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According to new research on foods supposed to be for vegans, one third of these products was found to contain animal by products, such as milk and eggs. Apparently it is very difficult to find vegan foods that are 100% without some form of animal by product.
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If you were the leader of a country's elected government and you were in a situation where thousands of migrants were crossing a stretch of water to gain access to your country without any legal processing and possibly including criminals and potential terrorists. If this situation had existed for many months and resulted in the migrants receiving board and lodging in 4 star hotels, and even adapting disused army camps to house the people. If the estimated total waiting processing was around
150 000 and rising, and the cost to the taxpayers was in the millions. Would you be a bit annoyed?
That's the situation in the UK and despite the prime minister promising to stop the boat crossings, nothing has happened.
The simple solution is to pick up the people in the English channel and return them to the French coast from where they departed and having paid people smugglers for the journey.
Too simple, but presumably the PM doesn't wish to upset the French President.
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Info about redemption/fugitive blogs 1-9

Just noticed that the above blogs have been deleted. Which means the thread of the story does not now exist. Have asked for explanation. If you are unhappy about blogs disappearing without reason, I suggest you contact CS and ask them for a reason and voice your unhappiness with the system like I've done. If it bothers you, but I think out of politeness we should know.
If this message disappears, then the whole blog section is pointless and a waste of time.

confused dunno
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China has accused UK of harbouring Hong Kong fugitives and has put a bounty on the heads of these individuals. These people have come to the UK to escape the oppressive regime in HK, where they have voiced opposition to the undemocratic system set up by China.
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There are three possible reasons why President Kennedy was assassinated
1 As a result of the Cuban missile crisis. Embarrassment to Kruschev resulting from Russia's climb down from installing missiles in Cuba and the threat this posed to USA.
2 Kennedy's attempts to tackle the Mafia's criminal presence in USA.
3 Kennedy's requests for the CIA to supply info to Russia regarding the knowledge held regarding UFOs. Kennedy apparently sent a request to the CIA to release details of extra terrestrial craft experiences recorded. He possibly thought that such craft if passing over Russia's nuclear silos could be thought to be from USA and may lead to reprisals. The CIA ignored his request apparently.
Three reasons here. Russia, Mafia, CIA.
Any other suggestions?
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ADVERT For next Redemption/Fugitive P11.

The next episode of Redemption/ Fugitive contains scenes of a s*xual nature and is not suitable for people of a sensitive disposition or unable to deal with too much excitement. A medical check up is recommended if viewing considered.

Hot spot magazine...........
New C&W singing star Alicia, makes Shania Twain sound like Mark Twain.
Playadult magazine...........
Alicia makes Greek goddess Aphrodite jealous.
Blogview news..........
More daring than, From here to eternity, Fatal attraction and Basic instinct, combined.

Daily Moon.............
Jack Crown certainly has his hands full, but manages to come out on top.

Music suggested.
Alan Jackson............When love comes around
Olivia Newton John...I honestly love you
Martina McBride.........There you are
Faith Hill............ This kiss

