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check out your ingredients on the food you are eating these days

It was just brought to my attention that many of the foods we are buying off the shelves of stores contain bioengineered ingredients.

Here is an example:

I am looking at my can of Progresso tomato soup...on the back it says: "contains bioengineered ingredients" I also checked another product in my cupboard...and there it was again. I checked a total of 3 and found that 2 of of had these ingredients.

I heard that a large majority of food today has these.

What is bioengineered ingredients?
What ingredients are bioengineered in our products we buy?
How much of these ingredients are bioengineered?
What are the side effects of consuming them?

...interesting I may say
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Do you want to write your best book ever?

Years back, a friend of mine on here (Robert) and I would chat back and forth. There was talk with me to him about my pursuit of writing a book.

I guess at that time, that was one of my interests. Well, that book was never written by me.

What is the significance of writing a book in the first place?

Is it to express your personal form of entertainment for the reader?
Is it to stimulate a reader's imagination?
Is it to teach?
Is it to share with the world your inner thoughts?

I suppose the purpose of a book could just about be about anything.

The funny thing is, I was just referencing all my past blogs I wrote. I was surprised to see they date back to 10 years or so. That is pretty cool that CS keeps them available for that long.

The time I wrote each and everyone of those blogs are a reflection of where I was at that questions about life, my concerns, and a general quest for further understanding. There was no overall ego I was attempting to satisfy...or any type of selfish desire I was meaning to achieve. With over 300 blogs created and a multitude of subjects, thoughts, and inquiries...

one could cultivate all these...and put them to print. A book born out of organic my opinion, the best book anyone could ever write. I would highly recommend others accidentally take the same trip.

What do other bloggers think or feel about their past writings? As far as that goes, even people who do not post their own thoughts and inquiries online (for example in a journal or diary), what do you think when you read over your past posts?
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Men start their own movement...

They call it the soft guy era...Drizzle Drizzle movement.

Basically, men are now starting to have their own high standards. These standards are very similar to women, some even say they are the same standards that women have been preaching for the last years.

Some of these standards are:

Women must have money.
They must pay.
They must have high quality physical attributes.
They must also tolerate the lack of appreciation from men.
They must buy the ring for men.
They must approach men.
They must provide them with a lavish lifestyle.
....the list goes on....on the same requirements women have required of men for years.

This movement suggest men stop paying women for anything...that means stop your OF subscriptions, don't pay for dates, don't pay rent, don't pay for anything. In fact what it means, now that women have the same earning potential as men, it means that women pay men. Some even suggest that construction workers even leave their jobs and let women do them. Keep in mind folks, this is just what I am hearing and I am sharing here for you.

What do you think women and men of this? I just am learning about it as I type this.

What I think of it? I think it is cute.

I think it is about time that men pursue their happiness.

Let me ask you men, when women have been making all these crazy high demands, what has that gotten you? The real statistics are there: women are only going after the top 5 to 10% of men...leaving the remaining 90%+ men useless to them.

As I predicted, this recent multi-wave woman movement will lead to a beautiful life in the end. When I mean beautiful life, I mean beautiful for both men and women.

Women ran too far.


Men are logical problem solvers. It was a matter of time when men would come up with a solution to the problem. Is this the solution??

Is the real truth being hidden?

I have been watching these dating blogs where they have many women on them that are interviewed about their dating preferences...for years now. Meaning, I have watched a lot of them.

With this experience, a person can get a big picture view of women's preferences with dating. I am not talking just watch 20 of them to establish an overall "big-picture" view....I am talking watching maybe 1000+...with each blog watched containing multiple women. With all fairness, a lot of these blogs did contain younger ladies. I am trying to put things in total perspective here.

While watching these, it is established that the top 10% of men are doing the majority of the "dating" or getting "bedroom action." This is important to understand.

When the women are asked, what traits are they attracted to....99 out of 100...they say his height, his physical attractiveness, his income, his personality.

But...I am baffled....hardly anyone of these ladies mention anything about a guy's pen*s size.

