Why men want all these qualities in her girlfriend. Is it possible???

She love humanity

She respect his parents

She respect others

She care others views .

She respect other opinions no matter agreed or disagreed but respect other opinions.

She believe table talk

She is not fighter

If any one hurt her . she try to win heart again and again . with her good behavior and love .

She love music

She love animals

She knows about routine necessary cooking .

She is not a angry person.

She is some open minded

She believe every problem have solution . and solution is
table talk.

She believe on love.

She problems solver not created.

She love Rose

She knows what is husband importance in her life .

She care her dressing

She care her makeup

She has some knowledge about her day and night dressing

She always do morning walk or running.

She has knowledge how important morning kiss when husband going to office. Hahaha

She always stand with husband in good work .

She always stand with husband if he feel problems.

She has good heart . face beauty no problem.

She like some movies.

She has awareness ( knowledge) about routine home necessary things shopping like vegetable clothes shirts. Trouser .

She have awareness about sex.

If she feel bad manner from husband . she don't fighting immediate . she go home and when husband and she alone sitting. she convince her husband with talk . and say him that was bad manner never do that again.

If she feel husband is in wrong any matter . she don't fighting immediately. She solved that problem with talk and love.

She love God and have fear of God for peoples or animals

She is government routine rules followers.

If she is any kind disability no problem but she has awareness about love talking and sex handling.

She always treat her boyfriend like a king.

She believe her boyfriend.

She give time her boyfriend for love and talk.

She knows ( knowledge) how managed a home .

She knows ( knowledge ) how treat friends.

She knows love is very important between both side.

She gives importance her boy friend

She knows how she take love from boy friend.
She is out of greediness.:

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