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older woman and younger man couple.

this has been a current talk , also in debate and research as well . The older woman younger man couple . A lots of them have worked out but also failed as a couple may it be boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife.
best example is of actor Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness , the couple got married in 1996 way before Jackman became our very favorite wolverine . The understanding between the two is amazing , the fact that Furness is 13 years wow wow wow his senior .
there are also other examples on the internet , which were successful but also failures . But the main thing is the functioning of the pair . In some cases it works out with women being the mature one in the pair and also able to fit in with the younger generation of the men and also providing life advice to the men because of their more experience with things . Some cases workout only on a more s*xual orientation and only physical pleasures . But some cases become a total failure after the begining of the relationship due to factors such as age gap , peer pressure and also generational gap i.e the whole gen X and millennial thing.
Failures and successes aside there is a factor to the younger man older woman relationship . Normal to some taboo to others .
please give your opinion on this , what do you think of this.

mental illness and the fight within .

many people have this weird fight within . They keep fighting for years seeking medical advice too . Every day their brain plays a new trick on them . Some even give up and also give up their life . But there is more to life than suicide and we must encourage these people as well that suicide is not an option .
This was or actually is my problem too , every day my brain would play new tricks on me . My way of copping was ignoring it also seeking mental advice . Also occupying my mind , i joined various groups on facebook , book groups , video game groups , mental health groups and also more focus on my job so my mind would be occupied .
the main thing about this that an empty mind is easy enough to trick but an occupied mind can easily ignore . but that was my case i occupied my mind and that worked for me . i told my self that this world had more to offer than my twisted imagination , there are so many things to do . i made a phrase ''100,000 years worth things to do in this 80 years life '' . By this i copped . but this is my method and it worked for me . Other people have other methods that works for them because every mind is different.
But suicide should not be an option , life is very beautiful . but some people have difficulty seeing this . We must encourage them motivate them that they don't have to give in and show them the beauty of life .
Also seeking professional advice is a must , i repeat seek professional advice . there's nothing wrong about it . A lot of people visit the shrink once in a while . So seek professional advice . Also encourage the people as well . this life is too valuable for suicide .
Please give your opinion .
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God and destiny .

Im writing this blog to share my experience since there are people and their posts on God on this website . I thought it would be nice to share my ''experiences''.
As for my belief in God , it didn't come from any book of faith or any preacher . These things , freakish things happened to me . When i was about to be born there was complication , the doctor said she could only save the child or the mother , my dad said to save my mom but we both , me and my mother were saved .
When i was 5 i almost fell into man hole but got saved . When i was 8 i almost drowned when suddenly someone or something pulled me out but it wasn't some other person it was like this force pulled me up . One day when i was going to a job interview two rogue bikers were coming infront , one biker hit the other from the side and that other bike came straight to me , i thought that was it when suddenly that biker made a right turn and got the bike at time .
All these incidences maybe unbelievable , maybe coincidences infront of athiests . But even coincidences have a limit .
Its like im mean't to live . In my early life i didn't dream of any greatness . Only of graduating and becoming a boring accountant , the easy life , growing old ordinary then dying . But my teacher pushed me to dream big and now i do dream big . I feel like im more than just being an accountant .
I really can't explain this . But all of you who read my post whatever your opinion please do comment .

Patriotism or Jingoism , the bordered world , the politician's method of creating feuds.

We always hear from within our native nation by our news media or politicians that ''that nation is the enemy''. But is it truly the enemy or is it just a statement of foul politics to make us turn on one another.
The modern nation state system is nothing more than a tribal system on an international level . As in a tribal system no matter the internal conflict when an external threat of another tribe arrives we unite against it , even if that threat is artificial .
The politicians know this fact of tribalism and human instinct of territorialism and manipulate the civilians by using patriotism as a tool , even transforming it into jingoism . As a result we see unwanted conflict and race of supremacy between countries over one another . The feuds that of America , Russia , China and Korea , even the conflict in the middle east like that of India and Pakistan .
Now we at the civilian level and by civilian not implying the privileged class but implying the regular middle class . We have contacts and friendships with people from our native country along with internationally , even within the nations our governments declare as enemies . While in reality we know nobody is the enemy .
This is why some people want a borderless world . Now this is a debate that has also been going on for sometime , what would it be like with a world without borders . Borders represent a separate identity with each border hosting its unique culture which gives the beauty of diversity .
These same borders are being used by politicians for jingoistic turmoil and conflict and soldiers of diffrent nations blindly following orders and senselessly killing one another .
This conflict won't stop anytime soon because behind this conflict is huge profit that the bussinesmen just can't lose . The war economy , one of the most profitable economies , even a single f-22 costs almost the price of two big budget hollywood films about 312 million dollars wow wow wow .
Yup the cash in this business would make any business man not want wars to end . Because if peace and i mean true peace ever comes , the most loss would be of the wepons manufacturers and the nuclear powered nations with their weapons no longer in use and no longer in demand .
A weapons free world would mean big trouble for weapon manufacturers . So these conflicts in which patriotism or even religion is being used its just a ruse to fill pockets . The terrorist organizations , national military and mercenary soldiers all pawns in the continuity of conflicts to fill pockets of weapons manufacturers .
Profitability in conflict has been on for centuries keeping the civilians in the dark about the truth . From monarchs of kingdoms to presidents of nations .Also the fact of a power struggle with the example of jingoism every politician of a nation is trying to be where America is now , being the world super power even if it means side lining the civilians and inducing conflicting ideologies .
By an equal perspective this struggle for suppremacy and profitability off of conflict is the real threat and also the human element of tribalism is what is keeping us from a unified peaceful world . A concept of borderless world is a one with many debates . But our bordered world represents such diversity , unfortunately used for conflict but there can be a unity in diversity .
In every history book or at least in most the decision makers are always the powerful or the politicians , what is the decision of us people . That is the main question to be asked if we're gonna solve anything and by decision not made by keeping in mind some manipulated news flash or history or politics but a decision made by keeping in mind a united future to rid conflict .
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