Does the expression "DUMB BLONDE" have any truth?

Apart from the likely characters on this site, has anyone experienced events to substantiate the saying?
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Why is it considered not acceptable for women to be circumcised, yet male babies still go through a similar experience and they have no choice in the matter. Apparently the excuse is either for health reasons or a requirement of a particular religious order. Shouldn't this practice be stopped and boys given the option when they are old enough to make the decision themselves?professor
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Self defence.

Is it time that we armed ourselves for protection due to the increasing number of terrorist attacks? Even if we carried a knife, it would enable some form of defence to help ward off characters who were a dangerous threat to ourselves and others in close proximity. By the time police or security forces arrive, much of the damage has been done. Without a weapon of some sort, we are always vulnerable to attack.
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Do you feel that it is unnatural to see women or girls playing games like football or cricket or rugby? Is their femininity lost when they participate in these games? Would it be better if they concentrated in the sciences such as domestic science, where they can learn all about cooking, sewing and how to maintain a home? I am sure that their talents would be better utilised and prepare them for marriage. How would some religious ladies cope with running down a field wearing full length robes and their faces covered. Doing a pole vault or high jump would be disastrous. They would always come last in swimming.
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Do you think that sometime in the future, babies will be born with a mobile phone in their hand? They will have evolved the ability to mutate in order that an object their parents etc would have depended on so much would be natural in the babies formation. I think that Chinese women in particular would be the first to adapt as I always see them walking around wherever they are, looking down at their phone.confused dunno
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Why do women at around 35 and over have helmet

hairstyle and wear trousers with quilted sleeveless jacket. This seems to be some kind of accepted uniform look. Is it because they have given up trying to look feminine? That must be the answer, unless you can tell me otherwise.
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Is there a section of every government intelligence agency that has the responsibility to extinguish the life of an individual, if they pose a threat to their country? Should this be acceptable in the world we live and is it essential for the existence of such an operational force? In the hands of a powerful nation, could such power be abused?
An example is of a Russian agent who defected to Britain and was killed by Polonium (radio active substance) in his tea after meeting in a hotel in London. The Russian government denied involvement, but how was the Polonium obtained and who else would have sanctioned such a plot?
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TILL DEATH DO US PART................

What happens then?
1. If you are religious then you would wait until you had passed away to be reunited with your partner.
2. If you are religious, but decide to begin a relationship with another person, then you must be a hypocrite. You may use an excuse such as, " Well I'm sure my ex partner wouldn't want me to live without loving someone else and indulging in s*xual gymnastics."
A rubbish excuse as it is really just the same as being unfaithful and showing no concern for a partner who was in this world.
3. If you are not religious, then you are free to indulge in whatever your conscience permits.

Is this the case?
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I think I would fancy a harem consisting of all types of women from a variety of countries. They must of course be sufficiently attractive to stir my interest and be capable of all the domestic chores that women enjoy. Clothing would be important and possibly a uniform dress code that showed their full potential. The ability to work together is essential and they should have fresh ideas to arouse my attention. This could be in the form of dance techniques, cooking, singing and creative fashions. A burka would be acceptable providing it was of see through material.
Any other suggestions or applications for the positions are welcome. dancing wow cheering heart beating
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Living in an increasing multicultural society, which I do, I find that seeing the variety of Asian ladies in their differing types of dress, are now appealing to me more than ever. I now appreciate the various head scarves worn and how they accentuate the facial features. I even find the burka appealing in a sort of way. Maybe it's the thought of what lies beneath. When hair is exposed, the rich lustrous sleekness adds to the desirability of the individual.
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I can't think of anything that Netherlands is famous for other than tulips. Is the country a waste of space? Probably.
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Or did we achieve our differences in colour and physical appearance through evolution based on environmental factors and to cope with the challenges we faced? confused dunno
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