What's Your Favorite Music Video?

Music videos have been around for some time now, however, really started making a visual statement (as art) in their own right (apart from the song); probably in the late 1980's. This was when "basic" special effects (generated by computers) came along.

Back then, (if you lived in Australia) you had to watch a show called "Countdown" (top of the pops format -on TV) to see your favorite musicians perform. In Australia, The ABC television station has a music video all night (weekends) TV show called "Rage" . In America it is MTV (or it was in the late eighties). Nowadays; of course, we have most music videos on youtube.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Blog open for each person to post their favorite music video/s.

(please post a maximum of 1 per comment). Comments are sought for each music video - Why do you like it? What makes it special?

To kick things off, I'll post a few of my favs. (there's really too many, to choose from)...

guitar guitar guitar
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Why Covid Vaccinations are necessary....

Why Covid-19 Vaccinations are necessary....

Young People...

Transmission Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated........

The obvious risks of acquiring "natural" immunity...........

What are the odds?....Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated.....

"Long Covid" A potential "bitter pill" for the Unvaccinated....

******Disclaimer**** Not intended as Individual Medical Advice.....Talk to your Doctor...
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Australia's Formidable Wildlife

Australia has the reputation of having the World's largest collection of poisonous, (and otherwise dangerous) wildlife. ALL of these animals should be treated with great care.....Most are found outside of urban areas...and do not present a problem to the average tourist....Enter their domain, however, and/or provoke them, and you are asking for real trouble!...particularly in a remote area, where it would be difficult for Emergency Services to access (we have a lot of those)....you've been warned!

Even the kangaroos seem to be getting out of hand!

Any comments, or questions, are welcome.............
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Fractal Generator: The Mandelbrot Set....NOT Your Average Blog!

Video link/s to the famous Mandelbrot Set - To Some of the Highest Levels of Detail Ever Recorded! (i.e the most Iterations)...

The Mandelbrot Set was discovered (mathematically) by Benoit Mandelbrot, (in 1980).

To Infinity, and Beyond? (At the Microscopic Level)?

This would seem to suggest Infinity is possible in the reverse direction (Think Zeno's Paradox). It is all a matter of scale. To think in this way; is to understand how the Big Bang could have come from an Infinitely Small Singularity. In fact, all of the Cosmological Evidence (background radiation) would seem to point toward the veracity of this statement.......

To Infinity, and Beyond (At the Macroscopic Level)?

Consider this, now, from the Reverse Point of View: Since the MS is Infinite in one direction; then why not the other way around? Likewise, this would seem to suggest that the Universe is Infinite at Vast Scales; which the human mind cannot process; and indeed fits the Mathematical Definition of Genuine Infinity....(there are various interpretations of this).......

Here the Argand Plane is used:

The x-axis (horizontal) represents the Real Numbers;
(as in a Cartesian standard graph)

The y-axis (vertical) represents the Imaginary Numbers;
(designated the iy axis);

where i = (-1)^1/2 = {the square root of (-1)}

Therefore, any Complex Number z can be written in the form:

z = a + ib

For any point (a,ib) on the Complex Plane.

The Real part of the Complex Number z is written:

Re(z) = a

The Imaginary part of the Complex Number z is written:

Im(z) = b

The iterative function f(z) For the Mandelbrot Set is:

f(z) = z^2 + C (for any complex constant C)

On the Argand plane (x, iy) axis.

(Explained Below)

Fractals at ANY level of magnification will produce self-similar but NOT Identical Patterns (generated by the information contained in the Original Set)....

Everything in Nature is Fractal; (The classic example would be a snowflake) - they are all indeed different, yet superficially the same; due to their self-similarity. Other examples would include leaves on a tree, and forks of lightning....

The Universe (itself) is Fractal.

This is why (mathematically) these Fractal Sets are very significant and important to study...

The Mandelbrot Set is probably the most famous fractal set; although there are many others (depending on the mathematical parameters chosen, and, of course, the initial function)...

These are the Link/s (below):

There are higher levels of Magnification (Iterations) available, like this one:

The final image, here, is Magnified to 10^4004 (that is 10 to the power of 4004). That is to say, a phenominally Large Number.

Or in other words, the number 10, with 4004 zeros after it! - (or 400,000 Iterations).

Only to get to a "typical" MS motif at the end......(Completely Mind Blowing!)

And two 3D ones for the Enthusiasts:

I really recommend this one:

And from another perspective:

I'll let these guys further explain the Mathematics used here (for those interested in more detail)...

Btw, I'm Not trying to show off here, I just find the Mandelbrot Set (and Fractals, in general) to be F..king Amazing!.......

***TRIGGER WARNING**** Use Extreme Caution if you have Epilepsy, or are otherwise susceptible.....

Watch and be amazed

Have Fun!
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Nihilism: What is it like to believe in Nothing?

It's probably no secret to many here, that I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Atheist, AND proud of it!

But, you see, Atheism, believes in something; and that "something" is that there is NO God, - or Indeed Gods. (Haven't seen any evidence for it so far), Yet ...I'm happy and serene, in this belief, and have been since I was about 7 or 8 years old (Yes, they raise some pretty good, and decent, Heathens, here in Australia).

Others; however, wish to take their "Beliefs" even a step further, again...This is Nihilism.

If you are not familiar with this Philosophy (and are interested in learning about it); then please watch the video link (below)......(approximately 15 mins)

I'm just putting this up, for the interest, of people, here

I have disabled the comments, not because I don't want to chat with you all; but because there are enough "God / anti-God" type blogs floating around here already....

How Australian Politics Works

How Australian Politics Works:

(And Why Nothing Can Ever Get Done, Efficiently, Within Budget, OR on time).

But why should Pauline get out of it "Scott Free" ?, I mean; her heart may be in the right place; but, she is a Politician, too

So, Pauline...this is for you............

(This was a previous TURD).............

(I don't mean the actor, in the video)

I mean, cowardly, rubbernecking, arse kissing, brown-nosing, deceitful, despicable, groveling, LITTLE Johnny Howard !!!

Hey, don't blame me! blame YouTube ! ......................rolling on the floor laughing

That's right; widely available ALL AROUND THE FREE WORLD!!!....
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Do mRNA covid vaccinations permanently change our DNA?

Well the answer to that is NO

It seems some here are addicted to anti-vax hysteria, and the pleasant (to them); resulting melodrama...

Sorry to disappoint the anti-vax brigade on here; but once again, they DO NOT permanently alter our DNA

Oh, and just what happens to those simply dastardly spike proteins? Well, once again; sorry to disappoint you all; but they are not permanent, either

***Disclaimer: not intended as medical advice. Talk to your Doctor***
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Not a scintilla of proof

There are those on here; who persist in accusing others, here, of having "multiple profiles"

What the bejesus?

To substantiate a claim, they need "evidence"....

Otherwise, they are no better than a child, and a very dull child at that.
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The Voltaire Blog.....


................I will Say No More on The Main Blog Page....

Please Discuss...
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