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Prison letter 1

This is a copy of a letter which I recently sent to a prisoner.

Hello. I like your answer. At least you replied. Thank you. I hope that between the two of us there will be many more messages and that we will become great friends. I am just very concerned about people who are in jail. Please allow me to make my own interpretation about the phenomenon which is the wall murals of ancient Egypt showing everyone and every thing in profile. You are in jail. The most significant thing about that is that while you are there you will not be killed in a car accident or fall off of a cliff. If I go to see my doctor tomorrow I will be contributing to medical science which has the potential to benefit others. Is this true or false? There is no progress without patients. As I get older I may be seeing a doctor more often. I may undergo procedures and treatments and be prescribed medications. All of that has the potential to benefit other people because I will be contributing to medical science. If I die at a younger age I will have contributed less to medical science. By controlling people they are more likely to contribute more to medical science. You are being controlled. Maybe you should be in jail. Maybe you do need to be corrected. Many things are possible. It is also possible that there is no good reason to be keeping you confined in a prison. Maybe you are not a bad person. Maybe other people are the bad ones. I have not really looked at your arrest record or any of that. I don’t know why you are in jail. I don’t need to know. However let's imagine that you are in jail for selling drugs for example. Many people are. In that case would that mean that you are a bad person? If someone is enjoying drugs they might be so busy enjoying their life that they forget to go for an annual check-up at the doctors office. Therefore they would be contributing less to medical science. The argument to counter this is that people are not enjoying themselves. That is true however it is also true that there is nothing good to enjoy because of the laws and law enforcement which makes it very difficult to buy something to enjoy which is desirable. Therefore the idea that people are miserable because they are consuming drugs is a an argument which is ridiculous. Just because the only thing available to people is terrible does not mean that there is nothing to enjoy. Most likely your life and definitely the life of many, many other people is miserable because of the people in charge who want you to be a slave. I am asking you for my sake and for the sake of millions of other people to be very careful when you consider your own motivation in regard to the things that you support. Even a person in jail can have slaves. Oh yes the wall murals of ancient Egypt. I think that it would be better to discuss that later. My ambition is to get everyone out of jail, to change the laws and to start over.
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Mood altering substances 2

Being popular among the poor does not make me a great prospect for a relationship. It does not make me the worst either.
As you know when people advertise to find a mate as we are doing now we have something that is called a "personals profile". That only shows how big this problem is. Anything that gets in the way of large numbers of people spending large amounts of time seeing a doctor is being removed.
As I wrote earlier medical progress is wonderful but so is having lots of choices. If a person does not have lots of choices they do not have freedom and if a person does not have freedom they are a slave.
With every crime there is motive and opportunity. I have explained motive. The opportunity comes from taking advantage of a child.
Everyone wants good health and everyone wants access to healthcare however that does not make it right to empty someone's pockets because it is seen that they are about to walk past the distillery.
It is too easy to say that one is opposed to this, that and the other thing because of a concern for others. That is not the human condition. That is not life. The flower does not put out a bright color and a nice smell to benefit someone else. It wants to be pollinated. In many cases, the overwhelming majority of cases it is easy to tell oneself that we are the wonderful one and that someone else is bad in order to have things our way, to benefit ourselves while being oblivious to the deprivation of others.
If someone drinks a lot and if I tell them that it is healthier if they drink less it must be understood that them drinking less serves my interests because if they drink less they will be being more careful with their health. Part of that is seeing the doctor more often which contributes to medical science which benefits me. It must be understood that your motives in supporting high taxes and prohibitions are selfish.
Who is poor? The people who are poor are the people without slaves. You may think of many people as being poor when really they are not because although in terms of owning material things they may have very little if they support laws which take away people's right to enjoy their own life so long as they are not harming others then they have slaves and people with slaves are not poor.
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Mood altering substances 1

Ways in which people are being offered the enjoyment of cruelty by victimizing me: For example virtually all of the wall paintings (murals) from ancient Egypt depict people and animals in profile. A wall of a building or a room ends in a corner and a corner comes to a point. A wall on it's own also comes to a point.

If an image of a man or a male animal on a wall is shown in profile and if that man or animal has an erection then that erection would be pointing towards the sharp corner of the room or the sharp corner of the building or other structure or towards the end of a wall which can also be sharp. In those paintings or murals virtually all of the people and animals are shown in profile.

This is being done to threaten me with being stabbed or cut or speared or otherwise injured or killed unless I perform a sex act with a man or an animal. This is an example of me being publicly threatened, coerced, sexually abused and in fact slowly murdered in a conspiratorial way which amounts to international organized crime involving billions of people.

It is far, far beyond all reasonable explanation to explain why any artist would choose to do a mural in which every living thing is only shown in profile, never mind every artist doing the same thing in every painting for 2,500 years.

Through the ages a single person is being slowly murdered one by one. When one dies another is chosen to be victimized. That person is currently me. The enjoyment comes from singling out a person to be victimized.

We have the expression, "corner store." This expression is not used in everyday life. People will say that they are going to the store or they might say the name of the store. People do not say that they are going to the corner store. Many things are not available at the store. The expression "corner store" is in use to offer the enjoyment of cruelty by threatening me with having the corner of the store put up my behind or into my body by me being stabbed.

The expression "corner store" is in use to offer people the enjoyment of cruelty because it is used to coerce me to steal by implying that a way for me to avoid being cut or stabbed or perhaps speared or being required to perform a sex act is to steal. This is true because if one "stores" a corner of a building up their behind or in a hole in their side or if someone else does that to them that would not be a good thing. Me being coerced to steal is me being murdered.

People should be allowed to buy MAS freely if they wish. The prisons all over the world should be emptied and the people set free. Prostitution should be fully legalized and unregulated. Prostitution is illegal because the most common situation is an older man using those services instead of spending his savings at the doctors office. Prostitution can be an opportunity for women because there is less risk of injury compared to many other types of work. That is another reason for why it is illegal, to increase injuries to women so that they need a doctor.

The insurance industry should be abolished entirely. There should be no licencing requirements for any occupation. There should be no such thing as a criminal record.

There is no such thing as addiction. Addiction just means that something that someone enjoys which ordinarily would be inexpensive and easily obtained is being made unavailable.

There should be no minimum speed limit on secondary roads so that if someone has had a few drinks they are free to slow down and drive as slowly as they need to in order to get home safely. The roads should be for everyone.

There are many, many thousands of other ways in which I am being victimized. If you have read all of this so far you might be thinking that I have no friends, that I am completely alone and so on. No actually I am very popular among the poor and there I find many, many friends. Being popular among the poor - see next bog
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