Warning [ .!

Mctag. ) McBob is in [ sabado ] mode.

We recommend you policy pro Noun pros take a
Scientiferous gander at the July 11th PSA for
New York City. Because there is Rich Evidence within this video that our Government is occupied Entirely by Industrial $trength IDIOTS.
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...r . a. n g e .} .XV.

After reading every Emotion....there is understanding
..as you enter the Realm..- fortune cookie

...k] no time...(..g. who. ?...
...out of blue . ) . system F.
C...yhwh. } .u2... Yankee hotel wonder hotel.
2..make this go on forever ) .snow patrol..
1. Making time . ) .the Creation
...a.r. ) ..sum where ) .over the Rainbow..). Garland..
Liner note. Entropy denied { ..ie, gold.
..searchin...) ..the Beatles
.speech : John..) anthology One.
C... hallelujah ! .eYe love her so...
2..speech: Paul .) .from disc One.
1. Shout.
..also ran.) .how do you do it ? ..
...please stand by....( .. surreal pillow...ad...)
8 4 8 7 ..S. outh.
.8219...)...Low plain. ) .ie., frezno.
0 2 6 8...W.est..) ..strong radio Net..
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Sp4 Buzzell [ Empath

Tag.} killing time in Iraq...

..want to know what an Op in Iraq is like ? ..go put on some boots, long pants, long sleeve shirt & skate board knee pads. Grab your football helmet , gloves & a huge backpack.
Then go to the nearest fitness center. Go to the weight room & throw a 50 lbs. Weight in the backpack...now put another 35 lbs. Plate on top of the 50.. don't forget..add 1 gallon of water to pack.
Put the helmet & gloves on and proceed direct to a 120 F° sauna. ...
Now in the sauna, tear out the center fold of any Natl. Geographic 3rd world shit hole & tape to the wall.
Now stare at the image for 6 hours.But to make it realistic pour on sum feces & flies & bugs into the ambient space..... standby. ) ...
Page 194....My War, Sp4 Colby Buzzell { 2005.
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R a n g e ....[ addenda

Mctag. )..to all my Critics w/ teddy bears...

Once considered the best $how of its kind, with sum of the best guitar work ever recorded, to go with a simple name from Amerikan aviation..} U 2.
..this is their super Position ) ..as eYe 'feel it.'
Who's gonna ride UR* wild horse ?
C...the Joshua Tree
.2..how to dismantle an Atom bomb..
1. .yhwh.
...now then, if you had 2.66% of this "rubbish"
You could buy up properties in Fresno or Bel air
With money left over for Burger King & a Chevrolet.

And if you were at full participation, ie, a band mate,
The benefits go without me repeating it...
..just to point out.) Carte blanche at any fine hotel ..with every Politician under the Sun wanting to know you..
*217..ur/uwr...4... flame, light, East x wake up.
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If 'god' had a press secretary...} ..

.tag.) ..and / or if HE had a CStepford profile...wink
..user Name. ) ..no presumption..no fooling.

I am : .yah.
Location.) .10th dimension.) . timeless.
Last on Line : .and the First.
Height.| . awesome.
Body type.| .awe ,+ sum.
Ethnicity.) ..set Apart. | .Qodesh.
Hair color .) . spectacular..+..wavy.
eYe color. ) .clear. blue.
Education. | . Creator + content + cat maker.
Religion.)..kosher physics.) Yahudism.
Occupation.) ..see Cat maker, mountain builder. Rain maker.
Income. ) . Unlimited, unsearchable.
Smokes. ) .I am a consuming fire.
Drinks. ) .. continuously.
Marital status. ) . always available.
Has kids. ) . several million.
Wants kids. ) . maybe.
Sign. | .beware of dog.
.. Distance. | .true North x way up.

This has been a joint Ripper the Empath , wing Command white paper. . standby. ) ..

Paging ..blue 09..

Mctag. ) .aka crown affair.

Hast thou burned out already ? .secret agent ..or just plain old free agents .. should never be flustered , filibustered, or intimidated by all the juvenile light weight chaff of the PepsiCo Google machine.
$€€ ..CBS news YouTube shorts..
Re, the pearl harbor Watergate broken glass dead Republican Committee Clusterfuchs hearings for
Inside inspiration.... comment scroll offers examples of TV blowback & Logic.
Many others besides Ripper are wondering where them 81 million voters R ...when Joe Rotunda needs a bump in polling numbers...
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R a n g e ....[ 10

.tag.} the pure physics of perfect logic.
.. subtitle; or Bible truth using billboard syntax.

