Video chatting with someone from a dating site

Would you block someone you met on a dating site for wearing a bathrobe for a video chat?
I exchanged contact details with someone on here and we arrange to do a video chat last night.
I called her and after only a couple of minutes of chatting, she asked me to change my clothes. I don't see what was wrong with me wearing a bathrobe for a video chat. I always have a shower in the early evening after work and was just wearing what I normally would be wearing at the time we started chatting.

She asked me to change my clothes so I did then called her back but she didn't want to answer. I said I had changed my clothes but she said she didn't want to chat with me.

I don't know why she felt so uncomfortable about what I was wearing.
I don't know if she thought I was going to expose myself on our video chat or what or whether maybe her upbringing meant that is was highly inappropriate for someone to do a video chat with her and to always dress appropriately for the occasion.

I tried to explain but she was having none of it and just blocked me from messaging apps and on this dating site.

I just find the whole situation and her ridiculous and crazy.
Why couldn't she have just asked me to change my clothes and then call her back as if nothing had happened?
Or why couldn't she have just ignored what I was wearing?

It says she lives in London but I could tell from her accent, she was possibly Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan or some other Eastern European country originally.

If anyone has their thoughts on this, I look forward to hearing from you.

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