The Pen then Thee Pencil

Following my footsteps in reverse I journey to search for the dreams in which will guide me forward, onward down the path which is mine in truth. As doubt fills my mind, laughter fills my heart, and so forth joy spills from my soul. I linger for safety, for comfort in the thorns, though they may be, filled with angry storms. As an old friend warns, not to seek that which the dreams, fail to speak. For the temptations draw in the weak, with short lived pleasures and negative after effects, simply to deceive & misguide from the honest vibration inside. As a saw guides itself deeper into its target goal, so must I, dive deeper into my soul. Answers clear of bias are found nowhere outside the questioning mind, the most complete perspective is within the inner multiverse, for it is comprised of all the facets of the self, simultaneously.
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The Birth of..

How to begin,.. a question that plagues the very idea of living as I decide is best. One which cannot be defined by any; other than the self which chooses. 'Happiness is only real when shared.' My own words they are not, though less than true these words are far from. For a moment of happiness can be achieved time and time again, yet what is that moment, other than a beautiful point in one's existence. It defines the self, it drives the soul forward to the goal it strives to reach. It is something which is chased down the path which guides the eyes of the traveler. The one that calls to the wanderer in us all. It is lit by imagination, and lined with the dreamer's esoteric secrets.

It breathes us in and exhales our worry, our pain, & our troubles. Holds on for the comfort it can stand to grasp, as it soothes all agony both mental and emotional. Sickens us to test us, to strengthen that which is learning to become immune. War on the system creates beyond what it set out to destroy. The internal genocide of physical values allow for growth within the soul which otherwise cannot occur. The last importance of legality resides not on paper, not in leather-bound books containing law, but rather upon the mind. The mind which feeds the body, the mind which guides the soul, the mind outside the self. Illusion blocking potential from clarity, eyelids sewn shut with the last remaining thread of intelligence, the time now falters. Shifting on it's axis, tilting on it's balance, veil now slipping, yawns are heard in silence worldwide. The door soon to close, there are numerous others left to awaken. The final closure of which, may have it's profound effects upon the remaining few.

Startled and shaken, they stumble out into the light for the first time in ages. They wonder if there had ever been others that got to experience the beauty of the world they witness upon their first journey beyond the forbidden zone. Shouldn't they be the first or else the history of their ancestors is not what it seems. What was taught to be their past could very well be nothing more than delusional ramblings of an uncertain nature or time. A grand story which was forgotten countless times prior only to be reiterated as the memory of the wise one serves best. There is little that can be said beyond what the wisdom of the 'wisest' of a group has to say, without of course the rebellion of tradition first. Followed shortly by the re-guided understanding of truer values in which to lead the self in different directions and beyond further horizons.
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Wealth of life

As always, the beginning follows the end just as the night follows the morning. Little is consequence aside from the absence of common sense among the masses and a total loss of definable structure within the system held in place only by the image/tradition the people blissfully hold dear. It's not the new car you have, the house, the job, the assets and material wealth you have,.. real wealth of life is what is done with it. Who has been inspired by you, what still stands/exists/lives because of your presence. Life is the defining moment when you (your soul) has the chance to say what is on your agenda, do what is in your own personal nature, create beyond what you ever have experienced into the physical world. There is nothing left that is unreasonable to assume once your limit's threshold has been set adrift. The ramp has been placed before you, the crowd quiets, your heart races as time slows to a stop; you no longer are thinking with your body's physical mind (brain). Now you have arrived to a place of action where time flows in a less direct manner and active ability is more direct as well as more naturally fluid. This state of flow allows for a more advanced method of performing any action with the body. No interrupt or delay in acting on an idea, seeing as there is no obvious thoughts on the surface at this time; instead intention is king. A goal is now a reality if put into action, no hesitation, lack of understanding or worry of outcome. The body becomes a tool to print ideas, a true vessel to inspire progress. At this point a personal singularity has been reached in which the initiate now possesses the ability to complete that which is desired. These states of flow forgetfully hold such virtues with the common man; they who find themselves in such a state only to shake themselves out of it as though it were counter-intuitive to embrace it...
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Who am I to ask the question?
Who are they to deny my answer?
Who are you to ignore the outcome?
Who are we to accept what we are told?
Who is this which fights the truth?
Who is that which fabricates lies to become tradition?
Who suffers without an enemy to blame?
Who tortures without feeling the least bit of shame?
Who is lost with no road to follow?
Who cries with no one to hold them?
Who dies only to be added to a statistic?
Who's eyes witness wrong and do nothing?
Who's crimes go unpunished?
Who's successes go unnoticed?
Who's innovations get buried?
Who dies with good intentions?
Who kills with profit being the only motive?
Who blindly follows those obsessed with power?
Who competes to own?
Who suffers to save?
Who sacrifices to believe?
Who practices the practiced?
Who reads the already known?
Who watches the past unfold, without fearing the future?
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The New Spectrum of The Here and Now

Every so often you come to wonder what It is to find yourself thinking. The thoughts flowing through your mind as though they are beyond your control, almost as though you are simply witnessing your mind at work rather than decisively choosing your thought process consciously. This in any case is what is happening; for you to be aware of your thoughts only to the extent of witnessing them unfold across your mental screen as though played before you in glimpses. Then it should become apparent quite quickly that you are not your brain. Your brain is chemicals & signals, you are your soul who wears the body as a sort of suit in which to interact with the physical world. Therefore “witnessing” the thoughts the body has if not managed consciously.
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The embodiment..