..sample One.
Number One record / big Star
Rock of Ages / the Band
.yhwh / U 2
...................3. the 3rd degree is constant.
2. .give me just a little more time / chairman of board
1. No Time / guess who [ ?
....the beat goes ON, the physics remain hot...
White Light / Clark
Focus II. ) Moving Waves / focus
...........in the Court of the Crimson King / king C....
....to ..be ..continued .) . Hayes.
3....( Entropy denied here-- permanently.
......A question of balance | moody blues
Everywhere at Once / Plimsouls
.b. fire & water / Free
a. In Rainbows .) . radio head. ) ..
...he has early warning, he got jew-Jew eYeball...JL..
... signed, sealed & delivered / Wonder
Tapestry / C. King
Y h w h ) .U too.
....black Moses / Issac Hayes
Look at yourself / seriously wink ) Uriah heep.
.......C.......[ Made in his image..
R U beginning to SEE the Logos- logic ?
.......a. ALIVE ! / Empire of the Sun
.b. absolutely LIVE / DOORS [ of perception
C...yod hay wah hay....) ..baby.
.......1. songs for beginners / Nash
..2. Time & Place / Moses [ drawn from H20
3.........[ ..for Openers, most educated people
.....still do not know his name is a function of Time.]
Logical Song / SuperTramp
Every picture tells a story / Stewart
C.......in the beginning was the Word.....
.......x. who knows where time goes ?/ Fairport Conv.
.y. who came first / Townsend
.Z...who was, who is & is to come ..

.. standby. ) .
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R a n g e ....[ .14.

.tag. } . another Excedrin headache for A. I .& .spy..
..( dewing math bee cause numbers have yet to lie..*
.* ..fed reserve , rock foundation, noteable exception$. )
.3 0 6 8....
.- 2315...(.2...inner chamber | .of the South.
....0753... length + .for, ) .ever.
...design in rhythm ) ..ice Choir
.. who'll stop the Rain ? ) .C C R.
C....psalm 147:17...who can withstand his icy blast?
.2..storm bringer..) .deep purple.
1..a Legal matter .) ..who..{ .?..
... color Co Ordinates...
710.. purple....} . entries from the strong coloring book.
3 0 6 8..y h w h...) .who was & yet is.....to come......
..977...).. good choice.
.2091..Au | .gold...} .eYe will salute all officers & colors or standards uncased..usmc gen. Order 10.

.. teaspoons of essential hebrew.- Aramaic...
1234...baqa. ) .open
1834...* .silent [ is the ]. sackcloth weaver.
3068........most efficient movements R silent.**
* .from, dammeseq..) . Damascus.
** .first rule of seal ops, ) combat.
..yet another X ray. ) .of super Position....
.. Atmosphere. ) .joy division.
. everywhere at Once. ) . Plimsouls..
C... hallelujah ! .) . Buckley..
.2. .Live Forever. ) . Oasis..
1...psalm 01. ) Fowler Philharmonic.
...also ran. ) .black moshe ) . Hayes..
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L A . [ Confidential

Tag.} A most impressive List ..{ A list.
...in a town stuffed & amended with gossip Columnist$ & trade publications, eYe have found a secret... first, check this list...( Which is by no means- a completed inventory..) John Ford...John Wayne
..Walt Disney....Henry & Peter Fonda,
Jack Nicholson
Dennis Hopper...| James Dean ?*
Col. Paul Tate .[ Father of Sharon
Robert Henlein.{ .stranger in a strange Land.**
L Ron Hubbard ..[ founder of $cientology
Ron Wilson Reagan. } .) . )...here is the best kept secret of Century 20....each of these people having spent quality time @ Lookout Mtn. Lab *+
Spanning over 6 Decades..and None of them chose to mention what they did there in interviews, biography's, or film retrospective$.
* Dean is speculated to have "been there".
**We know the writer was there from Location-- once upon a 1960's..living @ 8775 Lookout Mtn. Ave.
*+...the most prolific ( and the LARGEST !
FILM $TUDIO. in the World.
...part 2....and $eeing as it was a Film $tudio [ s.
In it's hey-day, the mystery compounds thus..
No one today can produce a film or negative print- nor name a "project" featuring that A list... while employed at said $tudio.
Thus the question 1$... What in the starry blue Fandango was going on there ?
A hint towards an acceptable answer is knowing what the property is used for Today...
Namely, a refuge space for Actors who need the latest new age Therapy for beating their various addictions & Legal problems.
...parting shot & wrap..
..it would appear the place had operational security the KGB would Envy. ..eYe think the reason NO private thought or opinion escaped from the Mountain..) .. superior Mind Control.
The cover story, btw, was Lookout Mtn studio was used to develop Air Force & Atomic Energy films.
This would not explain why you have stages, & the most sophisticated special effects & animation works the world NEVER saw...
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Modern Astro Not Lore

