Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

Tell me I'm not the only one that sits and wonders where their life is going sigh, anyone?

While I'm quite happy being single and practically living the life of a hermit out in the sticks, I will soon have to face the reality of moving from my home of 10+ years. The last time I paid rent it was no more than €200/mth, now on average in my area its between €800-€1,000. Starting again from scratch is very daunting wow. While all my friends are married, home owners and bask in the sun on regular foreign holidays, I do foresee myself turning into a bag lady, with milky skin, moving from home to home and smelling of moth balls.

Dont get me wrong I'm not ungrateful nor jealous of others, okay maybe just a little laugh, it's just the thought of starting over again is overwhelming, it does get better right? uh oh
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Are you serious?

Hi everyone,

I'll try not to babble but here goes. I met a guy this time last year, from the outset he spoilt me, showered me with gifts, made me feel really special, bought me flowers on our first date, held doors open for me, you get my drift. He wanted to spend all his time with me, declared his love very early on. My feelings differed, I was a slow burner but as time went on my feelings grew. He told me he wanted nothing more than for me to move to where he was from, he told me he wanted to have kids with me etc. and even right up to the time we split he told me he wanted to bring me up the aisle. He broke up with me in May after 9 months together. I cut contact with him to help me get over the breakup,. He messaged me after one week saying how sorry he was but not wanting to reconcile and that he loved me. He then, after two weeks post breakup, sent my daughter a bday card with money inside and texted me again the following day to apologise about how things ended. I continued with no contact and asked him to respect my wishes. Roll on 5 weeks post breakup and he has updated his whatsapp pic to himself and new gf, which made me suspicious that he met her before we broke up, it would also coincide with his behaviour leading to the breakup. Well after no contact since, I get a phone call tonight from an unsaved number, it was him, ringing me to tell me he is after getting engaged, after only 3 months since our split. He went on to ring me once more, I didn't answer and has sent me three texts since saying he is really happy and hopes I'm happy for him too. I dont understand why he felt the need to ring me to tell me the news especially as I had requested no contact. I couldn't have found out about his engagenent as he lives in another county and he is not on social media so why the need to rub it in my face? dunno

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also I know she is obviously a better fit for him, but I find his behaviour odd.
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