Is there a center for the longing that I've felt for years? Is there a place I must go, or journey I must take; perhaps a lesson still to be learned? What can guide me if not my own intuition? How can I follow a path that I don't lay before me? So many questions, such a seemingly short period to recognize the extent of which my actions will benefit my comfort level.. How can I express myself in the manner I wish to? Let alone, to whom? Each other that I confide in loosely creates the whole which is my external opinion center. Alone is efficient yet lacking of purpose.. as is a shared soul I suppose.. all just a temp adjustment to relax on a different level of active responsibility. For either yourself or both you and partner. Lost is my name and forgotten my last.. or so it feels when thought about..

Thought it was that my equal had found me, distance being the only boundary; yet to know this in truth I cannot. Separated by time and space I wander aimlessly in hope of being awakened to my calling, that which is definite and precise.. The goal has fluctuated in the path that leads to it, and yet it is still one in the same..Love.. the only comfort that allows me to flourish. The guidance that once drove me to step back and create my life rather than simply live with the class the world had selected for me. That must be my divine inspiration, the end result of acceptance to the utmost extreme which I so foolishly lost.

Yet with this realization now apparent, it reveals that I have been waiting this whole time since admittance to the realm of love, to find it once more. One final time, the search may be my end, would it then be worth it? Even if the life ahead is only more time spent simply waiting? Alone in my attempt to share my endless compassion for another that will accept it.. It frightens me, the thought of being a lover and having no outlet to express my truest self.. I am awkward because I withhold my fullest emotions as if reserved for the lover I don't currently have.. My potential misplaced and unheard, merely forgotten before its ever witnessed.

Appreciation, trust, perhaps respect, these are the forms of fuel I run solely off of whilst I am without a stabilizer such as love to intensify the flames of willpower. Friends hold me together, aside from their knowledge in the part they play within my life, they are the keystone which keeps it all running as smoothly as they perceive it is. This vessel which is seen as the embodiment of me. I live for them now more than ever.. I share my ability openly to all their appreciative needs. I do what they need to be done to the best of my ability. I'm glad to help, as are they to receive it.

I only mean good for all, and yet sadly.. few will ever understand the full extent of which I strive to achieve this on a daily basis. I am what I am, what I become is determined solely by the hand of love & it's essence before me. Until then I will wander.. down which roads no-one knows.
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Pen to paper, Ink to page..

Pen to paper, ink to page, the story writes itself throughout your life. Isn't it your own destiny to live your life? without influence from others, without the direction of any other than your own eternal compass leading you where your soul does wish to reach? The path defined only by the dreams of the self and no other. Little can stop the will of the driven few which lie slumbering beneath the surface. Those of us all whom gather when the world stands amiss, torn from it's ways by profit driven simpletons. With open eyes and souls ready to listen to the call of help shuttering from the depths of ones own core, to fix the mess we have made for ourselves. To reach for the dreams we all can feel burning within, those we know can be reached, and yet until now were thought to be just outside the bounds of possibility. Sustainable food sources, power without limits, free of waste, lacking all loss of efficiency, limitations once had on all forms of progress lifted. Unlimited possibilities arise from free-thought with no bias in mind. Imagine for just a moment that you could have all the energy you could use free of charge, a printer that could provide you with anything you could think of, out of any material known.. The mind runs wild if you let it from such a statement, yet it is not far-fetched in this day and age. We are at but the cusp, of this moment in time, when this all proves to be more than just possible but alas, is an option available now if we accept it. We must quit the things that have failed us, and move on, rather than sit idle whilst the world crumbles unnecessarily around us. Realize our mistakes and improve upon what we've learned along the way, thus far. It is never too late to admit you are wrong, only too early to submit; that you can't look for other options. There always is an answer yet to be found, elsewhere if not already within reach, it is upon you to know simply how to find the answers you seek. If the quest for answers becomes your mastery what could there ever be which you did not understand? Nothing could stand in our way nor would need to. An intuitive, clear-minded, well nourished populace could build currently next to unimaginable feats of engineering which could open the doors for endless way of life altering level expansions of human ingenuity. There would be new tech hitting the shelves daily at some point. The rate of change exponentially increasing as people everywhere solve the problems plaguing us all for as long as we've known. The truest bliss, could exist.
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A Finite Perspective

Perspective defines reason, with no reference to someone's perspective there is little to no way to see it from their point of view. Associations with past experiences determine the finer points of one's perspective, some simple such as a specific song being tied to a period of life, while others layered with complexity such as one's hardwired morals/beliefs intertwining with multiple emotions on the topic at hand. No matter the specifics, every perspective is wildly in variation with any external one. Similarities may be apparent but the fact of the matter is still the same; you can never honestly say: “I know how you feel” when someone is feeling down, because you can't, you may have an idea but nothing more than a glimpse of one at best.
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