...once again, the Yanks & mission control square off in another game of Rounders..
And boredom, confusion & defeat wrap the Entire Eastern Seaboard - again with Epic but very Expensive L0s$.
The day Houston moved to League Amerika
Was a happy day for the Bobster.
And the non Fathomable serious series they played in the Corona October of 2020 ( vs. Oakland
Was the humanitarian highlight of the year...
2 very good teams playing in an EMPTY STADIUM
In spectiferous fall weather. Known as a "pitchers park"...Dodger stadium nevertheless was bombarded by 24 dingers in 5 daze....later on I found that a friend of mine was there.
When I asked him how he managed to breach security...he matter of factly told me he texted a number .. attached an image { .of himself
And presto chango, his cardboard likeness was installed in a box seat by Dodger Government worker bees.
...can you see, O Amerika..by the sun set light
That our flag is hecho en China ? ..
.. standby. ) ...
For a few dollars more ) Eastwood & Colt .45
Grand slam on the Yuhcatan. ) ..beats Me.
Empty baseball park ) whiskey Town.
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...r . a. n g e ( .13..

..w/ notes...
To daze x ray... yesterday once more..
....make this go ON ..For ever .} ..snow patrol
.b...play @ your own risk .} .planet patrol..
C......pop quiz.| . guess who .?.
..2. .stwy 2 heaviness .) .landing Zone.
1...all the Above. } Maino.ft. T pain
...also ran.} .please stand by. | .the outer . limits...
.. Parkinson bumps into Color. Ordinates...pt.2
( Despite simplification, technical gain improves...
....gold. .} . Interference...[ .dan..7:1
Daniel ./ Elton John.....
C.............{ ..dan.6:2....
2... Listen, learn..read On.} .deep . purple
1...Leap of faith. } .I Q.
...daniel says it's the best place he's ever seen...he
. should know, he's been there enough....
... having convinced my self it's a live Exercise, eYe now remind you. ) .. evidence screams continuously that the Recording Industry cannot let go of bible stories..) ..and the reverse Engineering thereof...
Isis & Osiris./ Ayreon.
The statue got me high .) .they might be giants.
Secret history of the human race.) Blood Incantation
..also ran.) Standing on the shoulders of giants.) Oasis
..Liner note. see. Enoch book one.
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A C E.{ 3

. advantage Closure... Entropy.

..the Arrow of Time. | ..get yourself up./ Head east
...... set Controls for heart of Sun./ .p. Floyd
Heart of the sunrise. } Y E S.
...also ran. ) .pure Energy / Information Society
. synthesis. ) .past, present, future./ Brain ticket.
... Meanwhile, ..in the Dictionary of Strength, there
.be Strong medicine for weak sheople & sinner-folk.
3791. .the ] scribe pictures.
. 723. .feed..) and/ or food 4 mcthought.
3068.....Jer. 10:10 , 15:16
..UV sun + physics + number = a scribe picture.
..3068...yhwh..| psalm 33:11
....848. his
2220. Arm... exodus chapt.6.
..........H O T. 2527..) .per a change in logic within the
System / scroll..the Energy remains constant.
....right hand. 541.
3519. Ka'bod............... .... 3519. Heavy x Splendor
3068.... Neh. 8:10.............. 469. El of treasure
0451. Strong [ Concordance..3050. yah | short form of 3068.
....6119. Footstep.[ .s
....3050...... yah. } .who is.
... 3069...from 3068. } .who is & was & is to come
.........(. Psalm 77:19. ) .....
1916. . footstool.
1152. Counsel of yah.
3068......psalm 110.
.. epilogue...
Making Time / the Creation
5,4,3,2,1../ Mann
Yhwh / U2..
...also ran.} Times Up. } Living Colour
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