from the White House to St. John's Episcopal Church, a house of worship used by American presidents for more than a century. Peaceful protesters just outside the White House gates were dispersed with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets. It was all, apparently, so Trump could visit the church.

CNN 6/1/2020


Episcopal Diocese of Washington - › wiki › Episcopal_Diocese_of_Washi...
St.John's has been long known as the "Church of the Presidents", visited frequently by neighboring chief executives and is the traditional site for an early morning prayer service and mass during inauguration days on March 4 and later January 20.
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Will injecting disinfectant cure Corona? Does this sound better than a vaccine? Our brillant , illustrious President has done it again!!! He just wins and wins and winds!
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After 10 years, Ive decided to post a blog so I can keep track of my blog comments!professor
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My banker (snicker} assures me .........

My banker (snicker,snicker) contacted me today and sought to reassure me about the world .....

XXX has been connecting customers to opportunities since xxxx. As one of the larger banking and financial services organizations in the world, we are incredibly diversified, with operations in xx countries and territories. Our expertise and experience has allowed us to be where the growth is for more than xxx years, enabling businesses to thrive, economies to prosper, and ultimately, helping people to fulfil their hopes and realize their ambitions.

While today's markets are experiencing unprecedented volatility, rest assured that our best and brightest are working tirelessly to understand this environment. With a bench as deep as ours, we're aware of the historical parallels and potential outcomes.

Fear and uncertainty are real and tangible emotions and it is easy to succumb to the unprecedented negative news and the panic in the market. That is why on a personal note, I recently spoke to my own financial advisor to review my family's financial plan, and to ensure we can still achieve our goals despite the current and - potentially further - market turbulence. It was a great discussion and her advice was to stay the course as this crisis, like those in the past, will come to an end. 'Don't panic and take a long-term view,' were words that helped put me and my family at ease

Bear markets are always volatile and usually forecast a recession. Still confusion abounds.

The following might be occurring

dunno confused
1. More bubbles are bursting than an old Lawrence Welk TV Show.
2. A reserve cable ,which no one knew about, caught the elevator in free fall when it's main cable snapped. Todays upsurge was just backlash.
3. Derivatives baby Derivatives!
4. There's a black box on the elevator controlling everything and no one knows what is inside it,what it thinks, or what it does.

Other knowledge should be shared by us.
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Our Illustrious President, The Don of Delusions !!

Our paper towel president, totally uninformed and incompetent, describes a happy land where there is no preparation necessary and everything has been taken care of. Even some GOP congressmen are furious.

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