conversing conversing conversing
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At the test match yesterday at Lord's cricket ground, an England batsman was stumped by the Australian wicket keeper for wandering outside his crease. The batsman, Bairstow assumed beforehand that it was the end of the over, so the ball was dead. But the Australian team jumped with delight at seeing him out. The umpire hadn't officially declared that it was the end of the over so technically the ball was still live and the player must be deemed out. A mass protest ensued and the Australian team were booed by the crowd and called cheats.
This brings into question the right spirit of the game and the Australians capitalised on the situation when, if they showed the right sporting attitude, they should not have stumped the England player as he assumed the ball was dead and the Australian player knew that, but took the opportunity to gain a crucial wicket without showing the right sporting spirit.
Is it important in any sport to show the right sporting attitude, or is winning at any cost the only objective.
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The Taliban in Afghanistan expect countries to supply aid to the country, despite the imposition of their strict rules about, no schools for women, or universities. Restrictions on dress and movement.
Well, they need to be told, no aid unless all restrictions are lifted. See how they deal with that.
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Continued from P 9...
It was 5am and still quite dark when we reached the side of the railway track. Open fields led to a road some distance ahead, but before that was an old run down building situated in a wooded area and adjacent to a small lake.
" If that place is unoccupied, we could make use of it later," I suggested.
" Sounds reasonable," said Alicia.
We crossed the field and approached the house. I pushed open the door. It was empty, but in not too bad condition.
" Let's find a place to eat and get cleaned up first. I'm starving," said Alicia impatiently.
They found the road and after a short walk saw a large red and blue flashing neon sign. 'Jenny's all night diner.'
They entered the diner and found a table.
Look after my guitar while I find the rest room. Scrambled eggs with toast and coffee for me.
The waitress took the order. I tried not to look round and draw attention to my self, but focused on the menu. When Alicia returned, I left for the men's room. The meals had just arrived when I rejoined Alicia. The juke box was playing a Tim McGraw & Faith Hill song called, ' It's your love.'
We ate in silence for a while and then I spoke about how the day had developed.
" Do you realise that those killings would have happened regardless of me? I just happened to be there without the knowledge of the driver. He would still have filled up at the gas station and been shot. But I saw the offender and I am the only one that can identify him. If I hadn't escaped from the prison, no one else would have seen him. And, if I hadn't drove off in the van and boarded the freight train, we would never have met."
"Yes, that's true. But are you saying that you are glad we met?" She stopped eating and her eyes were fixed on me.
I looked away and paused, and thought maybe I shouldn't be so quick to reveal my feelings. I looked at her. " You probably think I'm stupid, but I feel comfortable with you, and what is there not to like about you. Sometimes people connect quickly and they don't express their feelings. They regret doing so and drift away. I don't want that to happen."
She put her hand on mine. "Thank you for being honest and expressing how you feel. I don't think you're stupid. We have met in really difficult circumstances and I know the problems ahead. I want to help you, not just because I believe you are innocent, but because I also like you. And yes I feel a connection too. Let's see what happens. We'll get to Memphis and then Nashville and try to sort ourselves out. We'll find a clothing store and get you fixed up with different clothes. Maybe a western hat too. I'll get the same. Let's leave the diner now. I'll pay the waitress. I know you're without money."
" You're an angel Alicia. I'll make it up to you soon. I'll get a job in Nashville and help you find a singing venue."
The waitress was paid and they left the diner for the derelict building discovered earlier.
As they left, the juke box played another Tim McGraw song called, ' Just to see you smile.

To be continued........
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In ancient Egypt, wine was used as an offering to the gods to symbolise power to revitalise and rebirth. They saw a connection between wines red colour and the blood of Osiris, the God of the afterlife.
So, red wine was not something unique to the biblical story of the last supper and Jesus's comparison of blood and wine, it was a ritual that already existed many years before.


Zeus the number one God in Greek Mythology gave his daughter Pandora, a present. It was a vase, not a box as commonly described. It had a lid. He told his daughter to display the object wherever she wanted, but she must never remove the lid.
The temptation was too great for Pandora and she removed the top. As a result, all the troubles that would face the world were released, except for hope.
Does this sound similar to the story of Adam and Eve and the instruction not to eat the forbidden fruit?
The biblical story is not unique and there are many stories that exist around the world that are similar.


According to some investigators on the pandemic, work at the Wuhan laboratory in China involved the genetic manipulation of a SARS virus at the request of the military, in order for it to be used as a bio weapon. It is also believed that a vaccine was being developed to possibly immunise the Chinese population against the produced virus. The COVID virus was not found naturally, but was completely new, which supports the possibility that it was deliberately produced and a leak resulted due to inadequate precautions. Staff wore a mask and white coat only in the lab.
This is just speculation, but many people still believe the virus was due to a leak.
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