Is it hard to find friends ?

Wondering Why is it hard to find a friends here? I have made friends request , emails ..trying to start a friendship , or some kind of relationship with others ..but nothing .
Is it because I'm Iraqi ? Maybe people are afraid to start any connection with a person living in this unstable & confusing country .
It is not that bad guys ,It is not what the media shows . True we are experiencing hard conditions but life must & will go on.When a bombed car hits a place in Baghdad , after hours you'll see a convoy of cars celebrating a weeding with music & dances . We must have hope for future cause without it there is no life .
I was living in US for awhile & found the people very nice , friendly & helpful ..but in the net it is different . don't know maybe becuase of scammers or unreal people that make them afraid ? ...don't know .

Can anybody tell me

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