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When filling in the CS profile, we choose "occupation" from a list. In my case, as a member of Danish Writers Association, I picked Writer / Journalist. I have written books and articles. I have even made more than two blogs here on ConnectingSingles. ;-)

To many a potential partners occupation is essencial, more important than the size of income. I think it’s all about status: we like to date a person with a honorable job. An important person, so to speak.

So, I got in contact with a woman in Eastern Europe. We were looking forward to meet - but then I wrote something, she did not like. I told her, that I currently work as a chauffeur. She got upset, accused me for lying about my profession. She certainly did not dream of dating a simple driver!

Well, my job as a chauffeur is only temporary. In Denmark there is only two procent unemployment, and there is a huge need for labour with legal drivers license. Just to help a local catering company and collect extra money for my next travel, I picked this job, bringing out hot and healthy meals to old citizens in the countryside.

I am paid 17 € per hour, I informed her and continued: One day you’ll be old and hungry too. Do you think, you will then still give a f*ckfinger to the chauffeur?

She appologized, but I was no longer interested. Dinner is cancelled. I’ll keep my temporary job for another month or two - and then travel to meet a cute and hardworking shop owner in Thailand. She is okay with me just temporary being a honorable chauffeur - in fact, I am just a simple writer. :-)
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Australian Closed

Don’t be surprised if Novak Djokovic in just a few years will make his comeback as one of the world's biggest sports names.

It is not the first time a world champion has been knocked out for not doing what the politicians ordered him to do. Right now, many are very satisfied - but in hindsight, the process against Nole will be seen as grotesque and completely unreasonable. And people will be ashamed of the racist undertones and lies that the political circus is currently driven by.

Muhammad Ali was also not doing what the politicians demanded. The boxer would not allow himself to enlist in the U.S. Army and take part in the Vietnam War. And the punishment was harsh and unfair: a sentence of five years in prison. He was deprived of his boxing license, his World Cup belts - people would not even recognize his name. That was in 1967.

But just three years later, the world looked different. The mood of the people was reversed. There were huge demonstrations against the Vietnam War and the racially divided USA.

Muhammad Ali had thrown his Olympic gold medal into the river after an episode in his hometown Louisville. He had walked into the town's fine restaurant with the medal around his neck and ordered two cheeseburgers.

- We do not serve negroes…
- And I do not eat them! Just give me two cheeseburgers…

The Olympic champion was kicked out of the restaurant just because he was black. And in Vietnam, blacks accounted for a quarter of the casualties, even though they accounted for only 12% of the U.S. population.

The US Supreme Court overturned Muhammad Ali's prison sentence, he was acquitted of all charges. He made a rock-solid comeback when the Champion of the World got his boxing license back.

He was right! He sure was the Greatest, even when he went an impressive 32 laps against the Parkinsons. Billions of viewers saw the sport's biggest icon stand with the torch and with trembling hands light the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony in Atlanta. That was in 1996.

Muhammad Ali died in 2016, 74 years old.
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Temporary husband

I’m a middle-aged man interested in middle-aged women, and I travel a lot.

Three weeks ago, I returned home after almost four months in Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. It was a great experience, corona restrictions were limited, life was pretty much back to normal.

I use Connecting Singles and Tinder to get in contact with local women my own age, wherever I go. It’s nice to have a cup of coffee at a café together with a new female friend, who is also interested in travelling, books, films and nature.

Most middle-aged men seem to be interested in much younger women, so for a dude like me: slim, smart, funny and friendly, it is not at all difficult to find a woman between 50 to 68 years of age. There are a lot, who divorced from their ex-husband, because he found a much younger model - and there are also a lot of widows, because their husband was so much older - and then he died.

Of course they like to have coffee or dinner with me. And here is the story about my last month on Balkan:

I met a nice woman in Serbia, at the café close to the clock tower in Novi Sad. We enjoyed each others compagny, laughed and talked about everything. It was very amusing and we cheek kissed and connected on Viper.

She called me some days later, and asked if I would like to meet again? She had rent an apartment in Belgrade for some days. There was a double bed, and we slept together.

She had an idea: I could be her temporary husband. She needed a long holiday, after her husband left her for a much younger girl, he claimed was the love of his life. After more than 30 years of marriage with my new female friend.

She had a black Peugeot and found interesting places around the country, where we could stay. Places I would never had found myself. In the mountains you can get a whole house for the same price as a simple hotel room in Denmark.

We were not really in love, but very good friends - as most real couples are, I think. And travelling together was so good. We shared the expensives, and the people we met said, we were a fine couple.

You might say, it was a fake marriage - and you’re right. But it was in fact based on respect, warm feelings and the wish of staying together day and night with another guy, for a while.
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