Competency for World Leader Roles

Should world leader candidates be evaluated for neurological and psychiatric competency?

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I don't drive, nor do I ever wish to, but I've noticed a fair amount of people have profile pics of themselves in their cars.

I'm curious. Do people get talking on journeys and their passenger takes a snap in support of their ruminations over joining a dating website? Is it the convenience of dashboard cameras? Is it that people's cars mean something to them, or represent themselves in some way?

Tell me all about cars, please. I don't get it. dunno
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Deleting comments is not a logical argument...

...nor does it stop people from being heard.

Let me explain your mathematical/English comprehension/logical fallacy blunders, Seaworthy.

CHS cited this paragraph and posted the link:

And you replied:

And later:

The citation states 'Only 21% of the child molesters we studied who assault little boys were exclusively homosexual.' That means '21% of paedophiles are gay', not '21% of gay people are paedophiles'.

The citation later qualifies that most child molesters in this study were married men with children of their own. You have perverted the information provided to suit your own logical fallacy that homosexuality, or sodomy is synonymous with paedophilia.

Not all homosexual men practise sodomy, that's an assumption; some homosexual people are women and women are your lowest risk group for child sex abuse; some heterosexual people practise sodomy. Sodomy and homosexuality are not indicators of child sex abuse.

Your highest risk group, your highest chance of you children being sexually abused is to leave them with a child molester. Unless people are aware of the behaviours to look out for, such as grooming behaviours from the adult, or sexually precocious behaviours from an abused child, they can go unnoticed. You are perverting the information, you are trying to spread misinformation. That means the perpetrators may go unnoticed and you are helping to put children at risk.

To put your own adult needs to condemn homosexuality above the protection needs of children is utterly reprehensible.

Furthermore, to keep deleting my comment above and finally closing comments to your blog indicates you are still prioritising your own needs above the protection of children. It is important, vital, to dispel the myths surrounding any synonymity with respect to homosexuality and child molestation. People need to know the real risk factors, the relevant signs to look out for to protect children from this devastating harm.
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Just as an interesting discussion gets going...

...and there it is, gone. sigh

Which begs the question, with respect to communicating in this medium, what is of real value?
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For Mimi...

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The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power

What are we feeding our emptiness with?

What are others feeding their emptiness with?

Is it healthy?

Can we view ourselves, or others differently with this in mind?

Can we do something different for ourselves, or for others?
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Group hug...

...because you know you want to. group hug


I'm creating this hug space because I have an urge for an interlude from the serious stuff. I think it might be healthy for me, maybe for you, too.

The idea is that posts are hug related in some way. Feel free to post videos, pictures, offer hugs to someone you like and respect, (or someone you struggle to get along with!), or anything which wells up in you hug-like.

I'm going to start with a bit from my Welsh culture, the word 'cwtch'. It's not really an official Welsh language word, but it's a good one.

It means, hug, cuddle, snuggle, hold. It implies small, protective space.

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If this thread reaches 20 comments...

...Patrick will eat his underpants.

hmmm giggle
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