Until recently, a wise viewer made a large enough donation to one of these dating blogs that allowed his question to be asked. His question to the ladies went something like this....would you date a short guy, with making below average income, with a bad attitude with a 10" pen*s. Or, would you date a tall guy, making a lot of money, with a great personality but he has a small pen*s. The majority of the women said they would date the guy with the 10" pen*s.

Finally, the reality of what women are attracted

The average pen*s size is 5"...that means 50% of men are at that size and less, while the other 50% are larger. Think about this for a second....if the top 10% of men are dating the majority of the women, would that 10% of men also include have the top 10% pen*s size too?

It is amazing to me that a lot of these shows do not included pen*s size in their conversations.

Why is that? It is clearly obvious that women care about pen*s size....a lot.

Are the majority of men who watching these dating blogs being deceived? Meaning, the majority of the watchers really have a more difficult time getting a woman than they are lead to believe by watching these blogs? Meaning, the majority of the men do not have a large pen*s...and that is something watching these dating blogs cannot fix. In other words, are these dating blogs lying to them false hope? You can grow to 6'3", have six pack abs, get a six figure income, etc...(like they dating blogs advise men to do)....but in reality, unless you are packing a horse d*ng...have fun finding a woman who wants to stick with you for the long haul.

What do you think?

Freaky Story

I got to tell is just too freaky not to tell.

Okay, on Monday, my dad and I go to the Chinese restaurant to eat. As we pay, as usual, they give us 2 fortune cookies.

I never open those things. I usually just put them in my car and they get thrown away.

Last night, Tuesday. I had this weird that woke me up in which I could not go back to sleep. I have not had one of these types of dreams in years. Somebody shot me in the face with a shotgun. I never had a dream like that.

Anyway, today...I am out visiting family. I went to my car for some reason and as I was in my car, I decided to grab the fortune cookies. I gave one to my brother and I opened the other.

I never told my brother nothing about anything. He reads the fortune I gave himself...and he insists that fortune is mine. I am curious, so I go over and grab it from him and it reads, "your dream is going to come true."

....freaked the shit out of me. laugh
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Your take on doing things by yourself.

I am going to see a movie by myself tonight. I was just wondering about what others thought about doing things by themselves. For example, I will go to restaurants, nightclubs, bars, casinos, etc by myself. If I want to do something, I just go do it. About a year ago, I was talking with a friend of mine. She was recently divorced and she was saying she did not go to restaurants by herself. Is is really that uncomfortable to do things on your own?
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It is interesting, I will say.

I have heard some stories lately and it has made me think.

The title of the blog is " a single attractive man" This problem I speak of does not apply to single attractive women.

Now, let's make some unobvious statements here. When men and women find attractive in the opposite sex is a bit different. Men are visual, and so are women. So, when I say a single attractive man, I men a man...he don't have to be a super model, but must somewhat be pleasing to the eye...and of course, women value a man's personality as well. So, this man must be accepted by the community he is in.

Okay, here is the story.

A man gets out of a long term relationship, by his choice. He is out of society for 10+ years when he was in a relationship. He does not think anything about himself other than he needs to get his new life on track and start living it.

It is not long, he decides he main form of socializing in a small community will be at the bars. (not the best place..yes...I agree) But, he starts there. He starts going to the bar, not drinking a lot...he is not a big drinker...but just to get his mind off of things and start getting in touch with some old friends and making new friends along the way. This man is baffled one day. A man comes up to him and this man is begging him..."please don't take my wife, she is all I have." The newly single man looks at him in the most confusing way and say, no need to worry, I have no intention on doing anything like that.

This newly single man is not really looking for a new relationship. He is still trying to figure out where he wants to be in that realm of his life. For now, he is perfectly fine being single. Not to mention, he knows how it is when somebody cheats with a man's woman...and he would not want to bring that into anyone's life.

