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Tulsi Gabbard

any person now the negatives about her?
she is hopefully the dark horse
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A wish

A professor finds a leprechaun, the leprechaun offers him one of three things.
Beauty, wisdom or a million euro's.

The professor wishes wisdom.

A flash happens, the leprechaun disappears and the professor says:
damn, i should have chosen the money...
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Paternity court.

It has been one of my secret likings lately.

I don't get this african american community portrayed on these shows.
They really are making their own kind of hell.
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any architects in the house?

i'm constructing a studio (for temp accomodations) in a workspace behind my house.

So i'm now getting at the point of ordering the bathroom + kitchen build and am still doubting how to divide it..

Are there here any volunteers that can brainstorm with me?
Or give me some advice at my ideas.

The place is about 33m2. groundfloor. One door to the outside, one door to the main house.
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5 top atheist countries

Belgium together with Taiwan and Netherlands, followed by Japan and France.

more shocking.
The worst, Pakistan,Malediven, Afghanistan, Iran and Saoedi Arabia.

In 74 countries, insulting religion in a crime, and in 13 countries there is the death penalty for atheism.
Other countries discriminated, and block people from working or marriage.

The IHUE raport.
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venezuela refugee

I'm willing to take one in the house...
about my age, female,
I feel like somebody has to have a right to a better life and future.


and oh my god, what is happening there.
I do think i already posted something about that a year ago
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My daughter is from an anonymous egg donor.
i took her dna sweep.
and my dna sweep.
i hope i can find a trace of her genetic mother.
regardless of all misery the carry mother put us through.

It is an anxious time.
i don't we will find a trace, but the quicker we analyse the bigger the chances will be in time.

did any one here did donations?
sperm or eggs or uterus?.
i did sperm.
i received eggs.

I dislike the anonymous part of it. family or family genes are bigger than you can ever sign
But the key is also in the genes and in every cell. all cells are linked, throughout generations
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the IT department

I hate this.
all this advertisement and such for IT.

I have a 5 year old daughter and newspapers, tv, street signs, the bloody clown is looking creepily everywhere.

I don't care for a f*cking bra picture or bikini shot, but all this public allowed violence is a bit much.

I find this publicity campaign going a bit over the top.
few hour movie and it is everywhere. there is too much money in this industry
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to england

hey crowd,
i've decided to drive on a ferry and be in England (dover) tomorrow 19th. till tuesday.

and probably visit london. and stay there in between channel and the big city.

anybody wants to host and share a floor with me? (and my 5y old)
it seems uk is not big on couchsurfing.
We don't snorr.

but being trapped in a hotel is also not the nicest.
and my tent is not in a worse state than i expected.

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moving time

I bought a house and most of you are invited.

time for next step in life
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