A Big Thank you to Donald Trump and his Government for Keep in The Peace In The World

Thank you!
We Need To Get Along Between Countries!
We Need To Compromise To Achieve Peace!
We Need To Treat each other with Respect!
We Need To Spread Love Not Hate!
Thank You Again!


What is your Oppinion
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"Thank You"! To All The People In Here & All Around The World!

Who Are Speaking The True!
Even When They Could Be Risking They Own Life
I am Sorry for the One They Already Did Risk They Lifes!
"" Thank You"
" Yo Will Never Be Forgotten "
"God Bless You All"
From falicia
What Is Your Opnion?

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I Hope Peace In The World Will Win!

I am Sure We All Want It!
So We Should Pray!
We Do Not Want To Go Back To Wars!
We Being Seen Enough, Poverty, Life Lost, People Been Left With Mental Illnesses, People Been Loosing Their Homes, Their Positions, People Been Fled To Other Countries, Where They Are Not Wanted !
We Witness Children Been Kill,!
We Need Peace and Only Peace In The World , For Now And Forever!
We Been Seen , That Compromising Is Key for Peace!
Thank You!

From FaliciaXO

What Is Your Opinion?

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" Please" Joe Biden and Goverment, " Please Stop The Killing In Gaza City!

You Could Pull Strings On Israel!
You Are Able To Do It!
Let's Have Peace Again!
Innocent Children Are Dying!
"Please Stop The Killing Right Now!"
We Did Had Peace , For Some Years Until Now!
Let's "Have It Again"
Thank you
By Falicia

What Is Your Opinion?
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Negativity Is Toxic ( Poisonous)

Negativity Is Also a Weaknesses!
Sometimes Faceless People Are Focusing on The Negative!
They Can Not Wait to Jump, When a Mistake Is Done! (SPelling Mistakes)
They Feed On That!
Once a Upon of Time, People, Will Do Mistakes, They Will Learn from ,and Move On!
No One Is Perfect!
Mistakes Are Part of Life!

Negativity Will Bring you Down!
Is a Serious Consecuences of Been Negative!
Lower Self Steem, Unhappiness, Cardiovascular Disease, Dementia, Stroke CVA(Cerebrovascular -Accident , Poor Immune System,
Stroke(CVA)=Cerebrovascular Accident. etc.
Thank you!
By Falicia

What Is Your Oppinion?

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Well Done England For Treating Covid-19 As a "Flu"!

How Your Medical Institutions Write!
Covid-19 Has Symptoms of a " Flu"!
Therefore It Is Just Justified Calling It " Flu"
Untill Now Covid- 19 Is Been So So Complicated for Us To Understand It!
I Hope The Rest of The World , Follow Your Steeps!
Thank you

What Is Your Oppinion?

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"Happy Valentine's Day to All The People in C.S"

"And the Good People In the Whole World"!
We Are All Love!
Keep Up Your Good Work!
Because We Are In This World for a Reason!
God Bless You All!
Thank you!
From FaliciaXO
What Is Your Opinion?
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Y? Men Or Women Pull Out From a Person They Love In a Relationship? ( Based On My Own Experiences)

This Is a Huge Struggle People Has to Go Through, When They Feel Afraid!
They Can Not Forget, The Suffering They Felt In They Past Relationships , When They Were So In Love, and They Was Perpetrate, From The Person They Did Love So Much!
Some Of Them Lost Everything ,Family, Friends, Positions , Money etc.

In Most Cases After Those Experiences They Just Seeking " One Night Stand"
That Could Go On For Years Until They Fund Them Selves In love Again!
So The Fear From Been Hurt Again , Make Them, To Pull Away From That New Relationship!

That Is a Pity, Because In Most Cases That Is The Person They Belong To!

My AdviceTo All Those People Is : " Please Seek Counselling"

Do Not Pull Away From The Person You Love!
We Are All Different and Unique!
We Should Not Be Compared With Others!
Thank you!
From Falicia
What Is Your Opinion?

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" She or He Is Too Good To Be True" "Please Be Aware"

There Is People You Meet at There, In Dating Sites, or Anywhere Looking for Targets Like You!
Many of us, Trying to Be The Best We Could, But Sometimes We Come Across,Some One , Who Will Not Stop on Nothing to Get What (She or His) Want!
They Make up Dramas of They Past, They Want Your Pity First!
They Paint a Beautiful Picture Of Them Selves!
Then You Slowly Slowly Getting Hook, Because You Find That Person <So Nice , But So Unlucky!
Then You Start Helping Them, With Anything You Could, Money, Rent Money, Groceries, Food etc
Then You Find Your Self, Too Blind to See " The Red Flags"
Red " Flags" Like TheyHave Children, But They Ex Has " Custody"
Then You Bring Them To Your Place !
Later You Find Out , That Your Expensive Possessions Are Missing!
"So Please Be Aware "
Thank you !

From Falicia

What Is Your Opinion!

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" My Congratulations To President Joe Biden And All His Team"

I Just Will Like To Ask Him?
" Please Keep The Peace In The World"
I am The Voice From All Those Who Been Suffering , Because Wars!
" Peace Was Achieved During The Formal President Donal Trump"!

" Please Lets Keeper It!"
Lets Do It For Our Self, Our Children,And Grand-Children!
" Lets Live In Peace!"
Thank You
By Falicia
What Is Your Opinion?

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I Wish You 2020 Bring You, Happiness , Prosperity and Good Heath, for You , and Your Family's !
From Me Falicia!

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What Happens To Romance In A Relationship?

It Is Not Romance Anymore !
Because Is Porn Everywhere?
Why Can We Not Put Our Hearts Into Anymore?
No Wonder Why ? So Many Divorces!
Can We Steep Back , and See What We Doing to Our Self's!
We Have To Show Our Children a Good Example
Bye FaliciaXO
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