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Sturgis Rally Covid Experiments - Aug. 10, '20

1/4 Million Bikers Are Rallying In Sturgis, SD Aug. 7 - 16 And Have Set Up Experiments Regarding Covid.
Long story short - The bikers have turned S. Dakota & its people into covid experiment Guinea pigs.

1) How Contagious Is Covid?
Search : Covid USA Map.
Note that the number of covid cases in each state is represented by a blue dot.
Note also that S. Dakota & three adjacent states (N. Dak, Wyo, & Mont) all have small & similar sized dots.

If and/or to what extent S. Dakota's dot grows relative to those of the other states will provide evidence as to what extent 1/4 million non-social distancing, unmasked bikers from all over Murka partying for 10 days can spread covid.

2) Has Covid Treatment(s) Become More Effective?
Baseline Data as of Aug. 8 ...
Total S. Dakota Covid Cases Since April 1 - 9,605
Total S. Dakota Covid Deaths Since April 1 - 146
Covid Mortality Rate Since April 1 - 1.52%

A reduction in the Mortality Rate following the Rally would indicate treatments have become More effective.

S. Dakota is an Excellent subject for our experiments.
Its remote location has kept covid numbers low & and adjacent states currently have similarly low covid - They might be thought of as the Control Group in our experiments.

Its very low population (820,077) means the influx of 1/4 million bikers will have a proportionally larger impact than would be the case in a more heavily populated state.

250,000 bikers will increase the population of the ENTIRE STATE by 30% wow for 10 days.
That's Much more significant than adding 250,000 to the population of, say, California.

I'm posting this Now to establish a baseline for our experiments & will revisit this blog when Post-Rally data becomes known.

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Real Life Is Now MORE Bizarre Than South Park

Special Forces Vet Tranny Beats Hell Outta Woman To Cheers Of Crazed Woke Spectators.

South Park ...

Real Life ....

Apparently, footage of the Event shows blood -
It fails to meet YouTube's Community Guidelines, but is described as "disturbing".
Note Also - Still Images don't show the Face of the Biological Woman. uncertain

A woman's perspective on the Future Of Women's Sports ...
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I'd Like To Build The World A Home ...

Comments Here Are Continued DIRECTLY From "I've Not Seen Merc Here Lately" ...

guitar ... dance dance dance dance

(4,214 Comments - And STILL Counting) ... batting
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Sen. Ron Paul Sums Up The Current Afghanistan Situation

EXACTLY 10 Years Ago - 2011- 1/2 Way Through The U.S. Involvement

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How Afghanistan Became A Failed State

When The Chess Game Ends, The King And The Pawns Go Into The Same Box ...
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|| BREAKING || 'Crats & Leftists Applaud Taliban Gun Control Initiatives!!

applause Congressional 'Crats Propose $10 Trillion Bill To Implement TALIBAN PLAN!! cheering
wink ... grin

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'Publican Senator Calls On 'Crats To Enact Amendment 25 To Remove Ol' Joe ...

@ 0:38 - Afghan Withdrawal Raises Question Of Joe's Ability To Function As POTUS

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Intro To The Covid Lambda Variant

By Hannah Sparks || August 12, 2021 | 3:11pm


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Hey Fay - Loved Your Blog On MiMi's Blog (UPDATED 8/13/'21)

Umm, Fay? Is A "CHATTING" Blog With Comments Disabled An Oxymoron Blog?

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Happy U.S. Coast Guard Day Y'all!!

Murka's Oldest Continuously Operating Sea Service | Founded August 4, 1790

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I've Not Seen Merc Here Lately -

COMMENTS CONTINUED DIRECTLY @ BLOG || I'd Like To Build The World A Home ...

Does anyone know why she vanished?
Hope she's well, what with the wildfires & all. uh oh

She's fun on the blogs & I miss her hug

tip hat
G'mornin', Merc!

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