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more and more

if you keep wanting more and more .you will end up with less ..professor doh TERENCE


am I the only one that thought 1917 was not a 5star ..the baby looked well fed .for one that was hungry ..I know its the way it was made etc .but not that great .Dunkirk lot better..professor rolling on the floor laughing ps when you run from a man fireing a gun don't run in a line ...
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born on good friday

when I see all the people following .churches and men .ifeel sorry .iwas born on good Friday .but iam no saint .but I think iam a good man with all my faults ..if you follow these people you are doing the devil work ..just be a good ..that's all you need do kiss handshake TERENCE


its better to be born a bit crazy ..becose when you do go crazy .people wont .notice it so much banana rolling on the floor laughing TERENCE
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simple things

when my wife went off the rails on drugs 20y ago .she did not want me and the 10y old girl ..we bring into this world ..funny thing what I missed big time is .getting up sunday morning and going to the park .etc something small but it was big to me it the simple things in live that matters .but we don't know it ..professor peace teddybear TERENCE

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