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just because

My VCR/DVD player just took a crap. crying

I may have to open that baby up and see if there is a solution. The door on the dvd player will not open. hmmm There is a saying for that......dirty horror bait. laugh
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Validity of Freewill

Freewill can be considered one's choices they want to make.

What happens when you don't have any choices or no resources to implement them?


Happy Wednesday all

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I have it better than I have ever imagined.

Wow. Is about all I can say and in addition, what an eye opener to life. I have been living in blindness. Well, I have been living from a perspective of a pampered person. I have discovered first hand how growing up with both mom and dad around guiding me...being there for me a moral compass...being an open refuge at any time...showing me how to use my moral compass...etc.

What a beautiful upbringing. We were poor granted, we didn't have much....but we had a large family of 10 use and we all get along together even to this day.

Now to the eye opener.

Talking with a lady this weekend. She is 27. While sobbing her eyes out...she over and over proclaimed to me that "I have nothing, I have nothing." She wants a guy to love her. Puzzled...she was with a guy at the bar already. She explained that he was essentially a piece of crap, abusive, controlling, and he told her that he will be seeing other women also. She explained to me that she didn't know who her father was..her mother was a horrible person and she was raised by her grandparents who are now not wanting anything to do with her. She kept on saying, she is a strong woman. She does not know what a loving relationship even is...she never seen one and knows nothing about it. She had learned the street way on how to survive basically.

There are so many luxuries one has that has a strong supportive base if life happens to temporarily overcome you vs. ...somebody having nothing to fall back on.

It was a sad experience. She left with a smile with the abusive man. (putting on her happy face disguise.)

Some terrible realities out in life.

sad flower
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how do you respect

How do you respect somebody who does not respect themselves; therefore, making it likely they do not respect others.


My first suspicion, them past that harsh self-inner voice would be a good start. As just read about...this voice is most likely developed from childhood and is most likely not even relevant in adulthood...but it is still something that needs to be addressed in adulthood.

It is a vicious feeding the other....making things internally darker in the suffering mind.

By the way...this is a real experience I am tending with as I type this. It is emotionally painful....especially when it is a person that is very close. Something tells me...a lot of this is going on given the recent climate of society and Covid.
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Does the universe operate on averages, or do we use averages to deceive ourselves? example...

I was just sorting out some items that have been randomly assigned 4 digit numbers. There was a stack of about 70 items.

I was sorting them in piles by their first digit. About half way through, I noticed that each pile had about 4 or 5 items in it while the #3 pile had none. I thought to myself about averages and is their any validity to them? The next item in the pile I was sorting was an 8, then the next one was a 3. Okay, my first 3. I thought well, that 3 stack is still low...if average may have validity, there should be more 3's coming. And wouldn't you know it, shortly afterwards, there were 3 more 3's. hmmm

Happy Thursday all.

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soul is a soul is a soul

If you are one of those who believes us living humans beings have souls, would that then mean living animals in general have souls?

We are given souls or it is said that our souls choose their host. Meaning, that our human form flesh and soul are two different entities.

It is said that when a loved one who has dyed visits you in a dream, that is them actually visiting you.

I have just heard where a pet owners pet who died had visited her.

Are we being ignorant or selfish to believe that us human animals are the only living forms that possess a soul?


Happy Friday all.

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just me being righteous I suppose

I just seen a woman celebrating in her what appeared to be very expensive boat. I am not sure if she just sailed around the globe by herself or what she was even celebrating about...

But the "righteous" thought occurred to me...what if all the money she spent preparing and accomplishing that goal was spent toward something more self-less...dunno ....let alone the time.

Not just her...but what about other things people sink endless money, time, effort and thought into for selfish ends.


Just me be righteous here. laugh
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Times have Changed

I just got done watching a movie about artificial intelligence and at the end, man's machine had taken over.

It got me thinking. I grew up in small town America, in a place where if you wanted to gain financially, and I mean for the most part just gain enough to pay the bills and survive. In fact, a lot of that life still remains around here....for now. The price to rent an apartment around here can be about $400 a month where in New York City, it can be $2000 a month.

Back when I was young, there really was not much in the lines of making a great living around here. In many cases, one would have to move out from the area in order to "make it" in the world. My father and I would haul scrap iron in the summer time and work in the woods in the -10 degrees cold brisk mornings.

Boy...thinking back to those days seem so ancient now. A time well past....past well back in time.

Now, I can just press a couple of keys in the comfort of my warm home and money comes flowing in from all over the world.

Just the thought of that while I was young...I don't think my wildest dreams could have painted that picture.

This blog is not about money....

It is about the change happening under our noses without us really even giving two thoughts about it. I am from a different time, living in a new world.

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All State makes it to the moon.

Have you seen their newest commercial of two passengers riding in the vehicle on the surface of the moon?

Can you prove that to be fake?

....if they could fake it, why could it not be faked in the '60's?

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stock market

I don't know much about the stock market...only what I have heard. I guess if I was not so lazy, I probably could look up in a second the answer to my first question here...versus taking 2 minutes or longer to ask you folks. laugh But, here it goes anyway. What moves the stock market...the value of it? Also, I wonder what would happen if the stock market took quick drop from the 30,000 mark...oh...let's say to the 8,000 mark. dunno

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trusting thy neighbor...or anyone really.

Have you ever done this before? Your new neighbor moves into town and you learn a little about them.

You get technical information from him in an area he claims to be an expert in. The information you get does not quite seem right, and you question him on it repeatedly...yet, he insists that he is correct.

Being ignorant, you decide to take his advice instead of double checking on the internet for yourself.

BINGO! your $1000 item finally arrives with a huge freight truck in front of your house, and boy...does that baby look too small.

So, at this time you are really suspicious and you double check the information you received after the item is sitting there in your garage staring you in the face and giving you that sinking feeling in your gut. laugh I go shopping again.

I am sure there is a moral to this story somewhere in there. uh oh

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Is it only me?

It seems like every time I either am taking a leak, taking (or leaving) a crap, or in the shower or tub....the phone rings. Otherwise, the phone never rings. laugh
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