Fast forward to last night. This single man, who has been single for some time now is out on the town and out of nowhere, another man comes up behind him...a friend of his (so he thought) and starts to choke him. I was told there was some alcohol involved, so this stuff does is a bar. So the single man sitting down gets up and throws the man choking him off of him. The single man keeps proclaiming, what is going on here? I did not know there was anything between us. This went on for about a minute or so until the so-called friend's wife came over. She said something and that seemed to have got the aggressive man even more aggressive toward the single man. Then the single man put 2+2 together. Is she the reason for what just happen? The aggressive man starts stating...she is mine, we are married. The single man...all he could say, being confused and all was, "I am happy for you two."

All of that came out of nowhere...the single man told me he was totally unaware of him even being behind him.

So...the problem with single attractive men.

Can jealous men become wrongfully violent toward them?

From the story I heard, I would say yes. It is something that a man will need to become mindful of.

who gets their way? men ... or ....women?

Does a woman with a promiscuous nature get her way?


Does a man who does not want his woman to be promiscuous get his way?

Right now this question is still being pondered by society.

What do you think?

I it important that the man gets his way with the relationship? Why can't the woman get hers?

women make this mistake almost always

When it comes to beauty.

Many women respond to beauty on an emotional somebody's looks make them feel. That is why women fight among themselves...well maybe not fight so much (but sometimes)....but for sure compete over beauty. Who has the better dress? Whose hair is stunning? Whose We don't even want to get into make up. There are countless sources of information out there for women with make up.

Then of course, the insults will come out between them if they are competing for the same guy. The snide remarks are made, the "tooling" of their opponent in a public situation is the best battlefield.

Where do women make their mistake most of the time?

Well, most women perceive life from their own perspective. It is called "self-projecting." They basically apply their perception on a situation from the way they would handle it...from the way they feel about it.

Feminism was a beautiful thing for men. Because, feminism encourage women to be women. Be who you are. Let it all out. "Do what feels good." Then of course it lead into the s*xual revolution for women. Men got educated to women's nature. ...or ease of manipulation.


Before feminism, women would have been right...for the most part. Beauty is beauty and men and women both have been led to it like a moth to a flame. (side note: it is said that up to 50% of women are bi-s*xual). Like a moth going to that flame, there was no logical rational being used in the moth making its decision...It just mindlessly went to the flame.

After feminism, not now with men. Men have learned their lesson, when many of their souls have been ripped from their being. Their lives were destroyed. They lost their children and sometimes women would convince the children to actually hate the father. They lose half of their wealth. Some men lost their lives, lost their jobs, lost their homes.

You see, most women don't go through that. They instead go through what makes them feel good. For many, that is having many men on their speed dial...and a mission to suck as much money from the man.

You beautiful women, the mistake you make is that you believe everyone responds to beauty equally. I will give you this, an ignorant man might; however, a man who went through the ringer, won't.


here is one that is a bit obscure

What do you think about owls?

There are a lot of weird things I have either heard or seen about them.

Have you every seen the 4th kind movie?
What about Bohemian Grove?
Recently seen a blog referencing a huge owl disappearing, not before changing color and light orbs following.
I have had an owl hit more car and put a huge dent in it?? Didn't think a bird could do something like that.

Any weird owl stories?
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1 more obscure blog...about the number of the beast


What do you know about this number?

Well, it is commonly referred to as the Number of the Beast.

What do you think about modern times...

Women want a man to make:

6 figures and be
6 feet tall and have a
6 inch stick in his pants

What are we to make of that?
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giving money to somebody else...and then find out

What would you do if you have been talking with someone....someone whom tells you that they love you and you love them. This same someone you have never met in real life (in person). Everything has been over the internet...for years, you have been communicating with them...they talk about how they need your financial help, and they love you and you love, you send them money whenever they ask for it. You do it with a smile on your face.

What would you do if you were in that situation...only to find out...that this person you have been talking to, sharing your love with, them sharing their love with them them gifts...what would you do if you found out that you are 1 of 100's that this person has been accepting money, gifts, and love from.

This situation does exist in today's world.

Would you continue giving your hard earned money to them, given them gifts...and giving them your love?

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