When the bible was assembled, why was the Book of Enoch omitted? After all, it was discovered amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls. Perhaps the church leaders didn't like the idea of extra terrestrial giants roaming the earth and having s*xual relationships with the beautiful earth women. Though the story of David and Goliath appears to depict such a giant existing. Also why was the comment made by Jesus when asked by Peter, " Who is your favourite disciple?" replied with " Mary Magdalene," not included. Could it be that the male church leaders did not like the idea of a woman being his favourite?


I understand that the Vatican has thousands of files locked away and access to these documents is forbidden. What could the Pope be frightened of to conceal such info? Why does the Vatican have telescopic observation towers, not only on its buildings, but also at certain sites around the world. There appears to be a great interest in extra terrestrial life. Could it be that contact with alien life has occurred in the past and details of such events has been hidden?


Following Harem gossip 1, my harem of ladies finally demonstrated their version of Dallas cowboys cheerleaders routine. I was very impressed, but slightly shocked when they did their demonstration wearing just hats and boots. My eyes nearly popped out when their final steps consisted of them all doing the splits simultaneously.
This routine was followed by some of the larger ladies attempting to do a belly dance, but I nearly fell off my chaise longue when I saw that they were topless and first aid was required for one lady when she shimmied to hard and nearly knocked herself out.
Pole dancing is on the future agenda and would welcome any suggestions for further dance movements.
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When people migrate to a country, do they bring their particular way of life with them? For example Africans are used to a tribal system and protect their own villages from other villagers, presumably so that their way of life is not threatened by a change in any of their customs and systems. Violence may be a resort if there is a perceived threat. This attitude or instinct is not lost when moving to a new country and so that maybe a big reason why knife crime, drugs and territorial behaviour is adopted, and consequently serious crime increases. Why else would countries experience this modern day threat?
Religions also imported by migrants brings extremism and the threat of terrorism. Is it really worth allowing migration? Do the disadvantages outway the benefits?
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The leading lady in my harem asked me if there was anyway of pleasing me more. I suggested she watched Dallas cowboys cheerleaders and try to get the ladies to work out a dance routine in similar outfits. Also, I found that belly dancing was particularly stimulating and perhaps she could also arrange training in that form of dance with appropriate clothing. One thing that I did find annoying was when I lay down on the chaise longue, and was fed grapes, the pips began to accumulate in my mouth and It was necessary to spit them out. Perhaps the pips could be removed before feeding me. That was all I could think of at the time.
If any of you bloggers can think of any more additional improvements my harem could make, please feel free to suggest. confused wink
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I think gay people etc., seem to think they are something special and enjoy prancing about in an exhibitionist manner. They even have their own flag, which means that anything with a rainbow design is no longer a choice for the majority. Perhaps heterosexuals should also have an emblem and display it openly in car windows and on buildings. Perhaps a badge could be worn to make it clear a person's sexuality. What do you think?
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MEN IN BLACK. Do they exist?

Are they part of a cover up to conceal the truth about UFO'S and extra terrestrial beings that have visited our planet and in some cases communicated with or abducted individuals? Are they themselves alien creatures trying to ensure that we do not discover their existence until they are ready to take control of the world? There are thousands of files describing visits to people who have witnessed sightings of inter planetary craft, and instructions not to mention what they have seen. Roswell, New Mexico, USA, on the 8th July 1947 is one example of attempts by the government to conceal the crashing of a saucer shaped disc and the recovery of alien bodies. There were witnesses but their story was explained away by the event being only weather balloons. This is just one event in thousands. dunno confused
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Does the expression "DUMB BLONDE" have any truth?

Apart from the likely characters on this site, has anyone experienced events to substantiate the saying?
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Why is it considered not acceptable for women to be circumcised, yet male babies still go through a similar experience and they have no choice in the matter. Apparently the excuse is either for health reasons or a requirement of a particular religious order. Shouldn't this practice be stopped and boys given the option when they are old enough to make the decision themselves?professor
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Self defence.

Is it time that we armed ourselves for protection due to the increasing number of terrorist attacks? Even if we carried a knife, it would enable some form of defence to help ward off characters who were a dangerous threat to ourselves and others in close proximity. By the time police or security forces arrive, much of the damage has been done. Without a weapon of some sort, we are always vulnerable to attack.
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Do you feel that it is unnatural to see women or girls playing games like football or cricket or rugby? Is their femininity lost when they participate in these games? Would it be better if they concentrated in the sciences such as domestic science, where they can learn all about cooking, sewing and how to maintain a home? I am sure that their talents would be better utilised and prepare them for marriage. How would some religious ladies cope with running down a field wearing full length robes and their faces covered. Doing a pole vault or high jump would be disastrous. They would always come last in swimming.
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Do you think that sometime in the future, babies will be born with a mobile phone in their hand? They will have evolved the ability to mutate in order that an object their parents etc would have depended on so much would be natural in the babies formation. I think that Chinese women in particular would be the first to adapt as I always see them walking around wherever they are, looking down at their phone.confused dunno
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